Week 17 QB Rankings & Fantasy Stats: Mahomes Continues To Excel

Wrapping up the end of the regular season means the end of the Fantasy playoffs as well. With the end of the season coming up, those teams that have already sealed their playoff futures will have little to play for, making week 17 a difficult week on the waiver wire. Some teams have done right by the fantasy community and have announced who will be sitting in week 17. These teams include the Ravens, Bills, Texans (sorta), and you can expect any players with major injuries to have a larger chance of sitting out. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien told reporters that they are playing to win but their backups could play to win as well. Below you will find the quarterback rankings for week 17 in 3 categories, Booms, Streaming, and Busts. Players in the Boom category will be players with best matchups with the most to gain. Players listed in streaming category will be rostered in under 66% of leagues ahead of week 17. All players in the Busts category are options that should be thrown out. Alongside the player and their rankings will be their opponent, ownership percentage, FAAB budget to should spend on each player if available, and their fantasy point projection this week. All statistics used in this article can be found on our website at https://www.lineups.com/nfl.

Rank Tier Name Team Opponent Own% FAAB Fantasy Projection
1 QB1 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers 99.8% 1 20.3
2 QB1 Rya Tannehill Tennessee Titans Houston Texans 64% 1 18.4
3 QB1 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys Washington Redksins 97% 1 21
4 QB1 Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants 84.6% 1 20.5
5 QB1 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers 99.5% 1 19
6 QB1 Deshaun Watson Houston Texans Tennessee Titans 99.8% 1 22.6
7 QB1 Jimmy Garroppolo San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks 67.1% 1 18
8 QB1 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers 92.7% 0.75 18.2
9 QB1 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions 97.8% 0.75 19.1
10 QB1 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers 97.2% 0.75 20.2
11 QB1 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams 87.9% 0.75 17.9
12 QB1 Tom Brady New England Patriots Miami Dolphins 90.4% 0.45 18.9
13 QB2 Jacoby Brissett Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars 49.5% 0.45 17.1
14 QB2 Jared Goff Los Angeles Rams Arizona Cardinals 56.1% 0.45 17.3
15 QB2 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns 5% 0.45 14.3
16 QB2 Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals 53.3% 0.45 15.6
17 QB2 Gardner Minshew II Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts 16.7% 0.45 16.5
18 QB2 Daniel Jones New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles 26.3% 0.35 18.6
19 QB2 Drew Lock Denver Broncos Oakland Raiders 7.2% 0.35 16.6
20 QB2 Mitchell Trubisky Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings 21.6% 0.35 14.7
21 QB2 Ryan Fitzpatrick Miami Dolphins New England Patriots 24.6% 0.35 14.4
22 QB2 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos 35.2% 0.3 13.6
23 QB2 Case Keenum Washington Redksins Dallas Cowboys 1.8% 0.3 15.6
24 QB2 Phillip Rivers Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs 43.1% 0.25 13.5
25 QB3 Robert Griffin III Baltimore Ravens Pittburgh Steelers 0.3% 0.25 12.1

QBs to Boom:

patrick mahomesNo surprise to see the reigning MVP of the league Patrick Mahomes who has continued to excel as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Facing the Chargers in week 17, the Chiefs have their seeding in the playoffs to fight for. Giving Mahomes and the rest of their starters motivation to finish out the season strong against the division rival. Ryan Tannehill follows Mahomes in the rankings this week facing the Houston Texans who rank 30th against opposing fantasy quarterbacks. Tannehill has been on of the most productive quarterbacks in the NFL this season after taking over for Mariota. Two divisional rivals follow them up, being Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz. Prescott leads the best offense in the league fighting for a playoff spot in the hopes of an Eagles loss to the Giants while facing the Redskins. The Giants are ranked 30th against opposing fantasy quarterbacks. Coming off of his 4th good performance in a row against the Dallas Cowboys to take the lead in the division. This Eagles offense is starting to figure out their identity and players like Miles Sanders emerging as a great weapon. Wentz will be playing against a soft opponent who he has already seen and with an offense that seems to be working as they build their chemistry.

Streaming QBs:

Streaming quarterback is some risky business in the NFL playoffs, but if you got to this point with a Lamar Jackson you will be wanting to at least look at another option rather than RGIII. The best players to look at for streaming options start with Ryan Tannehill who is only rostered in 64% of leagues. Tannheill was also listed in the Boom category due to his play and plus matchup. The next best streaming option at quarterback is Andy Dalton facing the Cleveland Browns. Dalton just played out of his mind against the Dolphins. The Benagls are likely to be drafting his replacement after this season, motivating him to get some good tape for prospective teams this offseason. Facing a plus matchup against the Browns gives Dalton the opportunity to do just that again. Projected to score 14.3 fantasy points against the 20th best against opposing fantasy quarterbacks making him a great streaming option this week. Jacoby Brissett playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Having success when facing a plus matchup, the Jaguars are ranked as the 21st best team against opposing quarterback. Projected to score 17.1 fantasy points against the Jaguars who rank 21st against opposing fantasy quarterbacks. He will be a solid streaming option.

QBs to Bust:

To top off the quarterback busts is Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers. Having a struggling season this year at his age is not a good sign for a quarterback. Facing a tough Chiefs defense who is playing for playoff seeding while the Chargers have little to play for. One of the most productive defensive lines against Phillip Rivers makes for a scary Chargers matchup. Rivers is at his worst when put under pressure and will throw questionable throws. Daniel Jones is another bust candidate for week 17. Playing an Eagles defense who kept the number one offense in check with everything on the line. Jones also leads the league in fumbles with a strong pass rush makes for a tough matchup. The magic of Ryan Fitzpatrick looks to be coming to an end this week. Facing the best defense in the league. The Patriots will be playing their starters in order to close out the season and try to secure a bye week for the first round of the playoffs. Having the most amount of takeaways this season the Patriots will be facing a gun slinging Ryan Fitzpatrick. Case Keenum rounds out the last of the quarterback busts for week 17. Case Keenum will be coming in for the injured Dwayne Haskins. Projecting to score 15.6 fantasy points and facing the Dallas Cowboys who will be playing in hopes the Giants will upset the Eagles makes for a scary matchup for Keenum. The Cowboys are ranked 15th against opposing fantasy quarterbacks. Making it a tough argument not to drop Keenum to the waiver wire.

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