Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Odds, Picks, and Predictions (2/9/22)

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Odds, Picks, and Predictions (02/09/22)

The first meeting between Big 12 rivals, the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma Sooners, is set for Wednesday night at 8:00 PM CST in Norman, Oklahoma. The two teams have a long history of the competition that excites crowds and creates close games. In this meeting, the Texas Tech Raiders have been on a roll, winning their last three games with extensive plays on their offense. On the other bench, the Oklahoma Sooners have struggled to stay a threat in the Big 12 with a three-game losing streak that has killed so much momentum. This matchup will prove who is the better Big 12 team and can be viewed on ESPNU.

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Betting Odds

The Texas Tech Raiders are top of the class in Men’s Division I Basketball class this 2021-2022 season. They’re currently ranked ninth in the country with an 18-5 record. They also stand tied in second place in the Big 12 with the Baylor Bears, which is a monumental position considering the competitiveness of the conference. The Raiders only trail the Kansas Jayhawks, who are #8 nationally. The Raiders have not only had great success in their games, but they have an incredible record against the spread. They have the best ATS record in the Big 12, going 16-7, which is a 69.6% cover rate. The Oklahoma Sooners have not had the same luck to their season. They’ve gone 13-10 in regular play and 3-7 against Big 12 competitors. Their struggles stem from big turnovers and failing to secure scoring drives. Against the spread, the Sooners have gone 10-13, which is a 43.5% cover rate. The Sooners need to seriously reevaluate their gameplay when going up against this Raiders team. The Raiders have outperformed the Sooners both offensively and defensively in all of their matchups so far. 

In this matchup, the Raiders are looking to be a clear favor. The spread has been placed at -3 for Texas Tech and +3 for Oklahoma. Texas Tech averagely outscores Oklahoma by five points each game and holds their opponents to lower values. With that being said, I think the Raiders will continue their win streak, and the Sooners will drop further into the depths of the Big 12 ranking.

My Prediction: Texas Tech wins 75-67, Texas Tech Covers

Texas Tech Red Raiders Odds

When you think of the best teams in Men’s Division I basketball this season, Texas Tech should be making your list. The team has been absolutely dominant on the court, with an occasional slide to underdog teams. They’ve taken down big names such as the Kansas Jayhawks, the Baylor Bears, and the Texas Longhorns, which proves them to be a superior team in the Big 12 Conference. Against the Sooners, they’re given a 63.7% chance of victory from ESPN’s matchup predictor, but we’ve seen this Raiders team fall to teams like the Kansas State Wildcats, so they can’t come into this match too cocky. The key to success will stem from stopping Tanner Groves in the paint and forcing turnovers on the sloppy offensive drives of the Sooners.

All season, the Raiders’ offense has been led by junior guard Kevin McCullar. McCullar’s ball control and elite court IQ has pushed him to be the team’s top rebounder, assister, and stealer. On top of that, he has the second-best PPG average on the team. On average, McCullar will put up 10.9 points per game and sinks 37.9% of his shots. His height of 6’6” gives him leverage over the opposing Sooners’ guards and should give him more mobility to drive or take shots deep. The Sooners will probably play softer coverage on McCullar due to his 31% accuracy from beyond the three, but giving him too much room can always end in disaster.

When McCullar is looking down court, he’s usually trying to set up for senior guard Bryson Williams. Williams is the 6’8 leading scorer for the Raiders with an average point value of 13.7 points per game. He’s going to be guarded by the Sooners’ 6’10 forward, Tanner Groves, but Williams’ athleticism under the basketball will make up for the small margin of height difference. Williams is a dynamic player that shoots 53.5% from the field and 46.4% from beyond the three-point line, so he will be the biggest threat to the Sooners at home. The best route for the Sooners to guard will have to be shell defense with extra pressure on Williams, but Williams will read the coverage and exploit miscommunications from mismatched screens to put up points. If the Raiders can keep feeding the ball to Bryson Williams, this game should be another Raiders’ victory. 

Oklahoma Sooners Odds

The Oklahoma Sooners have been falling off the road of success in the past few weeks. They started out as a top competitive team taking down big names such as the Florida Gators, the Arkansas Razorbacks, and the Iowa State Cyclones. However, their recent matchups have left them in a 2-8 run. They’re currently standing in seventh place in the Big 12 and have gone 3-7 in conference play. The Big 12 is one of the more competitive conferences for basketball, with four teams in the top 25, but the Sooners have failed to make a big impression. This matchup against the Texas Tech Raiders may be their biggest matchup yet as the Sooners try to steer their course and get back on track to March Madness potential.

The key leader on this team has been Tanner Groves throughout the season. The senior forward had an outstanding game in the team’s last matchup scoring a whopping 23 points against Oklahoma State. That performance has boosted his confidence after being shut down by Texas Christain University, who kept him to only four points throughout the game. Groves averages 13.1 points per game and is shooting 55.1% from the field. The Sooners need to feed Groves the ball as much as possible in this match to try to break up their ongoing losing streak. If Groves can have another outstanding game, the Sooners may have a chance to stay alive in this matchup.

Umoji Gibson will also be a key player in this matchup against Texas Tech. Gibson is a senior guard who averages 13.1 points when at home. He was very quiet with only two points against Oklahoma State, but his record against top teams is impressive. Against the top team in the nation, Auburn, Gibson was able to put up 14 points and keep his team alive in the first half. Gibson has a particular presence when he’s on his home court in Lloyd Noble Stadium, so he may come alive again against the Raiders. Jalen Hill will help keep plays alive with his rebound ability, averaging six per game. Hill has come down with the ball in clutch moments to keep play and momentum alive. If Hill can come down with a rebound and kick it out to one of his teammates, this game may be harder for the Raiders than they thought.

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Picks and Predictions

The spread has been set rather marginal for this matchup between the Texas Tech Raiders and the Oklahoma Sooners. Texas Tech should be able to cover this spread, but if you’re wary on that bet, there’s definitely an easier bet to take. The Raiders average 74.3 PPG, and the Sooners average 69.7 PPG. The over/under has been placed at 127.5 points for this matchup. I think this game can easily surpass the over in this matchup because of the explosive Raiders’ offense and the desperate nature of the Sooners. The spread may be too close to bank on, but I’ll definitely be taking the over as a more secure bet for this game.

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