Oklahoma Vs. Oklahoma State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (02/05/22)

 Oklahoma Vs. Oklahoma State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (02/05/22)

Everyone knows the Bedlam game between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is one of the best rivals in college sports. The two teams battle to see who is the supreme team in the state of Oklahoma and for the pride to say they have beaten their “sibling” counterpart. Oklahoma State took home the glory in college football this year, so the Sooners are hungry for vengeance on the basketball court. This Saturday, February 5th, at 11:00 AM CST, the rivals will be tipping off in Stillwater for their first meeting of the season. They’re both tied for sixth place in the Big 12 Conference, so this game will not only bring satisfaction but will give them an edge in one of the most competitive Division I Conferences.

Oklahoma Vs. Oklahoma State Betting Odds

The Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys have a rich history of competition that spans across every sport. This year, the tensions of this basketball game have never been higher. Not only are they tied for sixth place in the Big 12, but they also have a marginal spread. The Cowboys are favored only slightly with a -1.5 spread, leaving the Sooners with +1.5. In basketball, you can’t get a closer prediction than that. Even ESPN’s power index gives an 8% advantage to the Cowboys, which is minimal compared to previous games for both teams. 

Although the Cowboys are favored in this matchup, their record against the spread does not leave much hope. They have the worst record ATS in the Big 12, going 7-13 in their first 20 games. Their overall record stands at 10-11, but they have failed to pull out significant wins, leaving many games too close to win the spread. The Sooners have had more luck going 10-12 ATS, giving them a 45.5% cover rate. Their overall record is 13-9, going 1-6 in their last seven games. The Sooners have been in an offensive slump recently, missing more baskets than they have earlier in the season. For this matchup, the Sooners need to slow down their offense, focus on appropriate screens, and take their time on their shots if they want this Bedlam win.

My Prediction: 71-68, Oklahoma Wins, Oklahoma Covers

Oklahoma Sooners Odds

The Oklahoma Sooners are no stranger to games in Stillwater. They’ve met 100 times since 1976 in Men’s Basketball over the years, with the Sooners winning the majority of matches 59-41. However, when in Stillwater, the Sooners have lost 28 of 46 of their appearances. This year, the Oklahoma basketball team has great potential with their new coach, Porter Moses, but have failed to play at a pristine level. Their defense used to be a powerhouse, holding their teammates to minimal points, but they recently allowed larger point values as they continue to slip. They average 70 points on offense and are now averaging to hold their opponents to 64 points per game. The Sooners need to get back in their groove in the Big 12 by stopping the Cowboys from reasserting themselves as a threat in this competitive basketball season.

On offense, the best weapons of the Sooners team are senior forward Tanner Groves and senior guard Umoji Gibson. Both players average around 12.5 points per game and have been big shooters on the field. However, Groves has begun to slip from his high position on the team. He used to average 13.5 points per game, but he’s been shut down against formidable defenses from Auburn and TCU that has greatly affected the team’s overall play. Gibson has been a more consistent player that has shown improvement over the past few weeks. His field goal percentage stays stagnant at 41.4% when away and at home, showing that he doesn’t get frazzled on his opponent’s court. Gibson is also a great defender, stealing the ball at least twice in every game. He applies appropriate pressure to force turnovers but can sometimes get burned when defending too close. As long as the Sooners play their relaxed game and slow down the pace of their play, they can be a great team.


Oklahoma State Cowboys Odds

The Cowboys have recently been in a slump that has elongated their losing streak to four games. They’ve taken losses from the Texas Longhorns, the Iowa State Cyclones, the Florida Gators, and the Kansas State Wildcats, which has pushed them further in the ranks of the Big 12. Being tied with the Sooners is not a position the Cowboys like to be in, so this win can help them get an edge over their Big 12 rival. Their offense averages one point less than the Sooners (69 PPG), and their defense allows three more points per game (67 PPG). In this matchup, the Cowboys will need to focus on their defensive play with crucial rebounds, forcing turnovers, and applying pressure in the paint. The Sooners have struggled from beyond the three-point line when away, so guarding the paint will be more crucial than guarding the outskirts of the court.

On offense, the Cowboys will try to utilize junior guard Avery Anderson III from the three-point line as much as possible. Anderson sinks 42.2% of his shots beyond the line when he’s on his home court and can average 14.8 points in Stillwater. Anderson finds open spots on the court after his teammates crowd the paint, forcing opponents to guard the short shots instead of the border. In this matchup, Anderson will be the main shooter for the Cowboys, but the defense of the Sooners will be all over him to prevent his big plays to keep his team alive. Isaac Likekele is also a huge threat on the court. He averages only 7.8 points per game, but he leads his team in rebounds and assists. You can expect Likekele to get at least five rebounds and 3.6 assists in every game. Likekele has the court IQ to find open teammates in the corner after drawing the defense to the paint for easy points. Likekele is a selfless player that doesn’t take many shots himself, but he is a big contributor to the team’s success.

Oklahoma Vs. Oklahoma State Picks and Predictions

In this matchup, it’s going to come down to the defensive abilities of both teams’ ability to stop big scores. The Cowboys are going to need to shut down Tanner Groves in the paint, while the Sooners will need to prevent open threes from Avery Anderson III. Both defensive strategies will be different, but they must be diligent. Because of the Sooners’ more tight defense and the emergence of skill from Umoji Gibson, I predict the Sooners will continue their success against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Men’s basketball. However, I don’t think it will be an easy win, so the point values of this game may reach significant highs for both teams.

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