What Makes Draymond Green So Good – Look at the Game 2 of NBA Finals Performance for Answers

Bryan Oringher, 7-year NBA scout takes you thru in-depth the impact of Steph Curry’s gravity – how his movement and even his standing still creates so many shots for others – as well as watching a game thru Draymond’s eyes and seeing the game from his brilliant perspective. You can see more of Bryan’s video breakdowns + articles here – https://www.lineups.com/articles/nba/videos/ and all of Bryan’s videos on his You Tube channel.

Draymond Green, meanwhile, is known as the ultimate “hustle guy.” The guy who does whatever his team needs to win. A little bit of everything. Fills up the stat sheet and the things that don’t show up in the stat sheet. But let’s take a look at a game thru HIS eyes. You’ve watched him enough. But let’s go thru pretty much every crucial possession from Game 2 from DRAYMOND’S point of view so you can see what he sees: what makes him such a brilliant passer. What makes him a Defensive Player of the Year.

Bonus Video – Steph Curry Game 2 NBA Finals

Steph Curry is renowned for his shooting, but you may have heard some analysts talking about his gravity. What is that, exactly? Well, it’s almost the “gravitational pull” that he has both with and without the ball. With the ball: coming off screens of course he’s a huge threat to make shots from anywhere and routinely makes them from 30+ ft from the basket. Without the ball of course he’s a huge spot-up threat as well. But you’ll see even more than that in this video: the threat of his shooting ability which makes Kyle Lowry stay with Steph in transition and let Draymond run right by him for a layup. The screens Steph SETS that free up Shawn Livingston and co. for layups. The movement off down screens – the constant starting and stopping, magical maneuvering around the floor that often attracts 2 or 3 defenders and leaves a teammate wide open. You’ll see the impact Steph has with or without the ball, in or outside the box score!

Bryan Oringher spent the past 7 years working in the NBA. From 13-17 he was the Washington Wizards Head Video Coordinator, and in 17-18 he did Regional Advance Scouting for the Hawks and Raptors. He now puts out in-depth analysis on Twitter @ScoutWithBryan and you can find all his old content at scoutwithbryan.com

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