2022-23 NFL Team Win Total Odds: Colts Ready to Rumble

The NFL season is upon us and you can find the best 2022-23 NFL win totals and odds using our odds table! Many teams are impressing and some are disappointing; regardless of which way the team is swinging, you can find the best odds pricing on win totals to construct the perfect bet slip, using LINEUPS. Whether you are looking for win totals on the surging Rams or the struggling Seahawks, LINEUPS has you covered

2022-23 NFL Team Win Totals

What Are Win Totals?

For those who are new to the sports betting world, win totals are put out over the offseason as a number to bet the over or the under on for wins.  This number is a pretty good indicator of how oddsmakers expect teams to do this season. When sorting through, you can easily see who is viewed as the top teams in the league and then the worst. You can find win totals on a number of sportsbooks, and some will slightly vary, so finding value is important. Also, remember that teams will play 17 games this year.

Will Win Totals & Odds Change?

Given win totals are generally posted around when the free agency, draft, and schedule release are wrapped up, there is a long period before preseason and games begin. Odds will generally stay around the same throughout this period and then begin to change once the season begins. With every game that takes place, it is a clearer indication of their ability to hit or not hit the win total.

An overall win total will change if a major injury occurs over the offseason or if a major trade takes place. For example, when the Denver Broncos acquired Russell Wilson, their win total increased significantly. Other blockbuster trades this offseason including Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, and A.J. Brown have impacted win totals as well.

Projecting Wins

There are various ways to project wins, as some have systems to run out each game while others go game by game for the schedule and calculate that way. The schedule is important as it gives you a clear-cut look at how many wins a team could get. Of course, there are some things that are out of your control, like injuries occurring in the middle of the season. It can work both ways, but it is unfortunate and the risk with futures.

Favorite Overs

indianpolis coltsThe Indianapolis Colts appear ready to make a significant push this season, particularly as they are tied for the sixth-easiest schedule in the NFL. In arguably the weakest division in football with the Titans, Jaguars, and Texans, the Colts also face the NFC East, the worst division in the opposite conference that features the Giants and Commanders.

Indianapolis missed several games along the offensive line last season due to injuries and COVID-19-related complications, and better health will go a long way. The Colts also upgraded their quarterback position by replacing Carson Wentz with Matt Ryan and bolstered their secondary with Stephon Gilmore. Of course, the team is still highlighted by all-world running back Jonathan Taylor and ascending wideout Michael Pittman Jr.

The Ravens are another team that looks ripe for a big bounceback following some of the worst injury luck in the NFL. The secondary should be vastly different with the returns of Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey along with the additions of Kyle Fuller, Kyle Hamilton, and Marcus Williams. The returns of J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards will also be huge for the run game.

Baltimore faces the ninth-easiest schedule this year by combined opponents’ 2021 records. Matchups against the Jets, Dolphins, Giants, Panthers, Jaguars, and Falcons provide potentially easy out-of-division wins. The potential suspension of Deshaun Watson would be significant, as well. Every year there is a team that goes from worst to first in their division, and the Ravens are the likeliest candidate.

Honorable Mentions: Eagles, Vikings, Lions

Favorite Unders

arizona cardinalsThe Cardinals are the team I have had circled all offseason for this category for several reasons. First, they have the contract holdout of Kyler Murray and suspension of DeAndre Hopkins to contend with, and that level of off-field distraction is never good for an NFL team. They were already a team primed for regression, especially after some notable offseason losses, but those absences escalate their issues.

In addition, the Cardinals face the second-most difficult schedule by opponents’ combined 2021 records, and it’s even more difficult when you factor in some of their rest disadvantages as they are the fifth-most disadvantaged team with prep and rest per Warren Sharp. Arizona plays in one of the toughest divisions in football and faces the loaded AFC West.

Akin to the Cardinals, the Seahawks have the unfortunate task of facing the 49ers and Rams twice each as well as the entirety of the loaded AFC West. With some easier last-place matchups on the docket, the Seahawks only have the eleventh-most difficult schedule, but it’s easy to see them going 0-8 in those aforementioned games.

The Seahawks will be adjusting to life after Russell Wilson this season, and neither Geno Smith nor Drew Lock should inspire much confidence. The offensive line figures to be one of the worst in the NFL and year-over-year attrition has finally caught up to an overmatched Seattle defense. With the plus-money value on the under 5.5 wins for the Seahawks, that’s a wager worth taking.

Honorable Mentions: Chiefs, Patriots, Giants

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