Sportsbooks Could Soon Offer More Esports Betting Options Thanks To Bayes Esports

Mobile sportsbooks could soon offer more esports betting options thanks to Bayes Esports, the world’s leading source for official esports data.

Though Bayes has long collected data on Esports games and events, the company is now offering a service by the name of Predex probability to clients, which uses this data to create probabilistic models for esports matches.

Predex will be commercially avaliable for clients such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and other major sportsbooks looking to post odds on these matches.

Bayes opens esports door to sportsbooks & bettors

U.S. sportsbooks rely on experienced oddsmakers and official league data when determining lines and odds for each betting market. With so many potential variables at play, operators must utilize probability models and similar data scales to help them determine the likelihood of each possible outcome.

These stats allow sportsbooks to get a jump on the competition and establish profitability. Events with a faster pace and more in-game markets make these probability statistics even more important to a sportsbook’s bottom line.

Such probability models have become commonplace in sports betting. But when it comes to esports betting, it’s a different story. When such information isn’t available, operators often opt out of offering lines altogether.

Bayes Esports now offers probability services to sportsbooks

The fast-moving nature of esports and its ever-changing event landscape often challenge traditional sportsbooks. Bayes Esports took notice of this industry shortcoming, using their data to create probabilistic models that could help bridge this gap.

Sportsbooks could utilize Predex on upwards of 10,000 esports matches and the hundreds of markets available for those matches.

The probabilistic model is said to predict outcomes at a rate 65 percent shareper than it’s current industry counterparts.

What this means for esports betting

Successful probability models like Predex give sportsbooks greater insight into unfamiliar markets. Yes, this means sportsbooks will now be more knowledgeable about esports. However, they’re now far more likely to expand their esports betting catalog.

Not only will operators be more comfortable offering esports betting in general, but the markets surrounding esports should also drastically increase.

For instance, instead of seeing only limited overall winner markets available, bettors may soon find team props and round winner options as well as live betting options.

About the Predex probability system

The Predex probability system operates on Machine Learning models trained on thousands of games and millions of official game data points available exclusively via Bayes Esports.

The model made its debut with the brand Dojo Madness, and was shortly transitioned into Bayes Esports — beginning its expansion into the U.S. last fall.

The service will benefit operators that don’t already utilize their own in-house prediction model as well as those looking to supplement their current model. Additionally, operators currently using third-party services can rely on Predex to transition their services in-house.

Bayes Esports Principal Data Scientist Dr. Notger Heinz is eager for what the future holds, saying:

“To now be at a point where we can confidently rank our probabilities among the best and most accurate in all of esports to our clients makes me and the rest of the team extremely proud. Predex will allow so many more sportsbooks to explore what is possible in esports betting and will be a driving factor in the development of the industry.”

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