Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

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Another crazy week in the NFL. Lamar Jackson is starting to make a case for MVP, and the Falcons, Dolphins, and Titans pull off upsets this week against perennial playoff teams. Here are this weeks NFL power rankings.
San Francisco 49ers

1. 49ers 8-0

San Francisco will take on Seattle Monday night. This will be a tough test for the 49ers as Russell Wilson is known to shine in primetime games.
Baltimore Ravens

2. Ravens 7-2

So, Lamar Jackson is really good. The Ravens win did come against the Bengals, but this was another complete team win for Baltimore. Jackson is continuing to show how great he can be.
New England Patriots

3. Patriots 7-1

The bye week helps New England after looking vulnerable against the Ravens. Let’s see how good they do against the Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, and Chiefs after the bye.
Green Bay Packers

4. Packers 8-2

Green Bay stops Christian McCaffrey on the goal line to secure their eighth win of the season. The Packers had their own rushing attack as they ran for 163 yards against Carolina.
New Orleans Saints

5. Saints 7-2

The Saints come off the bye and lose 26-9 to the Falcons. No one was expecting a loss like this from New Orleans, but it happened.
Seattle Seahawks

6. Seahawks 7-2

The Seahawks are road dogs this Monday against San Francisco. Russell Wilson is great in these spots as the 49ers and Seahawks will be one of the best Monday night games of the year.
Minnesota Vikings

7. Vikings 7-3

Minnesota gets the win in Dallas. Their defense comes up clutch late and Kirk Cousins throws two touchdowns in the win.
Houston Texans

8. Texans 6-3

Houston has a half game lead in the AFC South going into their bye. The loss of JJ Watt hurts, but Deshaun Watson can carry this team to another playoff appearance.
Kansas City Chiefs

9. Chiefs 6-4

Derrick Henry ran all over the Chiefs defense in their loss. Kansas City falls to 6-4 after what was supposed to be a dominating year for them.
Los Angeles Rams

10. Rams 5-4

Jared Goof threw two interceptions in their loss to Pittsburgh. The Rams just haven’t found any consistency this year as they struggle to a 5-4 record.
Philadelphia Eagles

11. Eagles 5-4

Philadelphia goes into their bye with impressive wins over Buffalo and Chicago back to back weeks. They might not have the same success against New England and Seattle after the bye.
Pittsburgh Steelers

12. Steelers 5-4

Here come the Steelers. Pittsburgh has won four in a row and now 5-4 on the season. This defense can get them back to the playoffs.
Carolina Panthers

13. Panthers 5-4

The Panthers couldn’t tie it up at the end of the game against Green Bay. Carolina never really felt like they were in this game, but they competed to the end no doubt. This is a team that can be scary if they get into the playoffs.
Buffalo Bills

14. Bills 6-3

Buffalo falls to a hollow 6-3 after they lose to Cleveland. This team might struggle in the final stretch of the season as their schedule gets much tougher.
Indianpolis Colts

15. Colts 5-4

You can’t lose to the Dolphins. Period. The Colts started Brian Hoyer this game, but this is a huge blow to the Colts playoff chances.
Oakland Raiders

16. Raiders 5-4

I’ll tell ya what man, Jon Gruden has the Raiders playing some pretty good football thanks to a few Spider 2 Y Banana calls against the Chargers. They’ll be fighting for a playoff spot with a favorable schedule.
Dallas Cowboys

17. Cowboys 5-4

The Cowboys might have paid the wrong player. Dak Prescott threw for 397 yards and three touchdowns in their loss to the Vikings as Zeke only had 47 yards rushing and couldn’t convert on a key third down conversion late.
Tennessee Titans

18. Titans 5-5

Another upset this week thanks to Tennessee. They beat Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs at home thanks to a blocked field goal at the end of the game.
Los Angeles Chargers

19. Chargers 4-6

Despite the loss, the Chargers scored 24 points in their Thursday night contest. Philip Rivers threw three picks that didn’t help LA, but Melvin Gordon seems to be back in midseason form.
Chicago Bears

20. Bears 4-5

Chicago avoids Matthew Stafford on Sunday and they capitalize on it. After a slow start, Mitch Trubisky stepped up and threw three touchdowns in their win.
Jacksonville Jaguars

21. Jaguars 4-5

Well, Minshew Mania was fun, kind of. The Jaguars announced Nick Foles will be returning from injury, and taking the starting quarterback job as well.
Detroit Lions

22. Lions 3-5-1

Jeff Driskel couldn’t complete the comeback against the Bears. Detroit’s defense has struggled this year, and you know it’s bad when Mitch Trubisky throws three touchdowns.
Denver Broncos

23. Broncos 3-6

After starting 0-4, the Broncos have won three of their last five games. Vic Fangio will have a competitive bunch the second half of their season.
Cleveland Browns

24. Browns 3-6

Cleveland’s redzone offense stunk this game, but they still do enough to get a win over the Bills. Maybe this is the win that turns their season around! Probably not.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25. Bucs 3-6

Turnover happy Jameis Winston didn’t cost the Bucs a loss today. Winston threw for 358 yards in the win.
Arizona Cardinals

26. Cardinals 3-6-1

The Cardinals can’t finish off the Bucs on Sunday. Kyler Murray has looked decent this year and threw three touchdowns in their game, but they are still a long way from being contenders again.
Atlanta Falcons

27. Falcons 2-7

Atlanta shocks New Orleans on the road! Matt Ryan didn’t play well in the win, but their defense stepped up and held the Saints to nine points.
Miami Dolphins

28. Dolphins 2-7

The Dolphins won another game! The first team to openly talk about tanking in the NFL now has two wins and might actually cost themselves a shot at the number 1 pick in the NFL draft.
New York Jets

29. Jets 2-7

The Jets knock off their in city rival, as both teams now sit a 2-7. New York football is so dismal in recent years.
New York Giants

30. Giants 2-7

Thank you, Giants. Now we all have to see Darren Rovell do the naked cowboy in Times Square.
Washington Redskins

31. Redskins 1-8

The Redskins have the Jets after their bye week, but probably don’t have another shot at a win this season.
Cincinnati Bengals

32. Bengals 0-9

Cincinnati is still very bad. They had no answer going up against Baltimore on Sunday, and will most likely end up with the number one pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

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