Ousmane Dieng Scouting Report: Stats, NBA Draft Ranking, Highlights, Comparison

Ousmane Dieng is one of the top international prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft, alongside other combo-forward Nikola Jovic. They rank highly on my big board and boast impressive NBA comparisons and stats in their respective international leagues. Dieng just finished his season with the New Zealand Breakers of the NBL, flashing his unique playmaking potential and defensive impact. Underneath this section, I cover Dieng’s measurements, strengths, weaknesses, comparisons, and more, so take a look!

Ousmane Dieng Scouting Report

Dieng did not measure at the combine, which should not affect his draft stock in either direction honestly. Every NBA organization already knows what they are getting with Dieng, in terms of his athleticism and size, if they select him. His athleticism is visibly functional when watching tape, and there are not many questions about his height and length. Below are the measurements for Dieng, which are not “NBA Combine official” but are likely to be accurate.

Age: 19
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 215 lbs
Wingspan: 7’0”
Position: Small Forward
College/ Professional Team: New Zealand Breakers

Strengths: The first things that pop off the screen for Dieng are his height and length, which are most apparent on the defensive end of the floor. Despite being a teenager, Dieng is already used to guarding professional players of more than just one position. As he puts more muscle on his body, he could become an elite NBA defender due to his length, size, and impressive defensive instincts (walling up on drives, block/jump timing, etc…). On offense, he has flashes of brilliance in the pick-and-roll, utilizing a consistent floater to keep defenders honest. There are even moments of upside as a scorer, whether through a step-back jump shot or a few dribble combos to get by a weaker defender.

Weaknesses: Dieng’s jump shot is one of the most glaring weaknesses in his game, but his mechanics aren’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination. He has plenty of time to improve his shooting, though. I love Dieng’s floater, but I have concerns about other finishing moves and touch around the rim. His finishes (beyond floaters) frequently lack some fluidity, which will need to improve; however, he has plenty of time to get there. Dieng will also need to put on some more weight and muscle if he wants to effectively finish around the rim in the NBA.

Ousmane Dieng Stats


Ousmane Dieng NBA Draft Ranking, Team Fit, Landing Spot

Draft Ranking: 15

Team Fit: It would be amazing to see Ousmane Dieng land in Oklahoma City with the 12th pick of this year’s draft. Playing in OKC will allow Dieng the proper time to develop for a team still a few years away from competing in a tough Western Conference. Dieng’s versatility and potential to play multiple positions in the future will give him plenty of opportunities to see the floor for the Thunder. San Antonio would be another great spot for Dieng to land, given its impressive history of developing international talent.

Landing Spot: Dieng has been mentioned as a possibility, albeit a small chance, for the San Antonio Spurs with the ninth pick; however, his likely range is anywhere in the mid-first round to the late-first round. Unless his stock drops significantly between now and the draft, he should be selected before the mid-20s. It wouldn’t shock me if a team in the late lottery snagged him.

Ousmane Dieng NBA Comparison: Kyle Anderson/Andrei Kirilenko blend

Ousmane Dieng gives me Andrei Kirilenko and Kyle Anderson vibes and is somewhat of a blend between the two players. They are combo forwards without great shooting ability but able to make careers by being exceptional playmakers with high IQs and smoothness to their games. Dieng has tremendous upside in the pick-and-roll and as a playmaking forward, which could give him a similar upside to Kyle Anderson on offense. On the defensive end, Dieng has proven that he could be one of the most, if not the most, versatile defenders in this draft class. He projects to eventually guard 1-4 at the NBA level with success, similar to a player like Andrei Kirilenko.

Ousmane Dieng Highlights

Check out Dieng’s highlights below, where you can see firsthand how impressive he is as merely a teenager playing in one of the most competitive overseas leagues in the world. At 6-foot-10, the sky is the limit for him, especially since he is so young and still developing on the offensive end. Dieng’s upside is undeniable, and his floor is still high due to his defensive versatility, athletic capabilities, lateral quickness, and impressive frame!

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