Super Bowl LVI Injury Report

Super Bowl LVI Injury Report

As the Super Bowl nears, the tensions have never been higher for injured players. Both the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals are going to need to have all weapons ready and healthy for their Super Bowl appearance. Thankfully, for both teams, the quarterbacks are in good health and team COVID lists have not been impacted. However, some key players have recently joined the questionable list that could impact the outcome of the game, if they cannot return for next Sunday’s matchup.

Cincinnati Bengals Injury Report

  • C.J. Uzoma – Tight End #87 – Questionable (knee)
  • Auden Tate – Wide Receiver #19 – Injured Reserve (calf)
  • Stanley Morgan – Wide Receiver #17 – Questionable 
  • Cam Sample – Defensive End #96 – Questionable
  • Josh Tupou – Defensive Tackle #68 – Questionable
  • Larry Ogunjobi – Defensive Tackle #65 – Injured Reserve 
  • Brandon Wilson – Safety #40 – Injured Reserve

Analysis: The Bengals are walking into the Super Bowl with a pretty healthy team. Their offense is looking healthy with only their tight end C.J Uzoma questionable with a knee injury, wide receiver Auden Tate on IR with a calf injury, and wide receiver and punt returner Stanley Morgan questionable for undisclosed reasons. Their defense is the more worrisome list. With four big players questionable or on the injured reserve list, the already mid-tier defense of the Bengals might struggle against the powerhouse of the Rams’ offense. Thankfully, the team’s best three players, Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, and Ja’Marr Chase, have avoided injuries up to this point.

With a week and a half until the Super Bowl, many of the questionable players are expected to return to practice and the field before the big game. The Bengals will need all healthy hands on deck if they want to win their first franchise Super Bowl this year, so we are all hoping for a speedy recovery for all affected players.

Los Angeles Rams Injury Report

  • Robert Woods – Wide Receiver #2 – Injured Reserve (knee)
  • Tyler Higbee – Tight End #89 – Injured Reserve Out For Super Bowl (knee)
  • Taylor Rapp – Safety #24 – Questionable (concussion)
  • Sebastian Joseph-Day – Defensive Tackle #69 – Injured Reserve (pectoral)
  • Jordan Fuller – Safety #4 – Injured Reserve (ankle)
  • Robert Rochell – Cornerback #31 – Injured Reserve (chest)

Analysis: The Los Angeles Rams are also entering Super Bowl VI with a fragmented defense. Some of their top backfield defensive players have had continuous ankle and knee issues throughout the season. Thankfully, Safety Taylor Rapp is looking better after suffering from a concussion and is expected to return for the big game. Many of the players on the Rams’ IR have been out for the majority of the season and the team has been able to continue their success with their secondary players. Against the Bengals, the Rams are hoping for a healthy return of their tight end Tyler Higbee and Robert Woods. Both players have been key to the Rams offense throughout the season and their absence may affect the overall play of the team. The Rams are favored to win this year’s Super Bowl title, but the tides may shift if their players are to remain on the sideline. For the Rams’ sake, we all hope all players are healthy enough to appear on the field for their home game Super Bowl.

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