Super Bowl National Anthem Odds & Over Under 2024: Reba McEntire to Sing Her Heart Out

Super Bowl National Anthem odds are available in select states with the over/under for Reba McEntire’s performance set at 1 minute and 30.5 seconds for. Get the latest Super Bowl National Anthem odds along with a rundown of previous Super Bowl national anthem over/under results.

Super Bowl 58 National Anthem Over/Under Odds

  • Over 1 minute and 30.5 seconds: -115
  • Under 1 minute and 30.5 seconds: -115

Recent History of the National Anthem

YearSingerOver/underActual TimeResult
2023Chris Stapleton2:052:01 (Video)Under
2022Mickey Guyton1:351:52 (Video)Over
2021Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church1:592:17 (Video)Over
2020Demi Lovato1:551:49 (Video)Under
2019Gladys Knight1:472:01 (Video)Over
2018Pink2:001: 52 (Video)Under
2017Luke Bryan2:092:04 (Video)Under
2016Lady Gaga2:222:22 (Video)Over
2015Idina Menzel2:022:04 (Video)Over
2014Renée Fleming2:232:03 (Video)Under
2013Alicia Keys2:152:36 (Video)Over

Over the past few years, wagering on the national anthem has drastically grown in popularity. It has gotten to a point where people try to record the time in practice sets while sitting outside of the venue, releasing it to social media afterwards for people to make assumptions on what the gametime length will be. Given the volatility of the prop and the opportunity for corruption, many legal sportsbooks do not offer a market for national anthem odds.

Sportsbooks who have released odds have seen the public gravitate to the over, with the number opening at 83.5 seconds, and moving up to currently sitting at 90.5 seconds over the course of the week. The over has been on a run the past few years, cashing four out of the past five Super Bowls. Chris Stapleton is a unique case where people had a chance to middle if they bet the over at the open and also hit the under when it closed at two minutes and six seconds.

Much like Chris Stapleton, Reba McEntire is also a successful country music artist. She has won Best Female Vocalist at the Country Music Association four times, sat at number one in country music charts multiple times throughout her career, and is in the Country Music Hall of Fame. She also dipped her toes in the television industry as she had her own sitcom called “Reba” that lasted for six seasons as well as appearing in numerous movies. She can now be found on the hit show “The Voice” as a coach for the young talent trying to break through.

While Reba is known for her hit songs “Fancy”, and “Does He Love You”, she also has a history with the national anthem over the course of her career. She got her start in 1974 by singing the national anthem at the National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma over the course of ten years. As she grew in popularity she eventually got her chance to sing the national anthem at a NFL game in 1999. Her most recent rendition happened in 2017 where she returned to the National Rodeo Finals to sing it in Las Vegas.

What’s interesting is that Reba McEntire has a tends to give a quicker renditions of the song, explaining the short number on open. She ended her NFL 1999 performance at exactly one minute and 30 seconds, sitting at exactly what the current line is at most sportsbooks. This sets her apart from other country singers, who have a history of drawing out the beloved song. Only been one national anthem performance has been quicker than the current 90.5 second mark. 

National Anthem Best Bet

Even with Reba McEntire’s history of singing the national anthem at a quick pace, the over still has value at the current number of 90.5 seconds. Factoring in Reba aging since her last NFL performance — as well as the growing magnitude of the big game — it’s fair to factor in a few extra seconds. Her last performance ran rather quickly at the National Rodeo Finals, yet that crowd comes nowhere close to the Super Bowl let alone the national viewership.

This prop can be usually be found under “Novelty Props” or “National Anthem Over/Under” depending on which sportsbook you use. This prop is not yet widely available as some states are withholding this market entirely, and others are waiting until Sunday before setting their lines after reports surface of how long her practice runs have gone. When lines are released, I would take the over up to as high as 90.5 seconds with intentions to middle it with an under should the number continue to rise.

Best Bet: Over 1 minute and 30.5 seconds

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