Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

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Another great week of NFL football is in the books, as Thanksgiving gave a treat with all three games. Miami upset Philadelphia on Sunday, and Houston got the best of New England, Sunday night. Here are this weeks NFL power rankings.
Baltimore Ravens

1. Ravens 10-2

Baltimore does it again as they knock off San Francisco at home 20-17. Their offense struggled slightly against one of the best defenses in the NFL. They need to stay on par with New England to get the top spot in the AFC.
San Francisco 49ers

2. 49ers 10-2

Despite holding the Ravens to under 300 yards, they 49ers weren’t able to do enough to get a road win. San Francisco still looks poised to get the number one seed in the NFC, and could see Baltimore in February the way both teams have played this year.
New Orleans Saints

3. Saints 10-2

New Orleans gets their revenge over Atlanta on Thanksgiving. New Orleans was out gained on offense, but forcing three turnovers made the difference over the Falcons. The Saints are trying to keep pace with San Francisco for the top NFC seed.
New England Patriots

4. Patriots 10-2

The Patriots held to three points for almost a full three quarters of football on Sunday night. New England’s secondary was exposed to Deshaun Watson, and Brady wasn’t able to exploit the Texans. In years past, New England cleaned up the mistakes in September, and they are showing them in December.
Seattle Seahawks

5. Seahawks 9-2

Russell Wilson is hands down the best quarterback in primetime. Seattle needs to win to keep pace with San Francisco to potentially claim a bye in the playoffs along with an NFC West title.
Green Bay Packers

6. Packers 9-3

The Packers get an easy road win over the Giants as Aaron Rodgers throws four touchdowns in the process. They still control their own destiny for the NFC North. Green Bay has a fairly easy schedule down the stretch to close out the season.
Minnesota Vikings

7. Vikings 8-3

Minnesota needs to go on the road and beat Seattle to keep pace with Green Bay for the NFC North. Easier said than done obviously, but Kirk Cousins has played better against teams above .500, so there is hope for them Monday night.
Kansas City Chiefs

8. Chiefs 8-4

Kansas City showed no mercy in their win over Oakland. Mahomes only threw for 175 yards and one touchdown in the win. Three turnovers made the difference in this matchup.
Houston Texans

9. Texans 8-4

Deshaun Watson threw for 234 rushing yards and three touchdowns in their win over New England. Even DeAndre Hopkins threw for a touchdown. Houston had a much needed win over a top team in the NFL to prove their worth, and hang on to the lead in the AFC South.
Los Angeles Rams

10. Rams 7-5

The Rams are trying to prove that they belong in the playoffs after their 34-7 win over Arizona. Jared Goff threw for 424 yards as the team had 549 total yards of offense. They’ll need their divisional friend Seattle this week to help the Rams get one spot closer to the playoffs.
Buffalo Bills

11. Bills 9-3

Buffalo silenced some of the doubts people had about them. They went into Dallas on Thanksgiving and dominated the Cowboys start to finish. The bills finished with 356 yards of offense.
Pittsburgh Steelers

12. Steelers 7-5

Give credit to Mike Tomlin as he has the Steelers playing above .500 football with a second and third string quarterback. Duck Hodges was able to do enough to get the win over Cleveland on Sunday, and they currently hold the six-seed in the playoffs.
Tennessee Titans

13. Titans 7-5

Tennessee finds themselves in position to win the AFC South. After beating the Colts, they find themselves right there with Houston as they still have to play them twice.
Oakland Raiders

14. Raiders 6-6

Oakland has just been blown out in their last two games to the Jets and Chiefs. After being 6-4, and looking to make a run at the playoffs, they are now 6-6 and on the outside of the playoff picture.
Chicago Bears

15. Bears 6-6

Don’t look now, but Mitch Trubisky has been playing his best football of the season. They have one of the toughest schedules in December, so we’ll see if they hot play lasts.
Indianpolis Colts

16. Colts 6-6

Indianapolis has lost four of their last five games as the Colts start to free fall the second half of the season. Andrew Luck might not have been able to save this team with how poor they have been playing.
Dallas Cowboys

17. Cowboys 6-6

Jerry Jones was backing his head coach after their Thanksgiving loss to Buffalo. He believes that they need Jason Garrett to make a run in the playoffs. That’s if they even make it.
Philadelphia Eagles

18. Eagles 5-7

The Eagles lost to the Dolphins. They can’t be a playoff team if they lose to the Dolphins. Honestly, no one from the NFC East deserves to go to the playoffs. Just add a third wild card team in the NFC.
Carolina Panthers

19. Panthers 5-7

Kyle Allen’s regression is starting to hurt the Panthers season. At one point, Carolina looked like they had a chance to go to the playoffs, but have now lost four straight games.
Cleveland Browns

20. Browns 5-7

The loss to Pittsburgh hurt the Browns playoff chances on Sunday. Cleveland will need to win out to give themselves chance, which means pulling off an upset over a red hot Ravens team in two weeks.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

21. Bucs 5-7

Tampa Bay has won three of their last four games, and now find themselves 5-7 on the season. They might not be able to make the playoffs, but maybe they turned a corner going into the 2020 season.
Denver Broncos

22. Broncos 4-8

Denver knocks off the Chargers at home on Sunday. Drew Lock lead the way for the Broncos in their 23-20 victory. The Broncos forced two turnovers in their win.
Los Angeles Chargers

23. Chargers 4-8

Philip Rivers might have days numbered in Los Angeles. He just hasn’t been able to produce for the Chargers, and they now sit at 4-8 on the season.
Jacksonville Jaguars

24. Jaguars 4-8

Minshew Mania came off the bench, but couldn’t rally a comeback over Tampa Bay. Jacksonville has now lost four in a row, and start to free fall toward the bottom of the league standings.
New York Jets

25. Jets 4-8

After dominating Oakland at home last week, they go on the road and give the winless Bengals their first win of the season. They also gave the Dolphins their first win the season, which shows how bad the Jets are.
Atlanta Falcons

26. Falcons 3-9

Atlanta struggled in their loss to New Orleans on Thanksgiving. Matt Ryan got stuffed in embarrassing fashion on a pick-6 he threw. Nothing seems to be going right for Atlanta.
Arizona Cardinals

27. Cardinals 3-8-1

The Cardinals were blown out at home to the Rams. Kyler Murray didn’t have his best game as he threw for under 200 yards and one interception.
Detroit Lions

28. Lions 3-8-1

David Blough had a great career debut against the Bears. Seven of the Lions last eight losses have been decided by one score.

Washington Redskins

29. Redskins 3-9

Dwayne Haskins has two wins under his belt after they beat Carolina 29-21. Maybe Haskins is the answer for this franchise, and now need to build around him.
Miami Dolphins

30. Dolphins 3-9

Don’t look now, but Miami has won three out of their last five games. They’ve beat the Colts and Eagles this season, and might win another game or two before the season is over. So much for tanking for the number one pick.
New York Giants

31. Giants 2-10

The Giants defense has been awful all season, and costs them again today. Daniel Jones threw three interceptions in their loss as well, and made it impossible to comeback against a good Green Bay team.
Cincinnati Bengals

32. Bengals 1-11

Cincinnati won a game! There will be no winless teams in the NFL this year. However, the Bengals are still in the driver seat for the number one pick.

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