Patrick Baldwin Jr Scouting Report: Stats, NBA Draft Ranking, Highlights, Comparison

After deciding to pass up high majors like Duke University, Patrick Baldwin Jr enrolled at Wisconsin-Milwaukee to play for his dad in what became an outrageously disappointing freshman season. Baldwin was the highest recruit in the conference’s history yet averaged merely 12.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 1.5 assists per game on 34.4% from the field. Still, Baldwin’s upside is substantial as he is a crafty scorer with a pure shooting stroke. See how he measured at the combine below as well as his strengths, weaknesses, and current NBA player comparison.

Patrick Baldwin Jr Scouting Report

Baldwin was arguably the “biggest faller” on experts’ big boards and mock drafts after an underwhelming first year and some atrocious NBA Combine measurements. While Baldwin was taller than many expected with and without shoes, he tested at the bottom in standing vertical and max vertical, which is problematic for a wing player. He also performed poorly in the lane agility test, which can help quantify a player’s lateral quickness and sliding ability.

Age: 19
Height: 6’10.25”
Weight: 230.8 lbs
Wingspan: 7’1.75”
Position: Small Forward
College: Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Strengths: Baldwin has a smooth jump shot for his size, and this has been his ace as a scorer at all levels. Unfortunately, he finished his freshman season with questionable shooting statistics despite his aptitude as a shooter. Another strength is his length; Baldwin stands 6’10.25” inches with a significant plus wingspan. His length should help his lack of agility on the defensive end, but he still has to improve drastically. Isolation scoring and self-creation could be achievable at the next level, but it all depends on whether he can stay healthy or not.

Weaknesses: Defense is a weakness for Baldwin, who can get caught flat-footed, ball-watching, and just out of position. It’s concerning that there were flashes of weak defense against mid-major players. Additionally, Baldwin tested atrociously at the combine, recording one of the worst max verticals in its history and near-equally poor lane agility, which tests certain athletic functions such as lateral quickness. There are many more questions than answers with Baldwin, but his upside could still be as an NBA starter if he answers them all.

Patrick Baldwin Jr Stats


Patrick Baldwin Jr NBA Draft Ranking, Team Fit, Landing Spot

Draft Ranking: 19

Team Fit: Baldwin would fit in nicely with a team where he could slowly work himself into a rotation to prove himself over time. Dallas would be an exciting fit because it needs serviceable frontcourt players who can shoot in mostly non-ball handling roles. The Mavs lack size in general, so adding a talented offensive player that is just shy of seven feet would be intriguing. I also like Baldwin’s potential if he were to end up on the Milwaukee Bucks or Memphis Grizzlies.

Landing Spot: Baldwin entered the 2021-22 college season as a potential Top 5 or Top 10 pick, but that is now out of the question. Baldwin would be lucky to be selected in the first round after a concerning history of injuries, atrocious combine measurements, and an underwhelming freshman season. Still, there is a possibility that a team in the 20s takes him on the upside alone. He could go anywhere between 20-40. Given his size and shooting, it would be hard to comprehend him dropping into the late-second round.

Patrick Baldwin Jr NBA Comparison: Michael Porter Jr

Few comparisons in this year’s draft shine brighter than the Patrick Baldwin Jr and Michael Porter Jr one. Both guys had rough freshman seasons due to injuries. Additionally, Baldwin is another sharp-shooting forward who moves surprisingly well despite being 6-foot-10. Each boasts isolation scoring potential with silky smooth shooting strokes and a deep offensive repertoire. Neither player will ever be above-average on the defensive end, but they know their role, and it can be a perfect fit in the proper organization.

Patrick Baldwin Jr Highlights

It’s easy to get excited about PB&J’s highlights, given his size, length, shooting mechanics, and potential to be a scorer in isolation. Embedded below is a video of Baldwin’s Pro Day workout that shows his shooting skill and scoring prowess off the dribble in drills.

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