Pascal Siakam Trade Rumors & Potential Landing Spots

A disappointing start to the season combined with looming free agency decisions has motivated the Toronto Raptors to re-tool their roster around Scottie Barnes. OG Anunoby was the first domino to fall, and the Raptors now turn their sights towards moving veteran Pascal Siakam. Get Pascal Siakam trade value insights and potential landing spots below. 

Pascal Siakam Trade Value

The former All-Star is one of thirteen players this season to average at least 22 points, six rebounds, and five assists. Of the 82 players with at least 200 drives, Siakam ranks 20th in drive assist percentage (via In terms of playmaking forwards, Siakam is on the higher end of the spectrum. 

He brings offensive self-creation and one of the deadliest spin moves across the association too. As a result, Siakam owns a sparkling 64.3 field goal percentage within eight feet of the basket. This mark ranks 21st out of the 76 players with at least 150 field goal attempts in this area. Overall, not many forwards provide interior scoring and passing to a higher degree than Siakam. 

In addition, he’s a versatile 6’8” defender that can hold his own against the vast majority of forwards. Siakam cannot anchor a defense and won’t approach an All-Defensive team, but the veteran is a desirable defensive chess piece. 

Now, his glaring flaw is a lack of perimeter shooting. He currently possesses a 28.5 three-point percentage and has not reached 35 percent for a season since 2020. If Siakam is not shooting from inside the paint, then it can be dicey. This weakness does not ruin his offensive value, but it’s worth considering for contenders that feature range-less centers. 

In terms of trade value, Siakam will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and turns 30-years-old in April. He is seeking a hefty contract, so acquiring teams must offer him a significant extension or likely see him walk this off-season. Given the flight risk, Toronto’s trade return will be slashed compared to his value in a vacuum. 

Pascal Siakam Landing Spots 

Dallas Mavericks: Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving form the top offensive back-court in the NBA, but Dallas completely lacks self-creation from their front-court. Siakam would ease Doncic’s creation burden and hopefully stop him from being worn down deep in the postseason – a nagging issue for Dallas. Overall, Siakam gives their offense three dangerous, high-level playoff scorers, which is a luxury that not many teams possess. 

Defensively, he adds much-needed size, switchability, and disruption. It’s highly unlikely that the Mavericks win the championship with a defense that ranks 23rd in Defensive Rating, and Siakam certainly improves this area. Dallas’ closing lineup of Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Grant Williams, Pascal Siakam, and Dereck Lively II would be quite formidable. 

As for a trade package, Dallas could send Jaden Hardy, Tim Hardaway Jr., Maxi Kleber, and an unprotected 2027 first rounder. It would provide Toronto with another promising young guard, two rotation players, and a 2027 prospect with upside. Although Siakam is worth more than this package, his contract situation and age make it unlikely that the Raptors rake in a considerably superior haul. 

Philadelphia 76ers: They are currently third in Offensive Rating and fourth in Defensive Rating; however, Boston and Denver (and perhaps Milwaukee) still hold more championship equity. Acquiring Siakam would reunite him with former head coach Nick Nurse and indisputably launch Philadelphia into the top tier though. A Maxey-Siakam-Embiid trio is a nightmare for defenses, and Philadelphia possesses quality role players to fill in the gaps. 

The 76ers typically flounder during the postseason when Embiid has an off-night, but that likely changes with Maxey and Siakam there to pick up the slack. Siakam’s defense also fits perfectly into Nick Nurse’s system. 

Philadelphia can send Tobias Harris, Jaden Springer, and two first rounders to Toronto in exchange for Siakam’s services. If the market is cold, the 76ers may wind up knocking that down to only one first or placing protections instead. Will Toronto trade Siakam to a team in the same division though? It’s unknown whether the Raptors are comfortable with this decision. 

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