Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors NBA Player Props & Picks Tonight (12/22/23)

The Washington Wizards battle the Golden State Warriors this Friday (12/22/23). Get Wizards vs. Warriors player prop best bets below, including a search tool to optimize odds shopping.

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Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors Player Prop Picks

Which players will dominate in the Wizards vs. Warriors game?

Jordan Poole Over 2.5 Turnovers (-150 BMGM)

After being a significant contributor to Golden State’s 2022 title run, disaster struck Jordan Poole in terms of on-court production and off-court distractions. He received the vast majority of blame for Golden State’s disappointing knockout last year, and the front office exchanged him for veteran Chris Paul. Now, Poole gets his first shot at revenge in front of Golden State’s home crowd. 

How could this storyline affect the actual game? Jordan Poole will want to control possessions, force the offense, and do everything in his power to score the basketball. It’s a personal matter for him, so Poole is seeking to not only score but embarrass them in the process. While this reckless style can certainly lead to an explosion of points, it also fosters mistakes and turnovers. Poole isn’t exactly a cautious ball handler to start with either, which only furthers his potential to play out of control. 

He has notched three turnovers in 16 of 26 games, or 61 percent of the time. Based on his odds, he must accomplish this feat roughly 60 percent of the time for the bet to have a positive expected value, thus deeming it profitable in the long run. 

Jonathan Kuminga 15+ Points (-110 FD)

Over his past seven games, Jonathan Kuminga has averaged 15.3 points on a 58.9 field goal percentage and 47.4 three-point percentage. He leads Golden State in restricted area field goal attempts per game – where he owns a sparkling 73.3 field goal percentage. Kuminga produces a quality 1.29 points per possession in transition too. 

Washington’s defense surrenders the third most restricted area field goal attempts per game and the fourth largest restricted area field goal percentage. They also rank 28th defending cuts based on opponent shot quality and allow them at the sixth highest rate (per ShotQuality). Finally, the Wizards are 27th in transition defense per ShotQuality and give up the ninth most corner three-point attempts per game. 

This matchup is built for Kuminga to thrive, and his recent volume provides plenty of confidence. Based on his odds, he needs to score 15 points about 53 percent of the time for the bet to be profitable in the long run. 

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