Week 14 QB Rankings & Fantasy Stats: Brissett to Go Off

Deshaun Watson greatly exceeded my expectations this last week against the Patriots. The Patriots have been the best defense in the NFL so far this season, but Watson blew through them easily. He even let DeAndre Hopkins throw a touchdown because he already had too many. I will be going through my quarterback rankings for the coming week. Using data from seasonal stats as well as defensive data on the matchups, I compile a list of my top scorers at quarterback. I will go over those who had big games last week as well as the matchups that you will want to be looking out for this coming week. Here are my Week 14 quarterback rankings.

Week 14 QB Rankings

Rank Tier Player Team Opponent Week 14 Projection
1 1 Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills 24.12
2 1 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams 22.83
3 1 Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants 21.34
4 1 Deshaun Watson Houston Texans Denver Broncos 20.52
5 2 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens 20.14
6 2 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers 19.65
7 2 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Washington Redskins 19.31
8 2 Jacoby Brissett Indianapolis Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19.18
9 2 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots 18.96
10 3 Ryan Tannehill Tennessee Titans Oakland Raiders 18.68
11 3 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions 18.41
12 3 Jamies Winston Tampa Bay Buccaneers Indianapolis Colts 18.24
13 3 Tom Brady New England Patriots Kansas City Chiefs 18.09
14 4 Sam Darnold New York Jets Miami Dolphins 17.85
15 4 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears 17.5
16 4 Kyle Allen Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons 17.28
17 4 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers 17.07
18 4 Daniel Jones New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles 16.83
19 5 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers 16.4
20 5 Ryan Fitzpatrick Miami Dolphins New York Jets 16.18
21 5 Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers New Orleans Saints 15.98
22 5 Devlin Hodges Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 15.64
23 6 Philip Rivers Los Angeles Chargers Jacksonville Jaguars 15.2
24 6 Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals 15.12
25 6 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders Tennessee Titans 15.06

Big Week 13

I wanted to point out the huge week that Ryan Fitzpatrick had last week for the Dolphins. Last week, he threw for a season-high 365 yards with 3 touchdowns. This was his biggest fantasy game of the season. He has now strung together two impressive games in a row and his schedule coming up is very favorable. With the momentum that Fitzpatrick has had, he could be considered an actual starting quarterback if all other options are slim. His next game comes against the Jets who he had three touchdowns against earlier in the season with 288 yards which marked his second-best performance of the season. With games against the Giants and Bengals the next two weeks, it would be beneficial to at least have Fitzpatrick as a backup quarterback. Jared Goff also had a standout game that he hasn’t had in a while. He threw for 424 yards with two touchdowns. He stayed turnover-free and got his largest fantasy point total of the year. His next game against the Seahawks is another favorable opponent. They have allowed the fourth-most passing yards per game in the NFL, so he should be able to throw all over the place to his many excellent targets.

Back At It

Aaron Rodgers had a rough stretch for the last three games before the Packers’ previous game. He had just two total touchdowns through that three-game span and averaged just 166 yards per game. That is not like Aaron Rodgers and he realized that last week against the Giants. He came back from a 104-yard and one-touchdown game against the 49ers with a 243-yard game with four touchdowns. This marked his second-best performance this season, only behind his absolutely crazy 429-yard and six-touchdowns game. This kind of game was what the Packers need to get back on track. They play the Redskins next week who is about an average team against the pass. Aaron Rodgers, being an above-average quarterback, should be able to roll over them. The struggles on the Redskins’ offense will put the ball in Rodger’s hands a lot. Having Davante Adams fully healthy will only add to what he can do.

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Good Matchups

Jacoby Brissett has a favorable matchup against the Buccaneers this week. Particularly, the Buccaneers are terrible at covering tight ends. Lucky for Brissett, he has two great tight end options. If they already have problems covering one, it will be almost impossible for them to cover both of them. Jack Doyle and Eric Ebron should be his top targets together. There is also a chance that Parris Campbell and Chester Rogers will be making it back into the lineup this week. This addition would only raise his value up even more. Carson Wentz also has a great matchup this week against the Giants. I talked about Aaron Rodgers earlier and how he threw four touchdowns against the Giants last week. Wentz is coming off a great game against the Dolphins in which he threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns. This kind of performance is not out of the question again for Wentz. The rest of the Eagles’ schedule is full of better matchups for Wentz so it wouldn’t hurt to have him available to start each week.

Bad Matchups

patrick mahomesPatrick Mahomes has been quiet the past few outings for the Chiefs. He has thrown for 182 yards and 175 yards in the past two games with one touchdown in each. This kind of performance won’t get it done against the Patriots. I would expect Mahomes to be much more active in this game, but it will be a lot more difficult against the best defense in the NFL. It is impossible to say sit Mahomes, so that shouldn’t be your move, but if you happen to have another high-tier quarterback with a better matchup, that would be a better option this week. Kyler Murray has also been a quarterback who has struggled in the last two outings for the Cardinals. He has gotten 150 yards and 163 yards the last two games but has picked up his slack with two passing and two rushing touchdowns during that span. The Steelers have the sixth-best defense against quarterbacks this season and won’t provide an easy way out for Murray. If Murray can get his rushing ability to pick up this game, he could be very dangerous, but his passing game has gone down a lot.

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