Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: The Ravens Continue To Look Strong

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The NFL playoff picture is starting to take place as four teams clinched playoff spots this weekend. Also, the Bengals are one loss away from clinching the number one pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The end of the NFL season is always exciting! Here are this weeks NFL power rankings.
Baltimore Ravens

1. Ravens 12-2

Lamar Jackson broke Michael Vick’s single-season rushing record for a quarterback. What’s fortunate is that the Ravens were able to stay healthy during their game against the Jets in what was a less meaningful game. They’re one win away from home-field advantage in the playoffs.
Green Bay Packers

2. Packers 11-3

Green Bay is one step closer to clinching the NFC North. Also, they knocked their rival Chicago out of playoff contention. The Packers still have a chance at clinching the two seed in the NFC as well.
New Orleans Saints

3. Saints 10-3

New Orleans takes on Indianapolis in the Monday night matchup this week. They need this win at home to stay on pace with the other 11-win teams in the NFC.
Seattle Seahawks

4. Seahawks 11-3

Seattle stays on pace with San Francisco after their win out in Carolina. Week 17 should be fun as they will have to play the 49ers for the division and most likely the top seed in the NFC.
San Francisco 49ers

5. 49ers 11-3

The 49ers had a meltdown against the Falcons as they lost 29-22 at home. Matt Ryan found Julio Jones with five seconds left to take the lead. This hurt their chances to secure the number one seed, and now puts them behind Seattle in the NFC West.
New England Patriots

6. Patriots 11-3

New England probably didn’t need to video tape the Bengals sideline to win this game. Cincinnati did hang around in the first half, but the Patriots pulled away late to secure the win.
Kansas City Chiefs

7. Chiefs 10-4

Kansas City clinched the AFC West after their win over Denver on Sunday. The snow had a bit of an affect on the performance of this game, as the final score was 23-3. The Chiefs can still clinch a first-round bye if New England loses one more game.
Minnesota Vikings

8. Vikings 10-4

The Vikings dominated the Chargers out west on Sunday. They stayed on pace with Green Bay for the NFC North, and knocked Chicago out of the playoff picture with their win. They will play the Packers for the division next week.
Buffalo Bills

9. Bills 10-4

Buffalo picked up a huge win in Pittsburgh to keep their first wild-card position. Buffalo has picked up their second win against playoff team this season. They’ll look to beat New England next week for a chance at the AFC East.
Houston Texans

10. Texans 9-5

Houston gets a huge win over the Titans the take the lead in the AFC South. They still have to play Tennessee before the season is out to decide it. This was a sloppy win from Houston, but a win is a win in the NFL.
Tennessee Titans

11. Titans 8-6

Tennessee falls a game behind the Texans in the AFC South, and still on the outside of the playoff race with two games left. They need to win their last two weeks including another games against the Texans week 17.
Pittsburgh Steelers

12. Steelers 8-6

Pittsburgh fell to Buffalo at home in their Sunday night matchup. They hold the tie breaker over Tennessee for the last playoff spot, but can still control their destiny for a playoff spot.
Dallas Cowboys

13. Cowboys 7-7

Dallas took care of the Rams at home in a much needed win on Sunday. They still hold the tiebreaker over Philadelphia for the top spot in the NFC East. However, they face the Eagles next week in game that will most likely decide the division.
Los Angeles Rams

14. Rams 8-6

The Rams looked terrible in their 44-21 loss to Dallas. They’ll need a lot of help to secure the last spot in the NFC playoffs. A win over San Francisco next week will be a good start.
Philadelphia Eagles

15. Eagles 7-7

The Eagles sneaked past Washington late to secure a 37-27 victory. Wentz threw a touchdown pass with less than a minute to take the lead, and the Eagles backers who bet the spread received a gift with a scoop and score to cover as time expired.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

16. Bucs 7-7

Tampa Bay has won five out of their last six games and find themselves .500 late in the season. They don’t have a chance to make the playoffs, but this has to be nice to see for Bucs fans.
Chicago Bears

17. Bears 7-7

With the Bears losing to Green Bay, they are now eliminated from playoff contention. Mitch Trubisky threw for 348 yards, which is the best a Bears quarterback has ever done at Lambeau.
Indianpolis Colts

18. Colts 6-7

The Colts take on New Orleans on the road this Monday night. As they sit at 6-7, they’ll need to create a miracle to make the playoffs at this point.
Oakland Raiders

19. Raiders 6-8

The Raiders lost their last home game in Oakland to a Jacksonville team that has quit. The Black Hole leaves with a sour taste in their mouth, but how the Raiders have performed over the last decade or so, it’s only fitting.
Cleveland Browns

20. Browns 6-8

Cleveland can kiss their playoff hopes alive after their loss to Arizona. They now sit at 6-8, and have had a disaster of a season. If the hype and the distractions weren’t an issue this season, this would have been a good building block moving forward.
Atlanta Falcons

21. Falcons 5-9

Atlanta went into San Francisco and pulled off another upset this season. Despite their 5-9 record, they have two wins over playoff teams, which is better than three current playoff teams.
Los Angeles Chargers

22. Chargers 5-9

The Chargers had one of the sloppiest losses of the season on Sunday. They turned the ball over seven times with four fumbles and three interceptions. There’s always next year.
Carolina Panthers

23. Panthers 5-9

Carolina scored 17 points in the second half of Sunday’s game against Seattle. This wasn’t enough to mount a comeback, and they lost by six to the Seahawks. Carolina has now lost six in a row.
Denver Broncos

24. Broncos 5-9

Denver couldn’t get anything going on offense in the snow against Kansas City. Drew Lock threw an interception and completed 45 percent of his passes.
New York Jets

25. Jets 5-9

The Jets didn’t really have a chance against Baltimore on Thursday night. Their two turnovers and the inability to stop Lamar Jackson made it an ugly game for the Jets.
Arizona Cardinals

26. Cardinals 4-9-1

Arizona pulled out another victory this week against Cleveland. Their season hasn’t been anything special, but they do have some wins that gives this franchise hope around Kyler Murray.
Detroit Lions

27. Lions 3-10-1

Detroit continues to free fall as they fall to Tampa Bay at home. There is a chance they can get a top-5 pick the way they’ve performed this year.
Jacksonville Jaguars

28. Jaguars 5-9

The Jaguars went to Oakland and spoiled the Raiders final home game before their move to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the win doesn’t mean much except for the fact it proves they haven’t fully quit this season.
Washington Redskins

29. Redskins 3-11

Pray for Redskins +7 backers. They were covering the whole game until the final play of the game. Washington really hasn’t had anything going for them this season. Urban Meyer was on the sideline, so maybe there’s hope.
Miami Dolphins

30. Dolphins 3-11

Miami didn’t stand a chance in their loss to the Giants. I’m sure it’s hard for a warm weather team to travel north in a meaningless end of the season football game.
New York Giants

31. Giants 3-11

The Giants send Eli Manning off with a win in his last home game at Met Life Stadium. Manning sits at 117-117 for his career.
Cincinnati Bengals

32. Bengals 1-13

Cincinnati gave New England a run for their money in the first half. Unfortunately, the Patriots recorded their sideline to steal signs, so the Bengals didn’t have a chance.

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