Top 100 Players Of The 2019-20 NBA Season: Kawhi Leonard Outranking Giannis Antetokounmpo


There have been a ton of shakeups for the 2019-20 season. Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, Anthony Davis in L.A., and the Clippers building a super team of their own. Injuries also throw a wrench into things. Klay Thompson is out until after the all-star break, and Victor Oladipo is set to miss a few months. The top 100 list isn’t about fantasy stats nor is it about who will have the better career. I am looking at this 2019-20 season alone and how impactful these players will be across the board. Kevin Durant isn’t listed below, but would be a top five player this season. I will rank players that will make an impact coming off of injuries, where they will at least have a few months get going. Take the injured rankings with a grain of salt due to them playing limited months. These rankings are prepped early in the year to be projected rankings for this season alone.

1. Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles has a battle of its own, but there is also a battle in top players this season. Kawhi Leonard is going to take 15-20 games off, and we know that. That isn’t a knock against Leonard. He is coming off a terrific season averaging 26.6 points per game with another Finals MVP, and is the top two-way player in the league right now. Not many players can be asked to effectively shut down your best player and go on a fourth quarter run to get your team a win. While he may not have the playmaking role LeBron has to push his stats up, Leonard’s overall game is what sets him apart and makes him number one on the list.


2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

The likely 2019-20 MVP, or at least my pick anyway, Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to put up absurd numbers. He is a freak talent, hence the nickname Greek Freak. His athleticism and size cannot be compared right now. We have to now ask ourselves is there another level he can get to? He is an efficient scorer, who would need to start taking some threes if he truly wants to add another dimension to his game. Otherwise he is an excellent rebounder and knows when to kick the ball to another teammate when needed. Defensively he generates blocks and steals with his size and has the length and athleticism to defend anyone.


3. LeBron James

LeBron James could average the most assists in the league this season. He has a sidekick again, in Anthony Davis, and with the roster construction James will need to have his playmaking at an all-time high. While James is in his mid-30s, the man continues to defy how people should age. You can make the case for Leonard/Giannis/James in any order, but James running the show in Tinseltown is going to be something to watch. While his scoring and defense might take a dip down, assists should go up and he is going to be the guy to make this team go.


4. James Harden

People are overthinking or overthought the Russell Westbrook addition knocking down James Harden. His volume is going to be very similar, and his number should stay on pace with what he has done the last few seasons. Volume will help his overall numbers, so if you are weighing efficiency, you might not have him as high as four. Harden’s ability to create offense is on another level, and his defense has been improved in comparison to his early days. I believe Westbrook’s addition will help him out more than Chris Paul.


5. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis feels somewhat underrated in terms of the hype coming into the year. I’m talking outside of Lakers fans of course. Davis is an incredible presence on both sides of the ball, and might have forgotten how good he is defensively. With Los Angeles struggling on the defensive side of late, Davis is going to give them a big bump. Averaging nearly 2.5 blocks per game in his career and over 25  points per game in the last four seasons, he is a top option on both sides of the ball. Davis is already a three time all-defensive player, is also likely going to lead the Lakers in scoring.


6. Stephen Curry

This is going to be a weird season watching the Warriors, especially now that Stephen Curry is going to be out three months. When healthy, Curry’s impact was predicted to be MVP like. We haven’t seen Curry in a true number one role on a team in a long time. The potential of a 2015-16 type season where he won his second MVP was in his range of outcomes. He averaged 30-5-6 that season. Once Curry gets back, I would expect to see strong numbers despite what is going to be a lost season.


7. Paul George

Paul George is coming off a career high in almost everything last season in Oklahoma City. He will now go from playing alongside Russell Westbrook to playing alongside Kawhi Leonard. George seems somewhat underrated in terms of when we talk the top 10-15 players in the league. For a player who has been an all-defensive defender most seasons, and not let it affect his offensive numbers, he is a standout option on both sides of the ball. There really are not many I would take over George.


8. Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid will continue to be one of the more dynamic centers in the game, as long as his health can hold up. He is strong rim protectors, and was one of the best last season. We can talk his durability, but at his best, Embiid is one of the top centers in the game. I doubt we see him top last season’s numbers, but his production at the position continues to be closely unmatched.


9. Damian Lillard

There are not many better than Damian Lillard, who continues to be a guy to play 75+ games a season, and average nearly 25 points per game. He ranked fourth among qualified point guards in PER last season, and added the second most value and estimated wins added. Lillard will continue to dominate usage in Portland, and no reason to expect anything less than a 25-4-6 type of line on average.


10. Nikola Jokic

Coming off a season averaging 20-10-7, Nikola Jokic is a supreme talent. His ball movement and passing ability is unlike anyone at the position. His defensive rating has improved in each season so far, and we will see if that continues. He isn’t going to post many blocks compared to other centers, and Paul Millsap helps mask some of his defensive liabilities. Jokic is an entertaining big that I expect to continue to post strong numbers and be a nightly highlight reel with his passing abilities.


11. Luke Doncic

Luka Doncic is special, and I am here for year two jump. He averaged 21-7-6 in his rookie year, taking home the ROY award. What can he add in year two? Well, with one year under his belt and what seems to be a better supporting cast, I’d expect a jump in assists and a potential jump in rebounds if the minutes go up slightly. Dallas moved on from the Dirk Nowtizki era to the Doncic era very quickly.


12. Karl-Anthony Towns

In the second half of last season we saw Karl-Anthony Towns really make a jump. Offensively he has shot 39% from three, and 53% from the field. Towns can score in various ways, and is a monster at that half of the court. He was tied with Nikola Jokic with a 26.3 PER, which was the highest among any qualified center. Towns has fluctuated defensively throughout his career, but has largely been average.


13. Kyrie Irving

Year two was a disaster in Boston, and Kyrie Irving will look to get going in a new town. Irving is one of the top offensive point guards in the league, and his ball-handling and ability to create his own shot can elevate him to another level. This season will be without Kevin Durant, and we will have to wait and see what the duo can bring next season.


14.  Jimmy Butler

It was an up and down year last season for Jimmy Butler, but we are looking at one of the top wing players in the league heading into his age 30 season. Now in Miami after stints in Philadelphia and Minnesota, he will not have to share the spotlight with many. Butler’s usage and production should be on par during his lonesome days in Chicago.


15. Bradley Beal

With the injuries to the Wizards, Bradley Beal has elevated his play and put up monster numbers. After having an injury prone tag next to his name early in his career, Beal is soaking up all the minutes and games he can handle. He has shown he can be a team’s first and second scorer, while also defending multiple positions. Beal has really blossomed into one of the top guards in the game.


16.  Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam’s ceiling is still higher than what we have seen in his NBA Championship winning season. Siakam is a strong front court defender, and his offense is really starting to come around. With the departure of Kawhi Leonard, we will be looking at Siakam as a primary scoring option, and that is something that will be interesting to follow. The sky is the limit for Siakam.


17. Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday is coming off one of his best seasons, and brings a lot to the table for the young Pelicans team. He was an all-defensive second team member last season, and posted over 20 points per game. There are higher expectations for him this year to lead this team. He has tremendous ball-handling abilities, and has shown the ability to be a playmaker as well. His defense and ability to have a big effect on the offense is why he is a top 20 player.


18. Rudy Gobert

Depending on how much you value defense is going to matter for where you rank Rudy Gobert. A two-time DPOY already, and a top rim protector gets a lot of praise from me. Offensively he also picked things up last year, averaging 15.9 points per game, and sporting a career high eFG%. Gobert is one of the major reasons why Utah is one of the top defensive teams year in and year out.


20. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin went from being a standout dunker in Los Angeles to a leader in Detroit. He has added a respectable three point shot to his game, and continues to rebound and move the ball at an above average rate. He contributes across the table, and Griffin’s second half of his career is going to be an interesting follow given injuries have plagued his first half.


21. Ben Simmons

He is a physical mismatch for most point guards, and a nightmare to deal with on the defensive side. While his shooting is limited, there is still room for growth. Simmons is a major reason why the 76ers have such a strong defense, and he continues to rack up assists with a talented team around him. Simmons is still growing as a player, but is already one of the top point guards in the league.


22. Kemba Walker

Now in Boston, what you would call maybe a tier two point guard is looking to bring consistency to the position. Kemba Walker has developed into one of the better point guards, after being viewed as undersized and one dimensional at one point in his career. Walker is now in a place where he can make a real name for himself and hopefully elevate this Boston team to the next level.


23. Devin Booker

Still just 23 years old, Devin Booker has been a force on the offensive side, but has struggled defensively. Booker has been asked to be more of a playmaker at times, and in that case we saw a tick up in assists last season. Now with Ricky Rubio alongside him, I believe this is a fit that can work well for Booker. I expect another monster scoring year for the former Kentucky wildcat.


24. Donovan Mitchell

I’m not one to find Donovan Mitchell’s sophomore season to be a downside to his career so far. He had a great rookie season, and that sophomore season was going to be tough to follow. Mitchell has an excellent head on his shoulders, and I love what he brings on both sides of the ball. He can attack the basket, and is posting respectable scoring numbers from the field as well.


25. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook isn’t quite the same guy he once was. His energy and aggressiveness is going to continue to mask what has been below average shooting, and turnovers continue to be rather high. He has shot less than 30% in each of the last two seasons from three, and his shot has been below 43% in two of the last three years. There is some concern here, even though the numbers will still be there due to high usage.


26. CJ McCollum

The one thing about the Portland backcourt I like the most is that they improved defensively over the years. C.J. McCollum is a steady shooter, and has shown the ability to be a number one scorer at times when Damian Lillard is off the court. Hard to argue for more reliable shooting guard than McCollum right now.


27. Draymond Green

Draymond Green is a strong option as a third piece for a team, which that won’t be the case much this year due to the injuries. His offense has been lackluster at times, but Green is always a guy who goes beyond the offensive side and produces as a playmaker and one of the better defenders in the league.


28. Mike Conley

Utah got a key piece if they want to make a deeper run into the playoffs. Mike Conley has been hindered by injuries in his career, but when healthy is one of the better point guards on both sides of the ball. Conley is going to play alongside one of the better starting casts he has seen in quite some time, and he should see a tick up in numbers.


29. Al Horford

It will be interesting to see how Al Horford fits in with the 76ers, but Horford has always been one of the better team players. His numbers are not going to stand out at the end of the year, but he is a key piece on both sides of the ball. Horford has been praised for his defense, and he is also a big who can space the floor.


30. Victor Oladipo

We begin to hit some injured names who will miss time this year, but Victor Oladipo is going to come back mid-year, and if he can rebound to what he was doing before, watch out for the Pacers. He has proven he can be one of the top shooting guards in the game, and once he is back and healthy that should happen.


31. Chris Paul

This is one of the poorer teams Chris Paul has played for of late, and we will likely see a drop down in his assists numbers. Paul can still give you quality shooting numbers and average 1.5 steals per game. We will all be watching to see if Paul will stick around in Oklahoma City or move to a contender at some point in the year.


32. Khris Middleton

Playing second fiddle to Giannis isn’t easy, but Khris Middleton has been a solid sidekick for the Bucks. He earned a monster playmaker for a reason, he is a solid playmaker, and can score. He is also not a bad defender. Middleton won’t post monster numbers, but should be able to flirt close to 18-20 points per game with solid peripheral stats.


33. LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge is 34 this season, and coming off two strong season averaging over 20 points per game. He isn’t a flashy player, nor is he fitting the modern day game with threes taking over. Still he is efficient from the field, but the defense fell off last season, and I expect that to continue. He will be a key part if the Spurs want to push for the playoffs.


34. Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis hasn’t played in nearly two years, and this is someone who came into the league with an outside shot, and at his size he was tough to defend. He also had blocking upside as well. He is going to have find his old self, which can be tough to do, but I won’t put it past him.


35. DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan is one of the names not on board with all the threes in today’s game, but is efficient, and has shown to be a steady playmaker as well. He had a career high in assists last season, shooting 48% of 17 field goal attempts.


36. Kyle Lowry

Creeping into his mid 30’s, I am hoping we get a late resurgence for Kyle Lowry now that Kawhi Leonard is gone. Lowry was once underrated, but his play has dropped off a bit over the last few seasons. However, he is still a top 40 player in this league.


37. Nikola Vucevic

Nikole Vucevic is more well known in the fantasy world, given he plays for a small market team. Vucevic was third in estimated wins added among centers, which was higher than Rudy Gobert and Andre Drummond. He also remains one of the most consistent center options in the league.


38. Trae Young

Yes, Trae Young is undersized, and yes his defense needs a ton of work. I don’t think he will ever get to be a solid defensive player, but his offense and playmaking is fit for the modern day NBA. The sophomore year is going to have more eyes on Young.


39. De’Aaron Fox

A high energy point guard ranks high on my list heading into this season. De’Aaron Fox had a rough rookie year, but was young. Fox evolved into a strong point guard who can push the pace and create space for the Kings shooters around him.


40. Kevin Love

Hopefully we can get Kevin Love to a contender. He is still a strong shooting big who also is still an above average rebounder. Love can fit on most teams, but unfortunately will have to spend his time in Cleveland.


41. Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris cashed in this offseason, after scoring 20 points per game last year between the Clippers and 76ers. Harris can play both forward roles, and while his defense can lack at times, he is a consistent scorer.


42. Jamal Murray

Jamal Murray was a major question mark after his rookie season, but settled in nicely. The defense needs work, but his playoff run showed that he has star potential in this league. With higher expectations this year, we will see how he follows them.


43. D’Angelo Russell

Another guard in a new city, D’Angelo Russell found his groove in Brooklyn. Russell does rely quite a bit on his shot, and doesn’t drive or get to the line as much as we would like, but averaging seven assists and 21 points per game last season, Russell established himself as a playmaker.


44. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson will be out until after the all-star break, but we know when healthy he is a lethal shooter and in my eyes an underrated defender. While he can’t put the ball on the floor and score, Thompson is elite at what he does best, shooting the basketball.


45. Lou Williams

You want buckets, Lou Williams is going to give you them. Williams is a 6th man cheat code who has picked up the slack at times in Los Angeles for injuries as well. With George and Leonard already there, having Williams chip in as a scorer is going to be a real force.


46. Gordon Hayward

Now back fully from the injury, we should see Gordon Hayward get to where he was playing before joining the Celtics. He is someone who can chip in across the board, and can be a near top 50 player in this league.


47. Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond continues to rack up numbers across the board. He has been in the league since he was 19, and also remains one of the more durable options. Drummond’s defense or playmaking isn’t quite on par with some of the other centers ahead of him, but he is a top five center in the game.


48. Malcolm Brogdon

If I was ranking ceilings this season, Malcolm Brogdon would be a lot higher. He was a key piece for Milwaukee last season, and now in Indiana this was a great get for the Pacers. Defensively he is solid, and I am looking forward to him in a more premier offensive role.


49. Myles Turner

I’m not quite sure if we will ever see that next leap from Myles Turner, as this could just be the player he is. That isn’t a knock against him, as he is an above average player on both sides of the ball. Coming off a season averaging 2.7 blocks, this is certainly where he highlights his play.


50. John Collins

Atlanta has continued to draft well the last few years as John Collins is a walking double-double. He is an athletic big who will fit in with the Hawks and what they are building. Collins averaged 19 and 9 last season, and will look to build his offensive game.


51. Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon has given us a tough read so far in his career. Orlando isn’t the easiest place for him to establish himself, but he is a solid rebounder and can defend multiple positions. His scoring is the only thing that needs a few more moves.


52. Steven Adams

Steven Adams is a strong center in today’s NBA, who is one of the top defenders in the game, and also one of the better rebounders on the offensive side. However this seems to be the level Adams has gotten to with little room for improvement.


53. Danilo Gallinari

After putting all his injuries behind him, Danilo Gallinari is finally showcasing the player he can be. He has an above average shot, and played well on both sides of the ball last season for Los Angeles. He will take on a more focal role in Oklahoma City.


54. Clint Capela

Clint Capela is a strong center option, who had a 23.8 PER last season, and improved his stamina to play over 30 minutes per game. If he can bolster his defensive presence a bit more, Capela can take another step forward.


55. Gary Harris

Gary Harris continues to flash solid form, but consistency has been an issue. He isn’t going to wow anyone on a loaded Nuggets team, but is someone who can average 15 points per game playing above average perimeter defense.


56. Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe has a cloud hanging over his head from the playoffs, but is still a top defensive point guards who can get to the rim. His shooting comes and goes, and that will be what separates him from some others in his tier.


57. Buddy Hield

It was a rocky start to Buddy Hield’s career, but he has developed into one of the better scorers in the game. He can rely on high volume, and will chip in with the occasional peripheral stats, but Hield is going to give you all the points.


58. Josh Richardson

While it wasn’t an upgrade for the 76ers, Josh Richardson brings pesky defense and a spotty shot at times. His three point numbers have been on the rise, and he should flirt with 15-16 points per game this season.


59. Montrezl Harrell

Montrezl Harrell is a major piece for this Clippers team. He is a high energy big who plays well defensively and can cover multiple positions. Harrell is a strong rebounder, and he is going to be key off the bench for Los Angeles.


60. Jayson Tatum

While the second season didn’t see a major step forward, the third season can with Kyrie Irving out of town. Tatum continues to flash being a strong wing in this league, but also has games to negate that. He is going to need to continue to add to his offensive game if he wants to make a big jump.


61. Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez is an ideal example for an older player who adjusted to the league. Coming off a season where he made 2.3 threes per game and shot 36% from three, I love what he brings to the Bucks. He is also adding over two blocks per game.


62. Jaren Jackson Jr

I am waiting to see where Jaren Jackson can go after last season. He was the fourth overall pick and put up 14 and 4 in his rookie season. Jackson has all the tools to be a strong four in Memphis.


63. Lauri Markkanen

Defensively, Lauri Markkanen isn’t going to give you much, but he will score and rebound at will. He is an excellent shooter and can create his own shot, which is absurd at his size.


64. Caris LeVert

After a scary leg injury, Caris LeVert bounced back in a big way. His outside game needs some work, but he is an athletic guard who can get to the rim. Defensively he also can be a mismatch for smaller guards.


65. Domantas Sabonis

Domantas Sabonis is a key piece for the Pacers, who averaged 14 and 9 last season. He is efficient around the rim, and has a soft touch as well. His rebounding abilities are also above average.


66. Brandon Ingram

Brandon Ingram could end up being in a most improved category come the end of the year. He is still super young, and has flashed potential on the offensive side. A more consistent three will give him a bump, and defensively he needs to put in more work.


67. Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine ran with being a high volume shooter who doesn’t play defense in Chicago, and that is is label for me. Defensively he is a major liability, and there is not enough flow in the offense which hurts the Bulls at times.


68. DeAndre Ayton

The suspension will hurt the season long numbers, but I am hear for the potential year two growth. Defensively he was a liability last season, and that is where Ayton needs to grow the  most to be an all around center moving forward.


69. Robert Covington

Robert Covington needs to get healthy, and when that happens, he is someone who brings strong perimeter defense and a good shot from three. Covington is a good puzzle piece for this Minnesota team trying to find their groove.


70. Bojan Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic is coming off one of his best seasons, with 18 points per game. He is a great floor spacing wing player who is an above average three point shooter. I love this fit in Utah.


71. Ja Morant

I am here for Ja Morant in year one as a terrific athlete who plays with a high motor. This is a bit unusual for Memphis fans to see a higher paced offense, and Morant’s ability to get to the and shooting is going to make him a prime scorer.


72. Julius Randle

Coming off of a season where Julius Randle averaged 21 and 8, he has a great chance to put up numbers in New York given the lack of options around him. Defensively he still needs some work, and that is where he can take the next step.


73. Fred VanVleet

We should see a major tick up in Fred VanVleet’s play this season and minutes. He has already flashed he can be a strong point guard, scoring and getting others the ball. He is also a strong defender, and plays well in both starting and bench roles.


74.  Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Doc Rivers said it was tough to give up Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, coming off of a 10-2-3 season in his rookie year. He is going to see a major bump in minutes now in Oklahoma City, where he can really show he is a prime combo guard in this league.


75. Bam Adebayo

Bam Adebayo time is finally here. With Hassan Whiteside now in Portland, starter’s minutes will be there. Expect a big jump from someone who was producing in limited minutes. Adebayo is projected in the top ten in estimated wins added.


76. Lonzo Ball

It has been tough to narrow down Lonzo Ball’s ranking in this league, as his injuries continue to hurt his consistency with having stable minutes on the court. Now on a new team, there is also a chance for a fresh start. Ball excels on the defensive side and creates plays, but the shot continues to be his biggest downside.


77. Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie continues to be a major asset for the Brooklyn Nets. He is a strong defender with his size in the backcourt, and was 21st in value added among qualified point guards.


78. Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson’s season is going to be delayed due to injury, but once healthy he is going to be one we all tune in to watch. His athleticism is unlike a lot of others, and defensively he is someone who moves well and can defend multiple positions.


79. Marcus Smart

The dirty work and high energy play makes up for some of the offensive blunders he has. He is a crowd favorite, otherwise Smart might have been elsewhere. His offense continues to be limited, which is his biggest downside.


80. Andrew Wiggins

Still just 24 years old, Andrew Wiggins has still been a disappointment to match his talent and draft stock. Early on we have seen him take a major step forward this season in about every category. Wiggins is the x-factor as far as Minnesota being better than projected.


81. Derrick White

Much like Dejounte Murray, the minutes will be cut into because of the guard depth, but Derrick White is another young guard in the Spurs system. He is an efficient offensive player, shooting over 45% in his career and 36% from three.


82. Kelly Oubre

Kelly Oubre still has a ton of upside in terms of what he can make out of his career. Getting out of Washington was a start, and we saw a slight increase in production. I like a jump for a full year in Phoenix with also a true point guard now in the system.


83. Derrick Favors

Heading into his late 20’s, Derrick Favors has been in the league for nearly ten years now. Favors isn’t going to play major minutes, but still will bring an impact on both ends of the court.


84. Jaylen Brown

Boston gave him his extension, which was a bit of a surprise. He is still just 23 years old and needs to take a massive leap soon. His offense comes and goes, but his athleticism and defense make him a strong wing player.


85. Joe Harris

One of the top three point shooters in the game is Joe Harris. He isn’t going to bring a ton to the table, but his efficiency from the floor is praised by me here. Minutes will continue to be there, and as a late bloomer I am excited to watch him.


86.  Danny Green

Danny Green was brought to the Lakers to do two things, play solid defense, and hit open threes. He is going to have a lot of worth in a role that he has played well in throughout his career. It should be no different in Los Angeles.


87. Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside has a chance to establish himself again in Portland after things went sour in Miami. Whiteside brings strong rebounding and block shot upside, but his offense is a bit limited in today’s modern day game.


88. Jarrett Allen

Bringing in DeAndre Jordan was disappointing for the Jarrett Allen upside, but this is someone who still can rack up a double double in 25 minutes per game with around 1.5 steals per game.


89. Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio found some success in Utah, and signed with Phoenix over the offseason. I actually liked this move for Phoenix, and it should improve the offense a bit. Rubio is someone who can add steals, assists, and the occasional scoring. Alongside Devin Booker we should see strong numbers for rubio.


90. Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon has been an important part of the Rockets as a sixth man. However volume has masked his efficiency numbers. Defensively he is also not giving you much. Gordon has averaged 18+ in each of the last three seasons in Houston.


91. Derrick Rose

I really liked the Derrick Rose signing in Detroit, and felt a number of teams could have used him as a 25 minutes player off the bench. His offense is still strong, and we saw that last year in Minnesota. Defensively he is not going to give you much, which is why he is on the lower side.


92. Dejounte Murray

Missing all of last season was a setback in his Dejounte Murray’s career, and this season is going to be about building back up some strength and getting into a groove. Because of the guard depth still, I don’t expect Murray’s numbers to be eye popping. He is still one of the bright up and coming point guards.


93. Patrick Beverley

While I find Patrick Beverley to be a bit overrated, he is a solid rebounder and is pesky on the defensive side. Offensively he won’t be asked to do much, and you wouldn’t want him to anyway.


94. Marvin Bagley

Marvin Bagley is a bit one-sided for me to rank any higher. For one he has yet to prove he can be healthy, and defensively he is a major liability. While he will likely average a near double-double, his offense drops off the further away from the basket he gets.


95. Joe Ingles

With the Bojan Bogdanovic and Mike Conley arrival, Joe Ingles isn’t going to have the same type of role as the last few seasons. He will come off the bench. However, he still is an above average three point shooter, and adds to the Jazz strong defense.


96. PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker is one of those names who does more outside of the box score than within. He can eat up minutes and is an above average defender. Tucker rebounds well, and does the dirty work.


97. Paul Millsap

While Paul Millsap isn’t in his prime anymore, he is still one of the key parts of the Nuggets lineup. He is an efficient shooter, and he continues to add in quite a bit of peripheral stats.


98. Thomas Bryant

With a minutes increase likely for this season, the numbers are going to rise for Thomas Bryant. He is a young up and coming center who can be a bright spot on a young Washington team. Bryant is going to have some growing pains, but is someone who can add average a near double-double.


99. Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes never amounted to what he was supposed to be, although his career earnings might say otherwise. Barnes fell off a bit in terms of scoring from Dallas to Sacramento last season, which wasn’t a surprise given the Kings backcourt had the usage.


100. Evan Fournier

Orlando doesn’t really have a big scoring option, but Evan Fournier has quietly been a consistent scoring option. He is nothing flashy, but averaging 15-16 points per game with the occasional peripheral stats is not a bad line. Orlando lacks offense, and Fournier is one of the better offensive players right now.

Jason Guilbault has been writing and podcasting in the fantasy sports world for over five years. You can find his work at Daily Fantasy Cafe. He is an avid Tottenham fan, and follows the Boston sports teams. When he isn’t diving into stats, he is enjoying the outdoors or down at the local brewery.

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