Best 2020 NFL Props Bets

The 2020 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday, April 23rd. Unlike past years, this year’s draft will be fully virtual due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Teams will be submitting their picks to Commissioner Roger Goodell virtually but those of us at home will still be able to watch the event live on TV. Here is a list of some of the best prop bets you should be looking forward to placing on Day 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft. All odds are from FanDuel Sportsbook.

Best 2020 NFL Draft School Bets

Total Alabama Players Drafted In First Round: Over 5.5 +116
I see six Alabama Players going in the first round of this draft comfortably with the possibility of as many as seven total Crimson Tide players.

Total LSU Players Drafted In The First Round: Over 5.5 +290
I also have six LSU players going in the first round. There are five for sure that should be going in the first round here with a sixth player maybe being a stretch. The payout on this one is too tempting to pass up. If Patrick Queen can get scooped up in the first round somewhere in the 30-32 pick range, this Over will hit.

Total Georgia Players Drafted In The First Round: Under 1.5 +138
This one comes down to whether or not you think De’Andrew Swift will be a first-rounder. If you do, then take the Over. If not, go with the Under. I can’t see a scenario in which a team takes a running back in the first round.

Total Clemson Players Drafted In The First Round: Under 2.5 -240
The payout isn’t huge but this is probably the easiest bet available outside of Burrow going first overall. I have just one Clemson player going in the first round now with A.J. Terrell possibly being the second. I can’t see a third going in the first.

Total Ohio State Players Drafted In The First Round: Under 2.5 -450
We will have two Buckeyes drafted in the first three picks. After that, there shouldn’t be any. The only one that could possibly sneak into the first round is Damon Arnette and that is unlikely.

Best 2020 NFL Draft Player Draft Position Bets

Number 3 Overall Pick: Jeff Okudah +125
This honestly may be the best bet in this entire article. Aside from Joe Burrow being locked in as the first pick, Okudah is the second most locked in pick of the entire draft. The only way the Detroit Lions won’t take Okudah is if the Washington Redskins decide to take Justin Herbert over Chase Young, which is possible although highly unlikely at this point. The Lions could also trade this pick, but I don’t see that happening either. They need a CB and Okudah is the best in the draft, Lions won’t be passing him up.

Justin Herbert Draft Position: Under 5.5 +110
Rumor has it that Tua Tagovailoa is not the man Miami is looking for anymore. I believe that is the right move and that they should be drafting Herbert at #5 if he is even still available. There is a chance teams could trade up for Herbet before the Dolphins even pick. I don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t go top five.

Tua Tagovailoa Vs Justin Herbert To Be Drafted First: Justin Herbert +124
I think it is a given that Herbert goes first and the payout on this is only going to go down as the draft approaches. The odds on this bet have been dropping for weeks.

Best 2020 NFL Draft Conference Bets

Total Pac-12 Players Drafted In First Round: Over 2.5 +120
I have three Pac-12 players going in the first 20 picks. I think they should all land safely in the first round. Plus Brandon Aiyuk could make four.

Total Big Ten Players Drafted In First Round: Over 5.5 -138
Right now I am seeing six Big Ten players going in the first round. I see plenty of Big Ten players going in the early part of the second round as well which means that even more players from the Big Ten could sneak into the first round.

Total Big 12 Players Drafted In First Round: Under 3.5 -126
I can only really see three Big 12 players being drafted in the first round right now. There may even only end being two if the Vikings decide not to pull the trigger of Jeff Gladney in the first round who some think is more likely to go in the second.

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