2020 World Series Odds: Dodgers Come In As Heavy Favorites

After back and forth offers MLB Owners and the MLBPA have agreed to play in 2020. While there are still hurdles, the MLB season is looking more likely to be played. There are a few changes to the upcoming season, as it has a shortened schedule and there will also be a DH in the National League. DraftKings Sportsbook has odds updated based on these new changes and it does make some long-shot odds more viable to take chances on. Below are a table with all odds to win the World Series and as you can see not much has changed for the front-running Yankees and Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodgers+375
New York Yankees+400
Houston Astros+650
Atlanta Braves+1300
Minnesota Twins+1600
Washington Nationals +1800
Tampa Bay Rays+1800
New York Mets+2000
St. Louis Cardinals+2000
Philadelphia Phillies+2000
Cleveland Indians+2200
Chicago Cubs+2200
Oakland Athletics+2500
Cincinnati Reds+2500
Chicago White Sox+3000
Boston Red Sox+3000
Milwaukee Brewers+3000
Los Angeles Angels+3300
Arizona Diamondbacks+4500
San Diego Padres+4500
Texas Rangers+8000
Pittsburgh Pirates+10000
Toronto Blue Jays+10000
Colorado Rockies+15000
San Francisco Giants+25000
Seattle Mariners+50000
Kansas City Royals+50000
Baltimore Orioles+75000
Detroit Tigers+75000
Miami Marlins+75000

2020 Rule Change Impacts

mlb logoDue to Covid-19, we have seen the sports world turned upside down. The 2020 season has been changed and there are a few things that will have an impact on how we view team odds. One of them is that the DH is going to the National League. There will be an August 31st trade deadline and extra innings will have a runner start on second base. Scheduling is going to be limited because of the league trying to minimize cross-country travel and the lower amount of games. They will play ten games against each divisional opponent and then four games vs the opposing division in the other league. For example, the AL East teams will play NL East teams within their schedule. There is going to be a lot of volatility this season so buckle up.

Some guidelines are still in the works as the full schedule hasn’t been released yet. However, the MLB will be keying in on interleague rivalries as the Dodgers and Angels will likely play more games this season and same for the White Sox and Cubs. The playoff schedule will remain the seam. So how does this have an effect on betting? Well, the shortened schedule is going to put more importance on starting out well and a 60 game sample size is fairly small. This also gives specific divisions an edge. Playing solely your division and opposing league division, a division like the AL Central will have an edge. The White Sox, Twins, and Indians will have hefty games against the Royals, Tigers, and Pirates. Now the other divisions have a tougher time where the NL West will also have to take on teams like the Angels, Astros, and Athletics. National League teams are also getting a bump with a DH.

Heavy Favorites

los angeles dodgersThe Los Angeles Dodgers have been front-runners since the end of last season and overall the odds haven’t moved too much for the top four teams in the odds table. The NL getting a DH gives a bump to the Dodgers as they already have a potent offense with Mookie Betts mixing in. They have excellent depth and now will be able to use AJ Pollock as a DH. Their rotation is also very strong and a shortened season reduces injury risk but also potentially fits what Clayton Kershaw needs in the postseason. With Walker Buehler and David Price as the other two arms, this is a great rotation that will be tough in playoff series formats. Sticking in the National League, the Atlanta Braves are viewed as the next best team based on odds. Now I am not as sold on them given the rotation isn’t as good as some other National League teams. However, they do have a potent offense and will likely move Marcell Ozuna in the DH role to give them a better defensive outfield.

On the American League side, the heavy favorites are the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros. This would be an eventful postseason meeting given the sign-stealing banter that has been going on over the last few months. Overall the Yankees and Astros both have an advantage with starting pitching getting healthier based on the delayed start. James Paxton and Justin Verlander were nowhere near ready for the start of the season, but now they both will be getting back to 100% just in time for a 60-game stretch. Yankees have a terrific one-two punch with Gerrit Cole now on the roster. The offense, if healthy, can be the best in the league. The Astros still have pretty much the same squad that has given them a ring and delivered deep postseason runs. Zack Greinke is now that number two, which is not as promising as when it was Cole/Verlander. I would give the Yankees a slight edge here.

Intriguing Values

chicago white soxThere is a group of teams sitting in the middle of the table that could make an interesting run. I would be more interested in the New York Mets if Noah Syndergaard is healthy, but him being out until 2021 is a big loss for that rotation. They do just narrowly miss the cut. The Cincinnati Reds are a team I have interest in as they come in at +2500 odds, which is right around the Athletics and their cross-town rivals the Chicago Cubs. The Reds offense fell flat last season, but they have a great group with the addition of Nick Castellanos. The DH is going to open up at-bats for Jesse Winker. The rotation has a lot of upside and both the rotation and bullpen were very solid last season. If they can duplicate their performance, the Reds will be a sneaky team to watch.

Chicago is one of the up and coming young teams and their spending over the last few seasons indicates they are making that push. The Chicago White Sox have an improved rotation but might lack at least one better arm, but the offense could make up for that. Improving their catcher and outfield positions with Nomar Mazara, Edwin Encarnacion, Yasmani Grandal, and elite prospect Luis Robert, they have the potential to be a dangerous offense. This is all in addition to Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, Yoan Moncada, and Eloy Jimenez. Playing the AL Central only and NL Central only is also a big plus for them as they will have some very favorable series given these divisions have teams expected to be bottom ten in the league. The Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and San Diego Padres are all other names that have potential to take advantage of the shortened season and new rules.


When Does The 2020 MLB Season Start?

The 2020 MLB season is going to start on July 24th. Due to Covid19, the MLB season has been shortened and delayed due to agreement and safety issues. MLB plans to go back to normal starting times in 2021.

Does The National League Have A DH? 

The National League will have a designated hitter for the 2020 season but will go back to having a pitcher hit for 2021 and the future. This rule will continue to be debated at winter meetings.

How Long Is The 2020 MLB Season? 

The 2020 MLB season is only going to be 60 games as they have been trying to figure out how to deal with a shortened season and player safety due to Covid-19. 2021 will likely be back at 162 games.

Who Is Favored To Win 2020 World Series? 

The Los Angeles Dodgers are favored to win the World Series at +375. They are far ahead of the next National League team, as the Braves are +1300. Oddsmakers are expecting the Yankees to make it out of the American League at +400.

Can I Bet On World Series Legally? 

Yes, if you are in these states: NY, NJ, PA, NH, PA, RI, WV, OR, IN,IA, NV, AR, DE, MS, NM. You can find various sportsbooks online to bet on the 2020 World Series. Some sites also offer mobile betting.

Who Has Won The Most World Series?

The New York Yankees have won the World Series 27 times. This is the most in MLB history and will be for quite some time. The next closest franchise is the St. Louis Cardinals who have 11 World Series wins.

Who Has Never Won A World Series?

There are a few teams who have not won a World Series. They are the Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners, and the Texas Rangers.

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