2019 DraftKings King of the Beach NFL Contest: $1,500,000 Prizes

King of the Beach – A Weekend of Fun in Miami on DraftKings’ Dime

Beach and football may conjure up mental images of sexy bikinis and tanned bodies playfully engaged in a touch football game in the sand. However, DraftKings has a different slant on what they think makes for good football on the beach. DraftKings is going to throw the ultimate beach football party during week number 12 on the NFL schedule.

There will be celebrity guests, tons of South Florida sunshine, plus $1,500,000 in prizes on the line when 75 of the best fantasy football minds battle live in Miami, Florida. Here’s how you can earn your spot at the biggest fantasy football game on the beach this year.

draftkings dfs nfl 2019


DraftKings has taken their King of the Beach promotion and added some perks. However, they’re absorbing the costs of these new perks. The budget for the Miami King of the Beach event has been doubled, but DraftKings is footing the whole bill.

Beyond the $1,500,000 prize pool, each of the 75 finalists will get a four-night stay at the Loews Hotel in Miami. If you punch your ticket and win one of the finalists spots, you’ll get $1,000 spending cash, plus your airfare and transfers paid.

During NFL week number 11, there will be a 200 player semifinal round to determine the final 75 spots. DraftKings will award cash prizes to every one of these 200 semifinalists. The final top prize for the King of the Beach winner is $200,000, with $2,000 being the least amount you can win as a top 200 qualifier.

Sandy white beaches and football seem to go together. Over a million dollars in prizes and a free four-night weekend added in, transform a good thing into sunshine spectacle. DraftKings’ King of the Beach is doing just that this year. Jump into a qualifying round during NFL week number one and grab as many spots in the semifinals as you can. If you don’t enter, you can’t win.




To earn one of the 75 spots in Miami on November 24, all you need to do is put out a winning lineup during the 10 weeks of qualifying rounds. Qualifiers have varying entry fee amounts, and the cash prize structure for each is slightly different.

However, there is one key ingredient in every one of these 10 qualifiers. Someone is going to net the most fantasy points during that NFL weekend and punch their ticket for Miami. From the 10 qualifying weeks, 200 tickets to the semifinal round will be awarded.

During week 11, these 200 lineups will battle for the 75 entries into the live four-day final in Florida. Every one of the 200 semifinalists will win cash, but the target is a trip to the beach for the big show on November 24.




So, how can you get yourself into one of the 200 semifinal spots? First and foremost, you have to play and play often. Even after securing a semifinal entry, players can continue to participate in qualifying contests.

You can actually nail down six spots in the week 11 semifinal. After you hit six, a winning lineup can’t earn additional semifinal spots, but all other places can still win the cash award for that finish.

The rest of the strategy is fairly simple. You need to employ your best daily fantasy football formula to produce the highest scoring lineup. All qualifying rounds will use DraftKings’ standard DFS fantasy football scoring format.

As with all DFS tournament type contests, you want a lineup that uses some unique angle to push you over the top. Sure, it’s always nice to place in the money, but your lineup should always target your share of the 200 semifinal tickets.

draftkings dfs nfl 2019

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