Top 5 Potential Names for the Washington Football Team

On July 3rd, the Washington Redskins announced that they would begin an official review of the team’s name following sponsors such as FedEx and Nike threatening to back out if the team didn’t change its name. Ten days later, the team announced that they would officially be retiring the Redskins name and logo and would be playing under a new moniker going forward. On July 23rd, it was announced that the team would be known as the “Washington Football Team” for the time being while the name change process continues. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the team would not be using any Native American imagery in their new rebranding so that Washington will be going in a completely new direction with their new team name. Dan Snyder and the rest of the organization have been tasked with completing a process that would normally take several months in only a few weeks. Getting the appropriate copyright, designing new uniforms, and so much more goes into the rebranding process. To help speed up the process for Mr. Snyder, I’ve compiled five names that I think he should consider changing the name. While none of them contain any Native American imagery, I hope that Dan would find one of these fantastic ideas anyway.

Red Wolves

One of the names gaining the most momentum on social media is the Washington Red Wolves, and I am completely on board with this being the name they pick. Not only is the name similar to Redskins, the team’s iconic “HTTR” would remain intact if this were the new name. The red wolf is also an endangered animal in the American south and mid-Atlantic regions. Naming the team after an endangered animal could help raise awareness for the species and hopefully help get the numbers back up for the red wolf. The name is also intimidating, and fans howling after a sack or own third-downs at FedEx Field would be electric. Many celebrities, former players, and current players are also on board for the name to be switched to the Red Wolves, including Dwayne Haskins, Derrius Guice, Kevin Durant, and Fred Smoot. There have been rumors about how there might be some difficulties getting this name, as Arkansas State’s mascot is also the Red Wolves. Nonetheless, the Red Wolves are my top choice for the new name, and I hope that this is the direction that they will go.

Red Tails

Another solid option would be to change the team name to the Washington Red Tails. The name also begins with R and Red, so the HTTR fight song and moniker would stay the same. The name would also be honoring the military, as the “Red Tails” was a nickname for the Tuskegee Airmen who fought for the U.S. in WWII. The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African-American fighter pilots nicknamed the “Red Tails” due to the back tips of their planes being red. Naming the team after these heroes would both honor American military history as well as African-American history. There also is already a team in the NFL named after planes, that, of course, being the New York Jets. Red Tails is a name that I think would make sense not only because of the times but also because I think it would fit the city of Washington very well.


Although this might not be the most exciting option for a new team name, I think that the Warriors would make a lot of sense. Back in the mid-2000s, Dan Snyder owned the “Washington Warriors” trademark because he was interested in purchasing an Arena League Football team. The trademark is no longer valid, but I could see Snyder deciding to get the trademark again. The name is simple and would be an homage to honor the military deciding how they’d want to brand themselves. Warriors is a very open-ended name and could represent a plethora of different people/groups. The name would also begin with a W, which goes along well with Washington, similarly to the Washington Wizards. The one problem I do have with this name is that there is already a professional sports team with the same name. The Golden State Warriors are also one of the most recognizable franchises in the NBA, and Washington would be stuck in their shadow if they elected to go with the Warriors. Despite this, I still think that the Warriors could be a viable name.


Now, this is an interesting concept. I don’t actually think that the team name will be switched to the Washington Pigskins, but hear me out. The name Pigskin is a clear reference to football, as that is often a term used to describe a football. The name also clearly ties in with multiple aspects of the franchise’s history. People would still be able to call them the ‘Skins, which is a clear tie back to Washington’s history in the NFL. The Redskins offense lines of the 1980s and early 90s were famously nicknamed “the Hogs” thanks to their great size and dominance in the trenches. Naming the team after pigs would be a direct tie to an important part of the franchise’s history and keep older fans satisfied with the new name. However, I do personally believe that the name sounds a bit too corny, so I don’t think that the Washington Pigskins is a realistic choice.


The Washington Senators certainly rings a bell, doesn’t it? That’s because Washington’s baseball was known as the Senators in the 20th century before the city acquired the Nationals in 2005. Bringing back the Senators as a team name for the city’s football team would make sense. There are clear ties to politics and the city, and the name has been used before in Washington. The Senators would also go along quite well with two of the other teams in Washington, the Capitals and the Nationals, who are both named in reference to the city being the capital of the United States. However, I don’t think that this name would be popular amongst the fans in D.C. After the Redskins name was scrapped, I believe that fans would much rather get a completely new start for their football team rather than choose a name that has already existed in the city. Only time will tell to see what Dan Snyder and co. decide to do with the name of their football team.

I am a rising junior at Butler University with a Sports Media major and a minor in Strategic Communication. I was born and raised in Bethesda, MD right outside Washington DC, and I’ve been a huge DC sports fan my whole life. I’ve been lucky enough to see both the Nats and Caps win titles in my lifetime, however I have a feeling that my Redskins and Wizards won’t be joining them as champions anytime soon.

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