Trayce Jackson-Davis Scouting Report: NBA Comparisons, Draft Rankings, Highlights, Stats

Trayce Jackson-Davis is possibly the oldest projected first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, and it is no mystery why; he’s an elite rim-protector with terrific length, quick off the ground, and fabulous defensive instincts and timing. Further, TJD’s offensive skillset has expanded every single year he has been in college. This past season, Jackson-Davis was relied upon in a Jokic-like role, often handling the ball, making the correct reads out of the post, and finishing around the rim at a high level. Still, TJD’s age concerns some executives. Will he slip in the draft, or will a “win now” team get a steal late in the first round? All of his measurements, strengths, and weaknesses are below, as well as his best team fit and highlight footage!

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Trayce Jackson-Davis Scouting Report

Concerns about Trayce Jackson-Davis’ height relative to his position and age could drop his draft stock a bit; however, he stands just shy of 6-foot-10 with a wingspan that is over seven feet, and he plays well above his size. TJD measured well at the combine, and these measurements below should not be a deterrent for teams!

Age: 23

Height: 6’9.5”

Weight: 240 lbs

Wingspan: 7’1”

Position: Power Forward / Center

College/ Professional Team: Indiana

Strengths: Trayce’s strengths more than compensate for his few weaknesses; he is an uber-athletic forward capable of jaw-dropping slam dunks and blocks. Further, he has vastly improved his offensive skillset, as he can handle the ball and has terrific passing vision and IQ, especially for a bigger forward. Jackson-Davis’ ceiling could be similar to a lite version of Draymond Green, which is more than worth a shot in the late first round.
Weaknesses: TJD’s biggest weakness is what has kept him from being a lottery pick lock the past few seasons: shooting. Jackson-Davis has not taken many shots outside of 15 feet for the Hoosiers during his four years there, which is fairly concerning since shooting is such a premium in the NBA. However, Jackson-Davis did improve his form, particularly on his free throws over the years, which could be a good sign for the future. Additionally, he had a strong showing at the combine, hitting several three-pointers. The only other considerable weakness is his age, which is not nearly as big of a deal as it is made out to be, especially when there is already a high floor for players with his skill set.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Stats


Trayce Jackson-Davis NBA Comparison: Terrence Jones Blended with Draymond Green

It is challenging to lock down any direct comparison for Trayce Jackson-Davis’ game, as he is truly unique on both ends of the floor. However, he has shades of Draymond Green, with his impressive defensive skillset, IQ, and instincts, as well as his talent as a sort of point forward. TJD also has a sprinkle of Terrence Jones to his game, which should be translatable to the NBA.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Highlights

TJD’s barrage of senior season highlights are tantalizing, as any avid fan or expert can see why he is a likely late-first-round draft pick. Jackson-Davis had several high-flying dunks, elite passing, and gravity-defying blocks this season; check them out below, thanks to Highlights 101.

Trayce Jackson-Davis NBA Draft Ranking, Team Fit, Landing Spot

Draft Ranking: 27
Team Fit: New Orleans
New Orleans is one of our favorite landing spots for TJD. The Pelicans need to get some more reliable frontcourt pieces outside of Jonas Valanciunas. Larry Nance Jr and Jaxson Hayes may not cut it if the Pels are serious about making a title run. Jackson-Davis could see minutes quickly, gaining valuable experience before the playoffs roll around, and his elite rim protection will be vital for an otherwise weak defensive frontcourt.
Landing Spot: Memphis, New Orleans, Indiana
There are a number of teams that Trayce Jackson-Davis would fit well on, as he could provide terrific rim protection, energy, and all-around skill off the bench as a win-now rotational piece. Teams that would benefit the most from TJD’s presence would be competitive teams that need to beef up its frontcourt rotation while also grabbing someone on a rookie deal. Memphis and New Orleans could be two candidates.

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