Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

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The NFL playoff picture is slowly starting to take shape. The AFC is looking at having a crazy finish as the NFC might have a 10-win team miss the playoffs. Here are this weeks NFL power rankings.
San Francisco 49ers

1. 49ers 9-1

San Francisco has the best record in the NFC, but maybe their favorable schedule has helped them get there, similar to the Patriots.
Baltimore Ravens

2. Ravens 8-2

Lamar Jackson continues to show why he should be MVP this season. They’re 8-2 this season after a very impressive win over the Texans.
New England Patriots

3. Patriots 9-1

New England survives in Philadelphia. The Patriots need to address some issues before January. This team is beatable.
Green Bay Packers

4. Packers 8-2

Green Bay has a fairly easy schedule after their bye week. They have San Francisco next week, and their next toughest opponent is Minnesota.
New Orleans Saints

5. Saints 8-2

New Orleans can thank Jameis Winston for the win. Four turnovers was the difference in their win in Tampa Bay.
Seattle Seahawks

6. Seahawks 8-2

Seattle has looked great through their first 10 games, but the five games in December are going to decide the NFC West.
Minnesota Vikings

7. Vikings 8-3

After being down 20-0 at halftime, the Vikings came roaring back and beat Denver 27-23. Their defense started poorly, but they held on the goal line at the end of the game.
Kansas City Chiefs

8. Chiefs 6-4

The Turf in Mexico City should be a lot better than last year for the Monday night matchup against the Chargers.
Houston Texans

9. Texans 6-4

This was an ugly loss for Houston. The hype for the matchup between Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson fell through as Baltimore dominated the Texans.
Los Angeles Rams

10. Rams 6-4

The Rams were able to get Todd Gurley going on the ground against Chicago. Their defense is playing great; now the offense needs to catch up.
Buffalo Bills

11. Bills 7-3

Buffalo takes care of the Dolphins down in Miami. They still even have a chance to win their division if the Patriots struggle through the tough part of their schedule.
Dallas Cowboys

12. Cowboys 6-4

Dallas beats Detroit on the road 35-27. Dak Prescott looked very impressive in the win with four touchdown passes.
Philadelphia Eagles

13. Eagles 5-5

If the Eagles can get healthy, then this team is scary. Right now, injuries have made this season very inconsistent. Carson Wentz also made some inaccurate throws against New England.
Indianpolis Colts

14. Colts 6-4

The Colts take care of business with Jacoby Brissett back in at quarterback. The AFC South is wide open as no one seems to take hold of that division.
Oakland Raiders

15. Raiders 6-4

Oakland had a slight scare with Cincinnati but they get the job 17-10. Don’t look now, but the Raiders control their own destiny for a playoff spot.
Carolina Panthers

16. Panthers 5-5

Kyle Allen seems to be regressing as the Panthers were dominated by Atlanta 29-3. Four turnovers ins’t ideal when Carolina is still trying to compete for a playoff spot.
Pittsburgh Steelers

17. Steelers 5-5

Luckily, for Mason Rudolph, the end of their game in Cleveland will make everyone forget how bad he played.
Tennessee Titans

18. Titans 5-5

The Titans are only one game behind for the lead in the division. Their schedule doesn’t help them as they will play teams that are all fighting for a playoff spot.
Los Angeles Chargers

19. Chargers 4-5

Los Angeles has a big game in Mexico City on Monday. If they can beat Kansas City then they will be .500 with six games left and in the hunt for a wild card spot. Maybe even a chance to win the AFC West.
Chicago Bears

20. Bears 4-6

There’s going to be a lot of questions asked about if Mitch Trubisky was benched, or actually hurt. Either way, the Bears are a mess right now.
Jacksonville Jaguars

21. Jaguars 4-6

The Jaguars haven’t been the same team since Jalen Ramsey left. Their defense has struggled since, and they have an issue at quarterback.
Cleveland Browns

22. Browns 4-6

Even when the Browns win, they still lose. Myles Garrett is done for the season and possibly more with his actions on Thursday night.
Atlanta Falcons

23. Falcons 3-7

Atlanta is on a two game winning streak and have outscored their opponents 55-12. Those opponents were the Saints and Panthers. Very impressive.
Detroit Lions

24. Lions 3-6-1

Matthew Stafford being out has hurt the Lions chances of accumulating wins. Their defense hasn’t played great either and it showed when Prescott was able to pick them apart.
Denver Broncos

25. Broncos 3-7

What a meltdown by the Broncos. In the last 99 games, teams that were leading by 20+ at halftime were 99-0. The Broncos made it 99-1.
Arizona Cardinals

26. Cardinals 3-7-1

Arizona gave the 49ers a scare on Sunday. Let’s hope the Cardinals can build around Kyler Murray because he’s fun to watch.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

27. Bucs 3-7

Jameis Winston throws four interceptions in their loss to the Saints. If it weren’t for the turnovers, Tampa Bay could have won that game.
New York Jets

28. Jets 3-7

The Jets are also on a two game winning streak with wins over the Redskins and Giants. They’re 3-1 against NFC East opponents this year.
New York Giants

29. Giants 2-8

Not much is going right for the Giants this season. The bye weeks will probably be the best thing for this team.
Miami Dolphins

30. Dolphins 2-8

Miami lost to Buffalo at home on Sunday and rushed for 23 yards. Not great. Dolphins fans only need to suffer through six more games.
Washington Redskins

31. Redskins 1-9

What a very dismal season for the Redskins. At least Dwayne Haskins looks like he cares after seeing he was fired up on the sidelines on Sunday.
Cincinnati Bengals

32. Bengals 0-10

The Bengals are bad, but they had their first rushing touchdown of the season. There’s progress being made, sort of.

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