Tyler Higbee Injury Update For Super Bowl LVI

Tyler Higbee Injury Update For Super Bowl LVI

The Los Angeles Rams are the second-ever team to be playing at their home stadium in the Super Bowl. It’s also the first-ever Super Bowl to be held at SoFi Stadium, and the Rams have a chance to win their first Super Bowl title as the Los Angeles Rams (they previously won when located in St. Louis). In order to beat out the Cincinnati Bengals, the Rams will want all players healthy and ready to play before kickoff on Sunday, February 13th, at 6:30 PM EST. Their key offensive tight end, Tyler Higbee, has been questionable throughout the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl due to an MCL sprain he suffered in the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers and is still not confirmed for a return. However, there still may be hope for #89 to make an appearance for the game.

Higbee’s Importance to Rams’ Offense

Tyler Higbee is an absolute asset to the Rams’ offense. Higbee had the second most completions on the team in the regular season with 61 receptions for 560 yards and five touchdowns. He added nine more receptions and 115 yards to his stats. Higbee is a great receiver for Matthew Stafford when he’s under pressure and can’t look towards Cooper Kupp. Higbee has the third-most receiving yards on the team in regular and postseason games. With his absence, the Rams will start Kendall Blanton instead. Blanton has been a solid second string for the position with five completions for 57 yards in the 49ers game after Higbee went down. However, the Bengals have surpassed teams such as the Tennessee Titans, the #1 seed in the AFC, and the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning AFC Champions, when they were fully healthy. If the Rams want to secure their first LA Super Bowl title, they’ll wish to have Higbee healthy on their roster.

Tyler Higbee Injury Status

MCL sprains have been a prevalent injury in the NFL this season. The Bengals’ tight end, CJ Uzomah, is working through the same injury this week as well. Higbee suffered his injury two weeks ago and has shown progress through therapy during the off week for the Pro Bowl. In Wednesday’s practice, he was a nonparticipant and remains questionable going into Super Bowl weekend. Head Coach, Sean McVay, stands by his statement of keeping Higbee on a daily check to ensure his health. McVay does not want to start a player that is not at peak health and is keeping a close eye on the rehabilitation of his tight end. The team says there is hope for a return, and tight end coach Wes Phillips has been working closely with Higbee to keep him focused and attempting to help his recovery. Higbee is a true leader for this Rams’ offense and has been a glue that helps keep plays fresh. His absence would be felt on the offense, so we hope he has a fast and healthy recovery so he may be on the field for Super Bowl LVI.

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