2019 DraftKings 5th Annual World Fantasy Football World Championship Is On: $10 Million Guaranteed

DraftKings is welcoming back all the fantasy football fanatics for a 5th run at their Fantasy Football World Championship. To celebrate year number five, the trip to the finals is going to be on DraftKing’s dime, all expenses paid. Here’s everything you need to know to secure your spot in DraftKings 2019 Fantasy Football World Championship.


To be part of the finals, you have to earn a qualifying spot. During the NFL regular season, there will qualifiers every week. The entry fee for qualifying contests will vary. Cash prize awards will also vary in relation to the entry fee.

However, one thing is consistent across all the qualifying contests. There will be one entry into the DraftKings NFL Fantasy Football World Championship round. During the season, you can earn up to eight total spots in the finals.

After you accumulate eight tickets for the finals, you can still play in the qualifying rounds. Once you hit eight tickets and win, the ticket will go to the second highest scoring lineup for that contest. Players are still eligible for cash prizes in qualifying rounds throughout the qualifying period.


Of course, prizes during the qualifying rounds will include one ticket to the finals for each winner, and then cash prizes for other finishers. As an example, lineups placing from 151st to the 733rd best score will win back their $5 entry fee.

As mentioned, the structure and amount of cash awards during the qualifying rounds will vary. However, one ticket will be awarded for every round. Finally, there will be the prize pool for the finals in December.

This is where the big checks will be handed out. The winner of DraftKings 5th Annual Fantasy Football World Championship will win $2,000,000. Yes, that’s a two and six zeros. The second highest point total in the final round will be handed a check for a cool million dollars.

Every individual who earns a spot in the finals by winning a qualifying round will win cash. The last 30 spots out of the 180 finalists will win $15,000 each. So, no matter where you end up during the big finale’ you are going to take home a nice payday.




The strategy to earn a ticket into the FFWC finals is pretty simple; win a qualifier. To win you have to play. Play often, but play smart. Since the aim of every player during the qualifying round is that big ticket into the finals, you should keep that strategy in mind.

Unlike normal daily fantasy football contests where certain places simply earn more or less cash, the goal in the FFWC qualifier is to win. With that in mind, employ your best fantasy football tips and tricks, but look to build a unique lineup on at least one card.

Utilize whatever tools you find most helpful to pinpoint sleepers. If you only want to post one lineup in a FFWC qualifier, concentrate on building a lineup with enough uniqueness that a solid day on the field will catapult you into the top spot in the contest.

On Sunday, December 15, 180 of the top fantasy football minds in the world will play for $10,000,000 prize pool. The top mind will walk away with a two-million dollar chunk of that prize pool. However, every qualifier will go home with cash. There is only one guarantee in DraftKings 5th Annual Fantasy Football World Championship, if you don’t enter the qualifying rounds, you won’t be there on the 15th. Enter now and enter often.

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