Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds 2023

The current Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl odds are . They did not advance through the playoffs after taking a loss to the new Super Bowl Champs, the Los Angeles Rams. As the teams prepare for their 2022 season, the Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds have not changed drastically from last year. At the start of the 2021 season, their Super Bowl Odds were placed 18th most likely to win with +3700 odds. This year, they have moved into 14th place with +2500 odds. This young team showed strength at the end of last season, but their inexperienced play cost them to advance through the postseason. This year, many fans are worried after losing some of their top offensive weapons, but the Cardinals have plenty of potential to rise in rankings again.

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-23

The updated Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl odds reflect a middling team with a lot of question marks. The second half of seasons have been tough to overcome for Kyler Murray and company in recent years and with the 49ers/Rams in the division, it will be another tough task in 2022-23.

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After much controversy surrounding the mystery behind Cardinals’ QB Kyler Murray’s Instagram activity, the QB1 is confirmed to return to the team again in the 2022 season. They lost some of their core offensive fronts in the free agency, such as running back Chase Edmonds and wide receiver Christian Kirk. They have also not re-signed their receiver AJ Green who could be a considerable struggle to replace. This change in the lineup could greatly affect the team’s offensive play going into next season, but ironing out the alleged problems with Kyler Murray is a great start for success. 

The Cardinals started their 2021 season on a hot streak of seven wins in a row and were universally known as one of the top teams to watch out for after taking big wins against the Titans, Rams, and 49ers. However, their season became very unpredictable after taking concerning losses from the Lions, Panthers, and Seahawks after losing DeAndre Hopkins to injury. Their new depth chart for this year does not appear to be as strong as they looked last year with the loss of Kirk and Edmonds, and their re-signing of Zach Ertz raises some concerns about his age. Ertz re-signed with the Cardinals after turning 32 last year, but his age has yet to affect his play yet, after being a top tight end last season. This could be a risky signing for the Cardinals, but keeping consistency on the line with Kyler Murray will help the team keep the good rhythm they had last season. 

Kyler Murray is one of the most versatile quarterbacks we see entering this 2022 NFL season. The 2018 Heisman trophy winner has thrown for 11,480 yards in his three-year NFL career and has an incredible rush ability with the speed that makes him a dual-threat on the field. Back in January, Murray deleted all traces of Cardinals’ evidence on his social media accounts, which shows there was an issue between the team and the QB. This controversy leaves some room for doubt about how confident he is with this team, possibly resulting in some turmoil at the start of the season. It appears that the issue has been ironed out, but confidence in Murray is still questionable, which may result in doubt about a playoff appearance.

Reasons Why Cardinals Can & Can’t Win Super Bowl 57


  • Kyler Murray’s passing and rushing ability makes him a dual-threat, and his continued inexperience in the NFL is only going to show improvement in the young QB.
  • DeAndre Hopkins has returned and is healthy for this next season. The connection with Hopkins and Murray leads to exceptional play and has great potential to move this team forward.
  • JJ Watt will continue to be a leader on the Cardinals’ defense.


  • Big losses on the offensive front leaves the Cardinals vulnerable and uncertain of new chemistries.
  • Kyler Murray’s reservations about this team leaves potential for a divided front. 
  • DeAndre Hopkins has been dealing with several injuries, and his health and stability are a high priority, but he has proven to be injury-prone. If they lose Hopkins again, they may experience failures like we saw last year.
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