Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matchup Preview 9/29/19: Analysis, Depth Charts, Daily Fantasy

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The 2-1 Seattle Seahawks are taking on the 0-2-1 Arizona Cardinals this Sunday in Arizona. The Seahawks are coming off of a disappointing loss to the Saints. While the Saints are a great team, the Seahawks really lost this game for themselves. They allowed the Saints to return a fumble and a punt for a touchdown each. While Russell Wilson put on an amazing show, the Seahawks played a messy game. On the other hand, the Cardinals have had a hard time getting their offense going, which is going to be a problem if they are to put up a good fight against this powerful Seahawks offense. Overall, the Seahawks are the favorites on the road for this matchup. If they can polish things up and play a cleaner game than last week, they should have no problem dealing with Arizona’s offense.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019

Time: 1:05 PM PST

Location: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Coverage: FOX

Injury Report

Seahawks: Rashaad Penny (Q), Quinton Jefferson (Q), Neiko Thorpe (Q), Ethan Pocic (D), Ziggy Ansah (Q)

Cardinals: Damiere Byrd (O), Lamont Gallard (Q), Andy Lee (Q), Charles Washington (O), Miles Brown (Q)

Seattle Seahawks Analysis

Seattle SeahawksRussell Wilson played an incredible game last week. He went 32 for 50, threw for 406 yards and 2 touchdowns, and ran the ball 7 times for 51 yards and 2 touchdowns. Russell Wilson put all 4 of their touchdowns on the board for them, and his effort was a game-winning effort. However, they still lost. This lost is mostly because of some sloppy play on the part of the Seahawks. During a run that could have been a touchdown, the Seahawks fumbled the ball and the Saints recovered it for a touchdown. The Seahawks special teams unit also allowed for the Saints to return a punt for a touchdown. Without allowing these silly mistakes, the score could have been entirely different, and the Seahawks very well could have won the game. Chris Carson’s fumble last week was his third fumble in three games, an awful ratio. Carson is going to need to be a lot more careful with the football to help his team avoid sloppy play and win games that should be theirs.

Seahawks tight end Will Dissly is going to be a key player in this matchup. The Cardinals’ secondary has been especially bad at covering tight ends this season. In week one, they allowed TJ Hockenson 6 receptions, 131 yards, and a touchdown. In week two, they allowed Mark Andrews 8 receptions, 112 yards, and a touchdown. Finally, in week 3, they allowed Greg Olsen 6 receptions, 75 yards, and two touchdowns. Will Dissly is coming off of a big game against the Saints, with 6 receptions, 62 yards, and a touchdown. If he can get these types of numbers against the Saints’ secondary, he’s sure to do big things against the Cardinals secondary, which has been incredibly weak against tight ends. The Seahawks are the favorites in this game, with Wilson coming off of an incredible game and looking to torch the Cardinals’ secondary with Dissly. If they can clean up their game, they’ll have no problem defeating the Cardinals.

Seattle Seahawks Depth Chart

QB: Russell Wilson
RB1: Chris Carson
RB2: Rashaad Penny
WR1: Tyler Lockett
WR2: DK Metcalf
WR3: Gary Jennings
TE: Will Dissly

Arizona Cardinals Analysis

Arizona CardinalsArizona is going to need to figure out their passing game if they are going to have a chance to beat the Seahawks. Last week against the Panthers, the Cardinals’ offensive line allowed 8 sacks on Murray. Any quarterback, but especially a rookie quarterback like Murray, needs time in the pocket to make their reads. Rookies simply haven’t been playing at a high level long enough to be able to do their job as fast as somebody who has been in the league longer. Therefore, it is imperative that the Cardinals’ offensive line clean up their act. Murray leads the NFL in pass attempts, but has the 4th fewest yards per pass attempt, getting 6.1 yards on average. Last week, the Cardinals gained only 2.5 yards per pass on average. Stats like these are due to an offensive line that fails to protect their rookie quarterback.

To look on the bright side, the lack of a strong offensive line means Murray has been getting the chance to show off his running ability. Last week was his strongest game, carrying the ball 8 times for 69 combined yards. Murray has the potential to be very dangerous, but before his running can fulfil that potential, he needs to be able to throw the ball. When the opposing defense knows that he can throw the ball or run, it becomes a lot more confusing, and harder to cover. However, defenses can rely on the fact that their passing game is weak which makes their offense a little more one-sided. The Cardinals also allowed 153 yards on the ground against the Panthers last week. Numbers like that aren’t going to fly when playing the Seahawks, who can run it at you with Carson or Wilson. The Cardinals aren’t the favorites in this match, as they have a lot of cleaning up to do on both sides of the ball, but especially on offense.

Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart

QB: Kyler Murray
RB1: David Johnson
RB2: Chase Edmonds
WR1: Larry Fitzgerald
WR2: Christian Kirk
WR3: KeeSean Johnson
TE: Charles Clay

Daily Fantasy

I would highly, highly suggest placing Seattle tight end Will Dissly on your team. As stated before, the Cardinals allowed opposing tight ends to go 6-131-1, 8-112-1, and 6-75-2 over their first three games this season. Dissly proved last week that he has what it takes to be a tight end in the NFL, catching the ball 6 times for 62 yards and a touchdown against the Saints secondary. He’s definitely going to look to carry that momentum into week 4 and crush the Cardinals with it. I would also suggest putting Russell Wilson in as quarterback. He had a great game last week, and is going to have a good one this week. The Cardinals are weak against the rush, and with a target like Dissly, it’s going to be easy for Wilson to rack up huge amounts of yardage in this game.

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