Positionless Podcast by Oliver Maroney

Episode 5: Rex Chapman

Rex Chapman was a McDonald’s All-American, college basketball star and a great NBA player. He took us through his career and what has happened since he retired from the league. From dunk contests to his relationship with Steph and Dell Curry, Chapman really opens up about his life and basketball career.

Episode 4: Malik Henry

Star QB of the Netflix hit series “Last Chance U” sits down with Oliver to discuss being on the show, his relationship with Coach Brown and the misunderstandings that come with being on a big TV series. Malik also teases that he’ll be committing to another school soon and that it will be on the “west coast.”

Episode 3: Mark Geragos

In a recent episode of Positionless, Mark Geragos, the lawyer representing Colin Kaepernick discussed why his collusion case with the NFL has written itself and how it’s gotten bigger than he ever imagined.

“To Colin’s credit, he’s been lazer-like focused on this (the case),” Geragos said.

Geragos went on to discuss how the Nike marketing campaign showcasing Kaepernick was one of the greatest advertising movements of this generation.

As a kid, Geragos went to cases with his father and that’s where his motivation and inspiration came from. In school, he couldn’t get enough of it, so he’d sit-in on cases to take notes on each case and perfect his craft.

Now, he’s one of the most famous and influential lawyers in the world. Having tried over 300-plus cases, Geragos eluded to the fact that his goal is to represent people he believes in and Kaepernick was one of those people.

“People told me we could never beat the NFL,” Geragos said on the show.

We’ll see where the collusion case ends up, but Geragos also told us about his intrigue in Ice Cube’s up and coming BIG3 league. As an investor in the league, he’s thrilled with how it’s started and hinted at some exciting new things to come with the league.

“I think it’s gonna expand internationally,” Geragos said on the league’s growth potential. “I’ll let Cube and Jeff make that announcement. But, its imminent and your going to hear some exciting things. We’re going to have a brand spanking new TV contract. I mean, there’s a lot of exciting things. So when it comes out and the announcements are made, get your tickets. That’s about all I can say.”

Episode 2: Jemele Hill

On the latest edition of the Positionless show, Jemele Hill discussed her growth in journalism, moving to ESPN and her unique relationship with Michael Smith, narrating and helping LeBron James in his new documentary “Shut Up and Dribble”, her thoughts on the midterm elections and her upcoming projects.

Episode 1: Bonzi Wells

Former NBA player Bonzi Wells, most known for his time as a Portland Trail Blazer during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, told us about the misconceptions and misunderstandings around the team during that era and why he’s ready to come back with his former teammates to share memories with the fans.

Oliver has written and broken news about the NBA and sports for over eight years at publications such as Dime Magazine, UPROXX, Basketball Insiders and About.com. Oliver recently finished hosting his second season of the BIG3’s official podcast and show.

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