Super Bowl Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Super Bowl odds work?

Super Bowl odds are created by oddsmakers the same way as regular season & other playoff games in the NFL. Oddsmakers take recent form, game location, matchup history, and many other things into account when creating odds for a particular game.

How to read Super Bowl odds?

To read Super Bowl odds first you need to see who the favorite is. For example, you will see a team (-5.5) and that means they are favored by 5.5 points. Usually, the odds on this bet will be around -110 because you are betting with the spread. This means that you have to bet $110 to win $100.

When do Super Bowl odds come out?

Super Bowl odds usually come out after the completion of the previous Super Bowl. These odds are readily available throughout the season and change in correlation with free-agent signings or win/losses during the season.

When do Super Bowl Props come out?

Super Bowl props come out a lot closer to the game than traditional pre-game odds. Super Bowl props are normally released within one week of the game date.

How are Super Bowl game locations decided?

Super Bowl locations are chosen a lot like the Olympic games. The locations are determined 3-6 years in advance. To be potentially chosen cities must place a bid and the bids are reviewed by the NFL owners where they are voted on.

Who won the last 5 Super Bowls?

The Chiefs won the most recent Super Bowl vs the 49ers on February 2nd, 2020. The previous 4 champions were the Patriots, Eagles, Patriots, and Broncos. The Patriots are tied for the most Super Bowls, 6, with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What can you bet on in the Super Bowl?

You can bet a variety of things for the Super Bowl. You can bet the usually spread, over/under, money line but because the game is so big there are other options. There is a vast majority of prop bets and specialty bets such as the length of the national anthem and coin toss. These are usually some of the most popular

Can you watch the Super Bowl online?

With a lot of people ditching cable in recent years, the NFL has made it easier to tune into the big game. The last Super Bowl was available to watch online on and on the Fox Sports app free of charge.

How many people watch the Super Bowl every year?

The  Super Bowl is the most-watched television event annually, even if there has been a slight decrease in viewership in recent years. An estimated 100 million people were tuned in to watch the Chiefs vs 49ers game in February 2020.

How much does the average Super Bowl ticket cost?

Attending the Super Bowl isn’t a cheap experience. According to StubHub, the average Super Bowl ticket costs $7,000, but it can be higher or lower depending on what teams are playing in the game.

How much does a Super Bowl ad cost?

Super Bowl commercials are more entertaining to some people than the actual game being played. For Super Bowl 54 the cost of a 30-second ad was $5.6 million dollars. These can be higher or lower depending on the exact time slot.

How to play Super Bowl squares?

Super Bowl squares are a popular game amongst people at watch parties around the country. The game starts with a 10-by-10 grid with each box numbered individually that players are assigned with. At the end of each quarter take the last number of each team’s score and whoever owns those boxes will be the winner.

Who has the most Super Bowl wins?

The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for the most Super Bowl wins in history with 6. However, in recent years the Patriots have been more successful going to 5 Super Bowls and winning 3 in the last 9 years.

Do Super Bowl halftime performers get paid?

Some of the biggest artists in the world perform at the Super Bowl year each year. Even though some people just tune in for the halftime show, the artists are not paid. The NFL covers all their costs and it’s usually a win for the performer due to the boost in sales after the show.

How many languages is the Super Bowl broadcasted in?

The Super Bowl is a global event that is watched in over 170 countries. Because of this, there are multiple broadcasts for people to tune in to. In 2019 the game was broadcasted in 7 different languages across the world.

What are the future Super Bowl host cities?

As of this writing, the Super Bowl sites have been decided through the game in 2024. In 2021 the game will be played in Tampa, Florida, and then move on to the new SoFi Stadium in 2022. In 2023 the game will be played in Glendale, Arizona, and then moved down south to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in New Orleans.

Who has thrown for the most Super Bowl TDs?

Longtime New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has thrown for the most Super Bowl TD passes with 18 in his career. He has also thrown the most passes and has the most completed passes.

How much is a Super Bowl ring worth?

Super Bowl rings can vary in costs depending on the team but it has been reported that for 150 players/staff the cost of the rings are $5 million dollars. This works out to around $33,000 for each individual ring.

Can the Super Bowl MVP be from the losing team?

It doesn’t happen often but it is possible for the Super Bowl MVP to come from the losing team. It happened in 1971 when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howly won the award even though the Cowboys lost 16-13 to the Baltimore Colts.

Can a team play in the Super Bowl at their home stadium?

A Super Bowl team can play at their home stadium but it has never happened in Super Bowl history and there is believed to be a “curse”. Only two teams have played in a Super Bowl in their home region, the 49ers & LA Rams played in games in their city but never in their regular home stadium.

What networks is the Super Bowl on in America?

The Super Bowl is aired on either NBC, CBS, or FOX in the United States. The game is alternated each year and as of this writing, CBS has broadcasted the most in history.

Is Super Bowl Sunday a holiday?

The Super Bowl is usually played on the first Sunday in February every year but it is not an official holiday. But unofficially, people view it as one of the biggest days of the year and can be called an unofficial national holiday.

When is the Super Bowl halftime performer announced?

There is no exact date for when the Super Bowl halftime show performer is announced but last year it was revealed on September 26th. It is a good bet that the performer will be revealed around there every year and more often it has been getting leaked even earlier.

Has anyone performed at halftime multiple times?

Justin Timberlake has performed at 3 different Super Bowl halftime shows, which is the most all-time. He performed in 2001, 2004, and most recently in 2018. Also, Beyonce and Bruno Mars have appeared in 2 halftime shows. Other notable repeat performers are the Grambling State band, Southern University band, Up With People, Gloria Estefan, and Nelly.

What year did the first Super Bowl air on TV?

The first Super Bowl was broadcasted on CBS and NBC on January 15th, 1967. This was Super Bowl 1 and it was reportedly viewed by over 35 million people and the phenomenon has only grown since then.

How many people travel to the Super Bowl host city each year?

There is no exact number of individuals that visit the host city but officials said more than 500,000 came to downtown Atlanta for Super Bowl activities. And of those 500,000 it was estimated 150,000 were from out of the state.

When was the first Super Bowl?

The first Super Bowl was played between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers on January 15th, 1967 at the LA Memorial Coliseum. The Packers won the game 35-10 and became the first Super Bowl champions.

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