Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Matchup Preview 10/13/19: Analysis, Depth Charts, Daily Fantasy

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The Washington Redskins head to Miami to take on the Dolphins this Sunday. These two teams are winless this season, and it looked like they were both in danger of winless seasons. However, one of them is going to come out on top on Sunday (there’s a chance of a tie, but its unlikely). The Redskins, while more talented than the Dolphins, are a bit of a mess right now. Starting QB Case Keenum is out with an injury, their head coach was just fired, and Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis are both out with concussions. However, they have talent in Adrian Peterson, and their interim head coach claimed he wanted to play run-heavy. While Miami has less of a messy situation, their main problem has simply been a lack of talent. Josh Rosen has been showcasing his talent, but his receivers haven’t been there to back him up. Overall, the Redskins are favorites in this game based on their raw talent potential.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, October 13th 2019

Time: 10:00 AM PST

Location: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL

Coverage: FOX

Injury Report:

Redskins: Case Keenum (Q), Vernon Davis (Q), Jordan Reed (O), Josh Harvey-Clemons (Q), Brandon Scherff (Q), Donald Penn (Q)

Dolphins: Bobby McCain (Q), Albert Wilson (Q), Jesse Davis (Q), Jomal Wiltz (Q), Allen Hurns (Q), Jakeem Grant (Q)

Washington Redskins Analysis

Washington RedskinsThe Redskins fired their head coach, Jay Gruden, after a loss to the Patriots on Sunday. An interesting choice, making a loss the undefeated, defending Superbowl champs the final straw for your head coach, but it was a choice they made nonetheless. However, a new head coach doesn’t seem to be the cure-all for the Redskins. Many players made comments about Gruden being somewhat of a scapegoat, that the problems with the team lie beyond the head coach into the realm of the front office and ownership, but somebody needed to take the blame. All this to say, don’t expect the Redskins to have a Rams-esque come up after getting a new head coach.

The Redskins are 26th in the league for passing yards per game, 27th for rushing yards per game, and 30th for points scored. In his first game of the season, Case Keenum had a pretty good game. He threw 30/44 for 380 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had another 300+ yard game In week 3 against the Bears, but he threw 3 interceptions as well. However, he was taken out with a foot injury against the Giants, and missed the game against the Patriots. Without him, their passing game flailed, Haskins throwing 3 interceptions and barely over 100 yards, and Colt McCoy throwing for 119 yards and an interception against the Patriots. Keenum is questionable going into week 6 and therefore one of these quarterbacks is going to have to take the reigns. It’s looking like it might be Colt McCoy, but it’s hard to say as of now. Despite everything going against them, they’re the favorites this week. They’re going up against a 31st ranked pass defense and a 32nd ranked run defense, and the Redskins running game has potential to improve under their interim head coach.

Washington Redskins Depth Chart

QB: Case Keenum
RB1: Adrian Peterson
RB2: Chris Thompson
WR1: Terry Mclaurin
WR2: Paul Richardson
WR3: Trey Quinn
TE: Jordan Reed

Miami Dolphins Analysis

Miami DolphinsThe Redskins rankings looked pretty abysmal, but the Dolphins look worse. They’re 31st in the league for passing yards per game with 173.2, and 32nd in the league for rushing yards per game with 51.8. Over the course of 4 weeks (they had a bye week 5), they’ve only managed to score 26 points, an average of 6.5 points per game. They’re secure at head coach, unlike the Redskins, and the organization surrounding them is relatively sound, unlike the Redskins, so one has to wonder why they’re playing so badly. Unfortunately, it comes down to something pretty simple: a lack of talent. In watching film, you can see Josh Rosen making some great throws and good decisions. There were a ton of missed opportunities on these great throws, however, due to drops from his receivers. Their offensive line hasn’t been doing Rosen any favors, letting him get sacked 18 times over 4 games. Rosen has talent, he’s just gotten a pretty bad deal in his NFL career, starting at the weaponless Cardinals under a first year head coach, and moving to an even more weaponless Dolphins, under a first year head coach.

The Dolphins defense has been letting teams run all over them this year. The Ravens scored 59 points on them in week 1, the Patriots scored 43 in week 2, the Cowboys 31, then the Chargers 30. While it is a downward trend, their lowest of the season is 30 points, which definitely doesn’t cut it when their offense can only score an average of 6.5 points a game. Granted, their first 4 games were against some high powered offenses. I don’t think the Redskins are going to put this many points on them, but I do think they’re going to outscore them and win the game, unless the Dolphins defense can get it together.

Miami Dolphins Depth Chart

QB: Josh Rosen
RB1: Kenyan Drake
RB2: Kalen Ballage
WR1: DeVante Parker
WR2: Jakeem Grant
WR3: Albert Wilson
TE: Nick O’Leary

Daily Fantasy

This matchup is most likely going to be at a loss for big fantasy points. I can’t really recommend any players here. I will, however, recommend Adrian Peterson. He seems to be their starter going into this week. While he hasn’t been playing as well as the Redskins would like, he’s an elite back with a lot of potential to flourish under a good game plan. The Dolphins are ranked last in the league for rushing yards allowed per game with a whopping 175.8. The Redskins interim head coach says he wants to run a rushing-heavy offense, and against a run defense like Miami’s, it’s possible that Peterson will have a breakout game against the Dolphins.

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