Super Bowl ATS History: List of Every Super Bowl Spread & Over/Under Result

As the biggest day on the United States sports calendar, the Super Bowl doubles as the most bet-on event of the year. Even before the days of widespread online sportsbooks, bookmakers set odds and lines for each Super Bowl. With the big game approaching, and let’s take a look at the all-time history of the spreads and scoring totals in each of the past Super Bowls.

Super Bowl Winners, ATS, Over/Under History

Super Bowl (Date)SpreadTotalFinal ScoreResult (Spread/Total)
LVII (February 12, 2023)Eagles -250Chiefs 38, Eagles 35Underdog/Over
LVI (February 13, 2022)Rams -449.5Rams 23, Bengals 20Underdog/Under
LV (February 7, 2021)Chiefs -356Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9Underdog/Under
LIV (February 2, 2020)Chiefs -1.553Chiefs 31, 49ers 20Favorite/Under
LIII (February 3, 2019)Patriots -2.555.5Patriots 13, Rams 3Favorite/Under
LII (February 4, 2018)Patriots -4.549Eagles 41, Patriots 33Underdog/Over
LI (February 5, 2017)Patriots -357.5Patriots 34, Falcons 28Favorite/Over
50 (February 7, 2016)Panthers -4.543Broncos 24, Panthers 10Underdog/Under
XLIX (February 1, 2015)Seahawks -147.5Patriots 28, Seahawks 24Underdog/Over
XLVIII (February 2, 2014)Broncos -247.5Seahawks 43, Broncos 8Underdog/Over
XLVII (February 3, 2013)49ers -4.548Ravens 34, 49ers 31Underdog/Over
XLVI (February 5, 2012)Patriots -2.553Giants 21, Patriots 17Underdog/Under
XLV (February 6, 2011)Packers -345Packers 31, Steelers 25Favorite/Over
XLIV (February 7, 2010)Colts -557Saints 31, Colts 17Underdog/Under
XLIII (February 1, 2009)Steelers -746Steelers 27, Cardinals 23Underdog/Over
XLII (February 3, 2008)Patriots -1255Giants 17, Patriots 14Underdog/Under
XLI (February 4, 2007)Colts -747Colts 29, Bears 17Favorite/Under
XL (February 5, 2006) Steelers -447Steelers 21, Seahawks 10Favorite/Under
XXXIX (February 6, 2005)Patriots -746.5Patriots 24, Eagles 21Underdog/Under
XXXVIII (February 1, 2004)Patriots -737.5Patriots 32, Panthers 29Underdog/Over
XXXVII (January 26, 2003)Raiders -444Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21Underdog/Over
XXXVI (February 3, 2002)Rams -1453Patriots 20, Rams 17Underdog/Under
XXXV (January 28, 2001)Ravens -333Ravens 34, Giants 7Favorite/Over
XXXIV (January 30, 2000)Rams -745Rams 23, Titans 16Push/Under
XXXIII (January 31, 1999)Broncos -7.552.5Broncos 34, Falcons 19Favorite/Over
XXXII (January 25, 1998)Packers -1149Broncos 31, Packers 24Underdog/Over
XXXI (January 26, 1997)Packers -1449Packers 35, Patriots 21Push/Over
XXX (January 28, 1996)Cowboys -13.551Cowboys 27, Steelers 17Underdog/Under
XXIX (January 29, 1995)49ers -18.553.549ers 49, Chargers 26Favorite/Over
XXVIII (January 30, 1994)Cowboys -10.550.5Cowboys 30, Bills 13Favorite/Under
XXVII (January 31, 1993)Cowboys -6.544.5Cowboys 52, Bills 17Favorite/Over
XXVI (January 26, 1992)Washington -749Washington 37, Bills 24Favorite/Over
XXV (January 27, 1991)Bills -740.5Giants 20, Bills 19Underdog/Under
XXIV (January 28, 1990)49ers -124849ers 55, Broncos 10Favorite/Over
XXIII (January 22, 1989)49ers -74849ers 20, Bengals 16Underdog/Under
XXII (January 31, 1988)Broncos -347Washington 42, Broncos 10Underdog/Over
XXI (January 25, 1987)Giants -9.540Giants 39, Broncos 20Favorite/Over
XX (January 26, 1986)Bears -1037.5Bears 46, Patriots 10Favorite/Over
XIX (January 20, 1985)49ers -3.553.549ers 38, Dolphins 16Favorite/Over
XVIII (January 22, 1984)Washington -348Raiders 38, Washington 9Underdog/Under
XVII (January 30, 1983)Dolphins -336.5Washington 27, Dolphins 17Underdog/Over
XVI (January 24, 1982)49ers -14949ers 26, Bengals 21Favorite/Under
XV (January 25, 1981)Eagles -337.5Raiders 27, Eagles 10Underdog/Under
XIV (January 20, 1980)Steelers -10.536Steelers 31, Rams 19Favorite/Over
XIII (January 21, 1979)Steelers -3.537Steelers 35, Cowboys 31Favorite/Over
XII (January 15, 1978)Cowboys -639Cowboys 26, Broncos 10Favorite/Under
XI (January 9, 1977)Raiders -438Raiders 34, Vikings 14Favorite/Over
X (January 18, 1976)Steelers -736Steelers 21, Cowboys 17Underdog/Over
IX (January 12, 1975)Steelers -333Steelers 16, Vikings 6Favorite/Under
VIII (January 13, 1974)Dolphins -6.533Dolphins 24, Vikings 7Favorite/Under
VII (January 14, 1973)Dolphins -133Dolphins 14, Washington 7Favorite/Under
VI (January 16, 1972)Cowboys -634Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3Favorite/Under
V (January 17, 1971)Colts -2.536Colts 16, Cowboys 13Favorite/Under
IV (January 11, 1970)Vikings -1239Chiefs 23, Vikings 7Underdog/Under
III (January 12, 1969)Colts -1840Jets 16, Colts 7Underdog/Under
II (January 14, 1968)Packers -13.543Packers 33, Raiders 14Favorite/Over
I (January 15, 1967)Packers -14N/APackers 35, Chiefs 10Favorite/(N/A)

The Super Bowl odds of the past are quite reflective of football history as a whole. The low totals in the early years were true to a lower-scoring era, while the tremendous spreads of the first few games are indicative of the major gap between the NFL and fledgling AFL that had to be overcome in order to create the modern league.

There have been some truly incredible upsets, like the Jets way back in Super Bowl III, the Patriots over the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, and the New York Giants over none other than the undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Now let’s dig into this year’s game and see how it could stack up with the past editions.

Super Bowl 58 Odds and Preview

This year’s Super Bowl will be a rematch of Super Bowl 54 back in February 2020, when the Kansas City Chiefs took down the San Francisco 49ers. As you can see, the Chiefs were narrow favorites to lift the Lombardi Trophy, and this time, the Niners are favored by just about the same margin, with the spread sitting at -1.5 in their favor.

The total is set around 47.5, depending on your sportsbook of choice, a number these two teams broke last time around, but of course things have changed a lot since then. The 49ers have moved on to Brock Purdy at quarterback, and brought in superstar running back Christian McCaffrey, while the Chiefs have lost legendary wideout Tyreek Hill and offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy.

On paper, this Niners team is better than the Chiefs top to bottom, but so were the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens and arguably even the Miami Dolphins. None of that has mattered so far, with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid leading the way, and Travis Kelce looking more like his best self than he did in the regular season. There should be plenty of points despite the two solid defenses, so the over is in play, while it’s hard to bet against the Chiefs as an underdog.

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