2021 Los Angeles Rams Betting Preview: Odds, Lines, and Predictions

2021 Los Angeles Rams Betting Preview

The Los Angeles Rams are armed and fully loaded to win the NFC West.

Even though the NFC West is the hardest division in football, the Rams are the favorites to win since they upgraded their quarterback. Jared Goff was not doing enough for Sean McVay and the Rams, so the front office decided to take matters into their own hands and made the blockbuster trade of the offseason. The Rams swapped starting quarterbacks with the Lions and got Matt Stafford in exchange for Jared Goff and picks. Stafford is expected to bring a Super Bowl to Los Angeles because the Rams have everything they need to win it all.

They have weapons everywhere. On the perimeter, the Rams have dynamic wide receivers like Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Tyler Higbee. RB Cam Akers might have gone down with an Achilles injury, and while their backups aren’t as good as Akers, the Rams have more than enough talent in Darrell Henderson and Ty Jones to carry the slack.

The defense for the Rams is their bread and butter as they are lead by the top guys in their position groups like DT Aaron Donald and CB Jalen Ramsey. These two players are the main cogs in the machine that makes opposing offenses a living hell.

The Rams are poised for a Super Bowl win and are going to be one of the best teams in 2021.

2020 Los Angeles Rams Team Stats

  • Points For: 380
  • Points Against: 303
  • Passing Yards Per Game: 250.9
  • Rushing Yards Per Game: 126.1
  • Passing Yards Allowed Per Game: 190.7
  • Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 91.2

Key Offseason Transactions

Oh, boy did the Rams make some power moves to try and win the Super Bowl.

The Rams have been doing this thing for the past couple of seasons where they trade all of their future first-round picks to acquire some of the best players in the league, and that strategy might pay off this season.

Sure, key players like John Johnson and Malcolm Brown might be gone, but that pales in comparison to the move the Rams made to get Matt Stafford.

Jared Goff might not have put up bad stats with the Rams, but the eye test said that he was not doing enough to get the Rams over the hump. So they wanted to best quarterback out there and Matt Stafford was the target. Stafford has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league despite playing for the Lions, and he should be even better now that he has a better coach, o-line, receivers, and defense.

The Rams also signed WR Desean Jackson to further amplitude their team speed on the outside.

2020 Los Angeles Rams Betting Stats

  • Record: 11-7
  • MOV: +4.0
  • ATS: 10-8
  • ATS +/-: +1.3
  • Over/Under: 6-12
  • Total +/-: -3

2021 Los Angeles Rams Betting Outlook

The Rams are one of the most complete teams in the league and should be stomping on the weaker teams all season long.

Last year, their offense held them back a little as they relied on their defense to lockdown teams the whole season. In games where they needed to score to win, the Rams struggled, but that shouldn’t be an issue anymore because they have one of the best quarterbacks in the league who should be able to unlock the full potential of this team.

ATS the Rams were great sporting a 10-8 record, and that trend should continue into 2021. Having a spectacular defense and an explosive offense means that the Rams could put teams away early and I am going to hop onto Rams spreads every week.

The over/under is a different story because I don’t know which unit on the Rams is going to outperform the other from week to week. Will the defense shut down the other team completely meaning the offense will not have to score points to win and so the under hits? Or will the Rams be in a shootout where the over is a no-brainer?

I would stay away from the Rams over/under just because of how volatile this team can be.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds

Oddsmakers are expecting big things from the Rams this year and their Super Bowl odds reflect it.

The Rams have the fourth-best odds to win the Super Bowl at +1300.

This is only behind the Chiefs, Buccaneers, and Bills, which is not bad company to be in. The Rams have the best odds out of their division and honestly, what is there not to love about this team? They have the quarterback, run game, passing game, defense, special teams, and coach necessary to win it all. They are deep at almost every position meaning that injuries don’t mean much unless it’s to their star players like Stafford, Donald, Ramsey, or All-Pro punter Jonny Hecker.

The Rams, are deep, talented, disciplined, and have every chance to win the Super Bowl this season.

Los Angeles Rams Playoff Odds

The Rams are one of the bigger “no duh they are going to make the playoffs” teams out there.

Their odds to make the playoffs are -189 and their odds to miss the playoffs are +160.

The Rams have two avenues to make the playoffs and that is either by winning their division or by getting a wildcard spot.

Winning the division is the simplest way for the Rams to get into the playoffs, but it won’t be easy as the Seahawks, 49ers, and Cardinals are deep and talented teams in their own right.

But regardless of if the Rams win the division or not, they should still be one of the best teams in the NFL, meaning that a wildcard spot would go to them.

With all of the talent, coaching experience, and resources they have poured into this team, it would be a crime for the Rams to not make the playoffs in 2021.

Los Angeles Rams Win Total Odds

If you are expected to be one of the best 5 teams in the league, then you are expected to win a lot of games regardless of your schedule.

And the oddsmakers show no mercy for the Rams as they have the line of total wins at 10.5.

The under for this bet has -121 odds while the over has +100 odds.

So what I like to do when deciding the over or under for this bet is to look at the team’s schedule and see if I can find wins from my first look. And if we look at the Rams we can see that they play the Seahawks, Cardinals, and 49ers twice while also playing the Bears, Colts, Buccaneers, Giants, Lions, Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Packers, Vikings, and Ravens.

This is a brutal blow for the Rams as not many of those games are easy wins. There are about 10 coin flip games from their schedule where if they don’t bring their A-game each time, they can lose and fall out of the playoff contention very fast.

With that being said, the Rams are a great team and will be close to 10.5 wins with my bet going towards the over.

Los Angeles Rams Players Future Odds

With ballers at every turn of their team, the Rams have a couple of guys capable of winning league-wide awards.

We should start on their offense and mention the new guy on their team, the incredible Matthew Stafford.

He has great odds to win the MVP in his first season with the Rams at +1600.

These are the 5th highest odds in the league and only behind other star quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. Stafford has a great chance to win MVP as he was putting up great numbers with no help in Detriot and now gets to show his talent in a better situation.

The crazy thing about the Rams is that they have two players that could the DPOY. DT Aaron Donald is the favorite to win the award, but CB Jalen Ramsey is not too far behind him.

Donald has +400 odds while Ramsey has +3300 odds.

Donald is always in the DPOY conversation as long as he plays the full season and probably has the award locked up before the season begins because of how good and chaotic he is to deal with.

Ramsey has a slight chance to win the award based on how many interceptions he has this season. We all know that Ramsey can lock down your best receiver or half of the field, but that interceptions total will be the key factor towards whether he wins DPOY or not.

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