Oklahoma vs. Kansas State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (03/05/22)

Oklahoma vs. Kansas State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (03/05/22)

The Oklahoma Sooners are headed to Kansas as they take on the Kansas State Wildcats in their last match of the 2021-2022 regular season. Both teams are tied for eighth place in the Big 12 and are looking to separate themselves in the final game. They are both one game behind Oklahoma State and Iowa State, so there is an opportunity for this winner to move up into seventh or even sixth place if both other teams lose. The Big 12 has not been easy on the Sooners and Wildcats as they both sit 6-11 in conference play, only being ahead of the 3-14 West Virginia Mountaineers. This meeting is crucial for both team’s placement in the Big 12 Tournament as well as eligibility into the March Madness tournament later in the month. Tip-off is set for 3:00 PM CST this Saturday, March 5th, and can be watched on the Big 12 Channel on ESPN+.

Oklahoma vs. Kansas State Betting Odds

This game is between some of the most unpredictable teams in the Big 12. They have both shocked me with surprising wins and disappointed me with losses. This game is crucial for both of them to have a chance at making it into March Madness. Playing in the most competitive conference in the league is not easy, and these teams are proof of that. The spread is within a one-point margin, giving the favor to Oklahoma (-1). However, this Kansas State team does its best work against the spread when doubted. They have the third-best record ATS in the Big 12, going 15-12-2. A 55.6% cover rate is amazing in this conference, especially for a team that is tied for eighth place in the conference. The Sooners have gone 14-16 ATS, covering 46.7% of their games. This matchup leaves me very nervous about making a pick because of both teams’ sporadic play. Kansas State is on a four-game losing streak, while Oklahoma is living off of a two-game win streak. The momentum is in favor of Oklahoma, but Kansas State possesses the home-court advantage. This game will come down to the most aggressive offense team, and I believe the Sooners have the fire within them to take home this final win. 

My Prediction: Oklahoma Wins 64-63

Oklahoma Sooners Odds

The Oklahoma Sooners have struggled throughout their 2021-2022 season with their new head coach Porter Moses. They have gone 16-14 in overall play and 6-11 in conference play. As Selection Sunday nears, the Sooners and their fans are nervous if they have performed at a high enough level to make their 34th tournament appearance in program history. The team lacks the ability to close their games. They have a great ability to start off with explosive play, but they are notorious for choking under pressure in the last few minutes of play. They barely walked away with a win over Oklahoma State last week that left fans on the edge of their seat but were able to solidify their victory at the last moments. The team is currently on a two-game winning streak after a four-game losing streak left them in the dumps. The Sooners will need to elevate their play from their last meeting with the Wildcats for this Saturday. They barely escaped with the win by a two-point margin in that game. They failed to secure the perimeter that allowed for the Wildcats to shoot confidently beyond the three-point line. Their defense needs to be tighter around the line, and there needs to be an end to the ongoing turnovers. Against Kansas State, they turned the ball over 13 times, which can be comparably low when looking at their other games. Better communication and more diligent dribbling are needed from this Sooners team to end their season on a high note and keep their playoff chances alive. 

Tanner Groves and Umoja Gibson will be the leading offensive players in this matchup. Both players average around 12 points per game and can keep the defense moving with their unpredictable under the basket and long-range shots. If the two players can effectively communicate plays and push for offensive rebounds, the Sooners will have a greater chance of winning out their season.

Kansas State Wildcats Odds

The Kansas State Wildcats have been a very unpredictable team throughout the season. They started out very humble by taking big losses by teams inside and outside of their conference. They’ve gone 14-15 in regular-season play with 6-11 in conference games. This team has been confusing to watch because they have taken down the feared Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Texas Longhorns but failed to prevail over the West Virginia Mountaineers. Their play is very subjective and can pull out upsets against some of the best teams in the country but can’t close against easier opponents. They shoot 49% from the field and average 69 points per game as a team. They also come down with 24% offensive rebounds, allowing them to restart their offense and try again for points. When playing Oklahoma earlier in the season, the Wildcats played everything right but still walked away with a loss. They shot 43.2% from the field and 45.5% from the three-point line. They were exceptionally good from long-range but stumbled when it came to their shorter-range shots. They need to improve shots inside the paint as a team but will be up against Tanner Groves in there. Their forwards Ismael Massoud and Kaosi Ezeagu need to be more present on the team. By establishing a strong post offense, they can then rework their perimeter offense as the defense will have to worry about both threats. Oklahoma knows this team almost solely utilizes their guards going into this game, so leaving their forwards with opportunities can result in unexpected points. 

Their guards, Nigel Pack and Markquis Nowell, will be the leaders of this offensive strategy. Pack averages 17.7 points per game, and Nowell averages 12.6. With the assistance of Mark Smith, the two of them will keep the Sooners’ defense up, which will require them to swing the ball to leave the shell defense with gaps. By focusing on purposeful passing, this Kansas State team can confuse and stump the Sooners, as we have seen before.

Oklahoma vs. Kansas State Picks and Predictions

This is one of those games where the victory can fall in either team’s possession. They are both equally offensively equipped, but the Sooners have more versatility in their players. Kansas State is a majority guard-operated offense that can be predictable, but the Sooners failed to recognize that in their last meeting. Out of all of the games that are taking place this Saturday, there are many other sure-things that will take place. This is the one game that I would avoid betting on due to the unpredictable nature of both teams.

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