Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds 2022

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds 2022

The Cardinals are one of the premier young teams in the NFL. Kyler Murray is the new sheriff in town as he commands one of the most exciting offenses in the league. Murray has top-tier throwing power and is one of the most elusive runners. He also gets the luxury of throwing to a trio of great receivers in DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald, and the newly added A.J. Green. Arizona’s defense has also improved tremendously as they have vaunted defenders like J.J. Watt, Chandler Jones, Budda Baker, Isaiah Simmons, and Malcolm Butler. The Cardinals are one of the spiciest teams in the NFL this season and it will be very interesting to see where they finish in the extremely difficult NFC West. 

Arizona Cardinals Odds & Win Totals

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Arizona Cardinals Offseason Changes

Coaching Changes

  • Sean Kugler to offensive line coach/run game coordinator 
  • Cam Turner to quarterbacks coach 
  • Shawn Jefferson to wide receivers coach

Key Guys Returning


  • S Budda Baker 
  • G Justin Pugh 
  • LB Jordan Hicks

Departures That Made Team Worse

  • CB Patrick Peterson 
  • LB De’Vondre Campbell  
  • EDGE Hassan Reddick
  • K Zane Gonzalez
  • TE Dan Arnold

Additions That May Have Moved Odds In Teams Favor

  • DE J.J. Watt
  • WR A.J. Green
  • C Rodney Hudson
  • S Shawn Williams
  • RB James Conner
  • LB Zaven Collins

Arizona Cardinals Odds Analysis

The Cardinals might have the most talented team in the NFL on paper. No seriously, look at that roster and find the weak spot. They have the stud quarterback, great receivers, solid running backs and offensive line, a speedy and powerful defensive line, and great secondary players.

Now, they are going to need every bit of that talent because their division is absurdly hard. It’s like the NFL hand-crafted a division that would be hard for every team to win because the NFC West has four potential playoff teams in it. The margin for error for the Cardinals is razor-thin considering they have to play the Rams, Seahawks, and 49ers twice a year.

Apart from those teams, the Cardinals are actually in pretty good shape as they are still one of the most talented teams in the NFC. You can’t cover all of the great receivers they have, it’s just not humanly possible. You also can’t find the perfect way to defend Kyler Murray. If you want to load up on cornerbacks and safeties, then they will just run Murray, Chase Edmonds, and James Conner into the ground and beat you that way. If you want to focus on stopping the run, then you’re in for a rude awakening as they will gladly throw right over your heads.

The Cardinals have a great blend of speed, power, and elusiveness to their offense and that is why it’s regarded as one of the best and most explosive in the league. The Cardinals are a popular dark horse to win many games because of their high-end talent. The hardest thing that the Cardinals will need to do is make it out of their division, but once they’re out, they have a real shot at winning the Super Bowl. 

Reasons Why Arizona Cardinals Win The Super Bowl

The Cardinals love to throw the ball in their air-raid scheme. And I can’t really blame them. I would throw the ball a lot too if I had DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Green, Christian Kirk, and Larry Fitzgerald as my targets. Breaking down these guys one by one, DeAndre Hopkins is regarded as a top 5 receiver in the league due to his insane catching ability and great route-running skills. Then there is A.J. Green who has been freed from the clutches of the Bengals to be apart of a system where he should shine because of his crazy athleticism and great hands. Christian Kirk is probably the best third option in the NFL because he can run past any defender and stop on a dime at will. Then there is the best player in Cardinals history, Larry Fitzgerald, who has one of the best contested-catch rates ever and can still get open because of his huge frame.

Not to mention that the guy throwing them the ball is an MVP candidate in his own right. Kyler Murray has lit up the NFL in his short two-year career so far and is looking to have his best season as a pro this year. Murray has revolutionized the quarterback position as he is one of the quickest and most elusive players with the ball in his hands. Murray has great speed and quick twitchy movements that make defenders look silly. He also has a cannon of an arm as he makes 60 yard throws look effortless.

The defense is good enough to not blow leads and create turnovers, but the main selling point with the Cardinals is their incredible, high-powered offense. 

Reasons Why Arizona Cardinals Don’t Win The Super Bowl

There is a lot of good things going for the Cardinals, but there are also a lot of things going against them in 2021.

Starting within the team, their running games and linebacker play needs to improve if they want any shot of making the playoffs. Their running back corps is one of the weaker ones in the league as Chase Edmonds is a nice receiving back but has never shouldered a full workload. On the flip side, James Conner has had a full workload with the Steelers, but he is also injured constantly and will miss multiple games due to injuries.

Onto the Arizona defense where they have great pass rushers and secondary players like Chandler Jones, Buddha Baker, and newcomers like J.J. Watt and Malcolm Butler. Losing a great veteran like Patrick Peterson certainly hurts, but it doesn’t hurt as bad as the Cardinals’ middling linebacker play. Isaiah Simmons did not play a ton in his rookie season, which is not what you want to see out of your number 8 overall pick. In this year’s draft, the Cardinals opted to draft another linebacker in Zaven Collins, who should be a great addition to Simmons and Markus Golden.

The real issue with the Cardinals is their brutal schedule. This year they have to play a ton of tough potential playoff teams like the Rams, Seahawks, 49ers, Titans, Vikings, Browns, Packers, Bears, and Colts. The Cardinals could beat any of these teams mentioned, but they can also very easily lose to them as the talent gap between Arizona and the rest is not that big. This is an insanely hard schedule for any team and the Cardinals will have to scratch and claw their way to victory if they want a chance to be recognized as one of the best teams in the NFL.

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