When Will Klay Thompson Return?

Klay Thompson Return Date

Golden State WarriorsThere has not been an official date or game selected for Klay Thompson’s return; however, there have been discussions of a potential timeline landing sometime in late December. The Warriors have assigned Thompson to their G-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors, in the meantime to prepare for this. Thompson will likely play in several games at that level to get back in shape. The game’s speed can also be a bit much if he jumps back to the NBA level right away, which can actually increase the likelihood of a re-injury. The G-League is a perfect temporary stop for Thompson to adjust to game speed as he has not played since the 2019 NBA Finals. It is safe to expect Thompson to come back in late December or early January, but he should return to true form a month or so after that. Coming back from two serious injuries that have derailed many careers before is an incredibly complex thing to do, so be patient.

Warriors Outlook For Thompson’s Return

The Warriors are already considered by most to be the best team, or second-best behind only the Phoenix Suns, in the NBA. The impending return of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman makes them even more dangerous than they are now. A future bet on the Warriors at any point during this season feels like a great idea. They are well-coached, have terrific chemistry, and aren’t even full strength. The potential of players like Moses Moody or Jonathan Kuminga to eventually contribute is also important. It is more likely for Kuminga to be an impact player this season than Moody, though, since his defensive upside is so high. Imagining Kuminga on the defensive end with Green and Thompson is scary. I don’t see this team going 73-9, but a 60+ win season should come easily.

Should Klay Thompson Have Been On The Top 75 List?

This is not nearly as easy an answer as most make it out to be. Getting a real, accurate, and fair answer to this question will take a little longer to dive into. I will be analyzing all of the different arguments for both sides as fairly as possible because all of the players are great and were legends for their time. However, there is so much more at play than “Well, how many All-Star games did they play in?” or “How many years were they in the NBA?” These are somewhat unfair quantifiers in such a crucial and impactful list. There are also several other factors in determining this. For instance, should players who made a list in prior years be shoo-ins for future lists? Considering whether or not all players from the NBA Top 25 or 50 lists should still be included out of respect or if the list should start from scratch is incredibly tough. How about “era conversion” conversations (i.e., projecting what an older player’s impact would be in future eras?) Stay tuned for that article because it’ll be out soon and will be one of the most in-depth responses to the NBA Top 75 list controversy.

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