Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

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Here are this weeks NFL power rankings.
New England Patriots

1. Patriots (8-0)

Turnover luck continues to strike for the Patriots. They still rank first in team DVOA, but they haven’t faced a great opponent yet. New England has Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City the next five games.
Green Bay Packers

2. Packers (7-1)

Green Bay gets in done in Kansas City as Pat Mahomes sat out with an ankle injury. Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur are a match made in heaven after questions about their relationship in the preseason. The biggest part of their success might be from the defense.
San Francisco 49ers

3. 49ers (7-0)

San Francisco is the real deal this year. Carolina was a team experts picked to give the 49ers their first loss, and they blew them out. After the bye, things get tough and we’ll see what they’re really made of.
New Orleans Saints

4. Saints (7-1)

After a slow start, the Saints pulled away late in their win against the Cardinals. Drew Brees had 373 yards passing and three touchdowns in his return. The Saints go into the bye at 7-1, and will come back with three straight divisional games.
Baltimore Ravens

5. Ravens (5-2)

The Ravens will be coming off the bye to play New England. Baltimore is a much for discipline team than Cleveland is, and they should be able to give the Patriots a run for their money next week. This will be first New England’s test of the season.
Minnesota Vikings

6. Vikings (6-2)

The Vikings have been cruising since their loss at Chicago. Kirk Cousins has been play much better in the process. They might catch a break next week against Kansas City if Mahomes can’t go.
Seattle Seahawks

7. Seahawks (6-2)

Seattle bounces back after their home loss to Baltimore. They get another favorable matchup against the Buccs before their Monday Night matchup against the 49ers in two weeks.
Kansas City Chiefs

8. Chiefs (5-3)

The Chiefs still scored 24 points without Pat Mahomes in their loss to Green Bay. This goes to show how great a coach Andy Reid is to get Matt Moore able to compete with the Packers, and Mahomes brings this team to elite.
Indianpolis Colts

9. Colts (5-2)

Yes, the Colts are 5-2. Yes, they beat Kansas City on the road and Houston back to back teams. Heading into Sunday, the Colts ranked 19th in team DVOA. Jacoby Brissett and their offense has been solid this year, but I think a lot of their success comes from a great coaching staff.
Houston Texans

11. Texans (5-3)

Deshaun Watson is becoming an elite level talent. Watson threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter in their comeback victory over the Raiders. He’ll need to carry even more of the load now that JJ Watt is done for the season.
Los Angeles Rams

12. Rams (5-3)

Big win for Jared Goff’s confidence this week. The Rams go across the pond and get the win over the Bengals. After their bye, they have Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Baltimore. They need every win they can to stay with San Francisco and Seattle.
Buffalo Bills

12. Bills (5-2)

Despite being 5-2, the Bills aren’t a great football team. Heading into Sunday, they ranked 21st in team DVOA and their wins have come against the Jets, Giants, Bengals, Titans, and Dolphins. They have yet to beat a quality opponent.
Dallas Cowboys

13. Cowboys (4-3)

The bye week might have come at the best time for the Cowboys. They start the season 3-0, then go to 3-3, and finish off the first half of their season with a win over the Eagles. This might be the right time to find some stability with this squad.
Carolina Panthers

14. Panthers (4-3)

People were looking at the Panthers to give the 49ers their first loss of the season. That simply didn’t happen. Kyle Allen turned the ball over three times and Christian McCaffery had 38 rushing yards. They’re on to Tennessee.
Philadelphia Eagles

15. Eagles (4-4)

The Eagles get a much needed win in Buffalo after being blowout by Dallas next week. The Eagles rushed for over 200 yards on Sunday. The next three weeks won’t be easy going up against Chicago, New England, and Seattle.
Detroit Lions

16. Lions (3-3-1)

Matt Stafford has willed this team to .500 this season. The Lions defense has struggled this season, and are allowing 26.5 points per game. They have two winnable games coming up against Oakland and Chicago.
Jacksonville Jaguars

17. Jaguars (4-4)

Gardner Minshew is having quite the season this year. He threw for three touchdowns against the Jets, and has a TD:INT ratio of 5:1 since stepping in at quarterback. They have yet to beat a quality opponent this season, which puts them at 17, slightly below average.
Tennessee Titans

18. Titans (4-4)

The Titans have won two straight games with Ryan Tannehill under center. Tannehill has thrown for 505 yards and five touchdowns in his two starts this season. Can the Titans really make a run at a playoff spot with him?
Oakland Raiders

18. Raiders (3-4)

The Raiders gave Houston a scare Sunday. Derek Carr threw three touchdowns in the game. Oakland will be happy to finally play at home for the first time since September 15. Their one home game was the London game against the Bears. It will be a much needed return for the black and silver.
Los Angeles Chargers

20. Chargers (3-5)

The Chargers come away with an ugly win in Chicago. They were out gained by 157 yards and ran 35 less plays on offense, but somehow came out with a win. Joey Bosa was a force in their win against the Bears. Only if they can get the running game going.
Chicago Bears

21. Bears (3-4)

What a mess the Bears have become. Mitchell Trubisky has been awful, and no one seems to know the logic in Matt Nagy’s play calling. Oh, and it looks like there’s an issue at kicker again. How can this team waste such a talented defense.
Arizona Cardinals

22. Cardinals (3-4-1)

Not too many teams are going into New Orleans and winning on the dome. This task becomes even harder when a team has a rookie quarterback and head coach. Arizona should keep losing so Kyler Murray can throw to Jerry Jeudy next season.
Cleveland Browns

23. Browns (2-5)

Hard to beat the Patriots when a team turns the ball over the first three possessions of the game. Mental mistakes have killed the Browns all season, and it showed against New England.
Pittsburgh Steelers

24. Steelers (2-4)

Let’s just pencil in the Steelers with a Monday night win. They can’t lose to the Dolphins at home, right?
Denver Broncos

25. Broncos (2-6)

Four of the six Broncos losses have been within a score. Vic Fangio can’t catch a break this season despite this team battling every week.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

26. Buccaneers (2-5)

Jameis Winston isn’t a good quarterback. He had three turnovers in another Tampa Bay loss. Their defense isn’t terrible. They ranked 16th in DVOA heading into Sunday, but their quarterback is costing them wins yet again.
New York Giants

27. Giants (2-6)

The Giants weren’t able to do enough in their comeback against the Lions. One positive note, Daniel Jones didn’t throw an interception, and threw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. Maybe Jones is about the turn a corner.
New York Jets

28. Jets (1-6)

Turning the ball over three times isn’t a winning strategy. Since their win over the Cowboys, Sam Darnold has looked pretty bad their last two games. There’s always next season for the Jets.
Atlanta Falcons

29. Falcons (1-7)

Matt Schaub started his first game since 2015. Despite throwing for 460 yards, the Falcons still failed to do anything productive against the Seahawks. Covering the spread is pretty cool.
Washington Redskins

30. Redskins 1-7

The Redskins fell short in the Adrian Peterson revenge game vs. the Kirk Cousins revenge game. Dwayne Haskins saw some reps Thursday night. Maybe he’ll get some more as the season slips away from Washington.
Cincinnati Bengals

31. Bengals 0-8

Cincinnati can’t figure out across the pond either. They allowed Jared Goff to look like an actual NFL quarterback this week.
Miami Dolphins

32. Dolphins 0-6

Dolphins fans have to be excited that the whole nation gets to see how great they’re tanking this year.

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