Week 14 NBA Streaming Options: Elfrid Payton In Line For A Strong Week

For those looking for some shorter term fantasy options to help deal with struggling players or injuries, this is where you want to be. Streaming is a popular fantasy term that means you are looking for the best set of matchups in a short term basis. For leagues where you need to set a weekly lineup, this can come in handy. Injuries are always messing with our lineups, but that is what the waiver wire is for. Let us dive in to find the best weekly streaming options by position.

Teams with two game week: Charlotte & Milwaukee

Backcourt Streaming Options

Kris DunnKris Dunn – PG, SG, SF – Chicago Bulls

Kris Dunn has another four game week this week, and will next week as well. He gets strong matchups against Cleveland, Minnesota, Sacramento, and Milwaukee. He is averaging two steals per game on the season, and chips in just about everywhere with assists, rebounds, and points. He won’t give you a ton of scoring, but won’t kill you either. Dunn also helps fill three positional needs if needed.

Elfrid PaytonElfrid Payton – PG – New York Knicks

Elfrid Payton continues to get around 25 minutes a night, and is averaging 10-4-4 with 1.7 steals per game over the last six games. Payton is a short term fill in option if needed, and the Knicks have four games this week. He will face the Cavs, Lakers, Raptors, and Nets. When he is playing well Payton can see over 30 minutes, as the Knicks ride the hot hand. At minimum, he plays around 25 minutes, so there is some consistency there.

Jarrett CulverJarrett Culver – PG, SG, SF – Minnesota Timberwolves

We can go back to the well with Jarrett Culver, and overall you should be picking him up anyway. He has three position eligibility, and is averaging 15-5-2 over the last two weeks, also notching over a steal per game. He is averaging over 16 in the last five games, and over 30 minutes in that span as well. That should be the case for the young rookie moving forward. He has four games this week, and while they are against the top tier of teams, blowouts won’t matter for the young rookie.

Dillon BrooksDillon Brooks – SG, SF – Memphis Grizzlies

Markelle Fultz has been playing extremely well of late, and the minutes have followed. Over the past two weeks he is playing 29 minutes per game, averaging 10-4-5 with two steals per game. D.J. Augustin is a bit banged up, which would push a few extra minutes his way, but overall his role is carved out for the meantime. Orlando has a four game week, and I would advise hanging onto Fultz for a bit longer than this week. Orlando also has four games in Week 14. The downside here is that you will have to live with the up and down FG%.

Bruce BrownBruce Brown – SG – Detroit Pistons

Bruce Brown has a four game week, going up against Washington, Sacramento, Memphis, and Brooklyn. Not a bad matchup for him. While he had a few up and down games, the minutes have been there. He ranks 107th in nine-category formats over the last two weeks, and with the Pistons backcourt in poor shape with depth, the run should continue to be there. Brown can really add some steals to your game, with 1.7 per game over the last two weeks. He also has averaged 4.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists.

Frontcourt Streaming Options

Daniel TheisDaniel Theis – PF, C – Boston Celtics

The center situation in Boston isn’t that appealing right now with the split minutes, but Daniel Theis has been contributing in various categories of late, and Boston also has four games this week. He is averaging 9-6-2 in that span, but also a steal and block per game. While he plays just 20-23 minutes a game, the impact is there. There are some tougher matchups on the horizon, but Theis ranks 113th over the last two weeks, and there are a few injuries in need of filing in in the front court.

Sekou DoumbouyaDoumboya – SF, PF – Detroit Pistons

Sekou Doumbouya continues to flash his upside, dropping 24 against the Celtics last week, and his minutes have been above 30 on average over the last two weeks. As mentioned above with Brown, the Pistons have a four game week, and an excellent group of matchups given they face bottom tier defenses. He currently ranks just 95th in nine category scoring over the last two weeks, and is under 40% owned so he is still out there in most leagues.

Dwight HowardDwight Howard – PF, C – Los Angeles Lakers

Dwight Howard is a plug and play at the center or power forward position this week, especially with four games on tap. He will face Boston, New York, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. The 76ers will likely be without Embiid again as well. Howard ranks 74th over the last two weeks, and is averaging 11 and 12 with 2.2 blocks per game. The steady production continues to be there and I would also grab him for the long run as well.

Taurean PrinceTaurean Prince – SF, PF – Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have four games this week, and overall it is a mixed schedule being able to face New York and Detroit in the final two games of the week. Prince is beginning to find his stroke, shooting 44% over the last seven games. He is averaging 2.4 threes per game and one steal per game to go alongside a 12-6-1 line in that span. Prince has stable minutes averaging 30 per game in that span as well. Under 50% owned Prince is a solid fill-in forward option for Week 14.

Dwight PowellDwight Powell – PF, C – Dallas Mavericks

Dwight Powell continues to be a solid streaming option if you are in need of a tier three center. He is averaging 14 and 17 over the last eight games, and playing 30 minutes a night. Unlike some of the other centers, he won’t give you much defensive stats, but brings fairly consistent scoring and rebounding to the table. Powell has three games this week. Powell’s status doesn’t matter too much with Porzingis out, where that would be more with Maxi Kleber.

Schedule Grid

Atlanta Hawks343331
Boston Celtics434332
Brooklyn Nets424432
Charlotte Hornets433432
Chicago Bulls433332
Cleveland Cavaliers333432
Dallas Mavericks343322
Denver Nuggets433432
Detroit Pistons234332
Golden State Warriors343332
Houston Rockets334342
Indiana Pacers234432
Los Angeles Clippers334332
Los Angeles Lakers343432
Memphis Grizzlies343422
Miami Heat333432
Milwaukee Bucks334341
Minnesota Timberwolves343432
New Orleans Pelicans343332
New York Knicks334332
Oklahoma City Thunder333432
Orlando Magic334332
Philadelphia 76ers244332
Phoenix Suns234432
Portland Trail Blazers334322
Sacramento Kings243432
San Antonio Spurs344342
Toronto Raptors243442
Utah Jazz443422
Washington Wizards344332
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