Texas vs. Kansas Odds, Picks, and Predictions (03/05/22)

Texas vs. Kansas Odds, Picks, and Predictions (03/05/22)

One of the most electrifying games on College Basketball Saturday is between the Texas Longhorns and the Kansas Jayhawks. These two teams are at the top of the Big 12 and are nationally ranked in the top 25. The Longhorns stand in the 21st slot even after taking a loss to the #3 Baylor Bears. The Jayhawks have been consistently in the top 10 throughout the season and currently reside in the #6 spot. These teams are pretty evenly matched, which will result in great play on both sides. Both teams are fighting for better seeding for the Big 12 Tournament and the March Madness Tournament later in the month, so this game is crucial for both sides. Make sure you tune in this Saturday, March 5th, at 3:00 PM CST on ESPN.

Texas vs. Kansas Betting Odds

Going into this matchup, there is much uncertainty on who will emerge victoriously. The last meeting fell to the Longhorns in a very close game, but the Jayhawks have their home-court advantage in full effect. ESPN’s matchup predictor is leaning in favor of the Jayhawks with a 74.1% confidence interval. This leaves the Longhorns with a 25.9% confidence rating. The spread has also been placed in favor of the Jayhawks with a -5 point favor. Both teams played great basketball last time they met, leading to high point values and exceptional shooting accuracy. The Jayhawks dominated the perimeter, and the Longhorns took risks on shots that paid off. This game will come down to either team’s ability to control the offense. Texas is great at forcing turnovers, and Kansas has an incredible lineup of shooting stars. Kansas needs to utilize all of their players and not rely on Ochai Agbaji. Texas needs to hold the perimeter on lockdown to prevent the three-point shots from the Jayhawks from sinking. Overall, this game will be one of the most exciting games we will see this season before March Madness begins, and I could see it going either way. However, I believe the Jayhawks have played better basketball in the past few weeks, and the home-court energy of their stadium is almost unbeatable. 

My Prediction: Kansas Wins 70-67, Texas Covers

Texas Longhorns Odds

The Texas Longhorns have proven to be a huge threat in Division I Basketball. They have gone 21-9 on the season with a 10-7 record in the Big 12 conference. They are one of four Big 12 teams that find themselves in the list of the top 25 in the nation, including the #3 Baylor Bears, #6 Kansas Jayhawks, and the #12 Texas Tech Red Raiders. To be able to run with high-profile teams in the same conference proves their skill and determination to be a top team. In their most recent game, they fell to the reigning champions, the Baylor Bears. The game ended with a seven-point margin which is an accomplishment in itself. Texas played on par, shooting 40% from the field, but had sloppy shots from beyond the three-point line. They sank 17.9% of their threes, leaving them at a disadvantage against a top three-point team like the Bears. The Jayhawks are similar to the Bears with their three-point abilities, so the Longhorns will need to focus their accuracy from a longer range or work on shutting down the perimeter. 

As a team, they have been very effective in their defensive strategies. They hold their opponents to a 40% success rate on their shots while averaging 7.8 steals per game and 21.7 defensive rebounds per game. The Jayhawks are also a defensive threat, so the Longhorns must focus on imposing barriers on the perimeter and controlling the basket to prevent offensive rebounds from being put up for points. The Longhorns have great shooters like Timmy Allen and Marcus Carr on the offensive side. Allen averages 12.3 points per game, and Carr averages 11.2 points per game. Together, they make a dynamic duo of force that is very hard to stop from scoring. They’ll have their work cut out for them against the Jayhawks, but as long as Allen stays diligent under the basket, this game will stay close.

Kansas Jayhawks Odds

The Kansas Jayhawks are one of the best basketball legacies in the country. They have proven almost every year that they are a top team. They are about to make their 50th March Madness appearance in team history. They are also on track to make their 16th Final Four appearance as well. However, in order to prove themselves for the final time, they need to take down the Texas Longhorns first. The Jayhawks fell in a close 79-76 loss in Austin, Texas when the teams previously played. The team has exceptional stats, including a 58.3% shooting rate from the field and 38.5% from beyond the three-point line. However, they gave up 15 turnovers that changed the course of the game. High turnover rates are not stats that are usually seen from this Jayhawks offense. The Longhorns have an impressive pressure-filled defense that forces more turnovers than most teams in the country. The Jayhawks will have to clean up their offensive strategy and focus on getting more shots off. Even though they had a higher accuracy percentage than the Longhorns, they were outshot in terms of shot attempts. The Jayhawks are an excellent program that focuses on taking purposeful shots, which is why their shooting rates are phenomenal for college basketball. Still, against this Texas team, they will have to take some risks.

In their last meeting, the Jayhawks could not use their greatest weapon, Ochai Agbaji, to his fullest potential. Agbaji was only able to secure 11 points against the Texas defense, which is incredibly low compared to his 20.2 point average. The Texas defense was applying significant pressure to #30, which left the need for other players to step up and assume the role of the main shooter. That player was Jalen Wilson. Wilson averages 10.6 points per game but managed to put up 18 against the Texas defense. This play by the Jayhawks is normally not seen since they are a more guard-dominated team. Against Texas, the Jayhawks may need to change their plan of action and focus on their forwards in the paint since Texas can shut down the perimeter. 

Texas vs. Kansas Picks and Predictions

This game is one of those games where I don’t feel completely confident in making secure bets. These teams have shown excellent skill and professional basketball play. Ochai Agbaji is one of the best players in Division I basketball, and Timmy Allen has been proven to be a weakness to the Kansas defense. With that being said, I do believe that Kansas moneyline will hit, but the spread is up for debate. If Texas can perform similarly to how they played last time, they should be able to cover easily, but if they fail to protect the perimeter, Kansas may walk away, winning the moneyline and spread.

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