Super Bowl 58 Exotic Prop Bets: Reba McEntire, Usher Among Wagers to Watch (2/11/24)

Get San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs exotic prop bets for the (02/11/24) Super Bowl matchup.

Super Bowl 58 Exotic Props Bets

Listed below are some exotic prop bets that you can wager on and a best bet for each of them.

National Anthem

Bettors have an opportunity to make some money before the big game even starts by wagering on the length of the national anthem. This prop has grown in popularity over the years, getting to the point someone in your watch party is timing the performance while sweating out their over or under.

The over has been on a tear as of late, but Reba McEntire comes in as one of the fastest singers per her past performances. Her last rendition at an NFL game in the 90’s clocked in at one minute and thirty seconds, sitting at the current total for this year’s performance.

The over has already steamed up by seven seconds, originally opening at 83.5 seconds and now sitting at 90.5. At 90.5 seconds, this would be one of the quickest performances in the history of the Super Bowl. The sheer magnitude of the crowd, as well as the amount of people watching on television, should be more than enough for her to draw out her long notes in favor of the over. Factor in Reba being much older now than her last NFL performance and she may sing at a slower tempo as well.

Best Bet: Over 90.5 seconds

Shown First During “America The Beautiful” Travis Kelce vs Christian McCaffrey

Travis Kelce is arguably the most popular player in the NFL right now due to his dating life as well as play as the best tight end in football. While Christian McCaffrey is a superstar in his own right as the league’s best running back, he does not draw as near as much attention as Kelce does off the field. It would not come as a surprise if the camera crew tried to capture Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as much as they can during the biggest game of the year.

Best Bet: Travis Kelce

Coin Toss

No bet on the Super Bowl prop board is a true 50/50 chance like the coin toss, being as simple as predicting whether it will land heads or tails. There is no way to handicap random chance, yet there is a lesson to learn when wanting to wager on this. Some sportsbooks open heads or tails at -105 each, making it a -EV bet from the start. Be sure you find a book that offers even odds for each side, matching its probability.

Best Bet: Heads

First Halftime Song

Nothing against Usher, but my style of music resides more toward classic rock and some old-time soul. Halftime is normally a time for people to refill their plates or go to the bathroom, yet for gamblers it’s another opportunity to make some money. In terms of pumping up the crowd from the start, his song “OMG” immediately sticks out. Expect Usher to start with a bang and put together a magical halftime show.

Best Bet: OMG

Combined Touchdown Scorer Jersey Numbers Over/Under 121.5

In a game that may feature plenty of points, the over immediately sticks out as this prop is decided by the combined total of jersey numbers of everyone who scores. It’s even more intriguing when you factor in Travis Kelce whose jersey number is 87.

Now that he is healthier, Kelce has reminded the league that he is still the best tight end in football after torching the elite Baltimore Ravens secondary. He is also one of the best gap exploiters in the red zone, serving as a troubling piece for the 49ers to cover in roll outs. Should Kelce punch one in, then this prop is about two touchdowns from others away from cashing. A feat that is more than doable.

Best Bet: Over 121.5

Color of Drink Poured on the Winning Coach

While the national anthem and coin toss are a way for bettors to make money before the game starts, the color of the Gatorade bath is a way to try and make some extra scratch at the end of the game. It’s near impossible to know which color a team is using, making this a random chance as well. I always go with my favorite color of blue, making it this year’s choice as well.

Best Bet: Blue 

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