Best Super Bowl Betting Games

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the world and it is a great time to get some friends together to celebrate. People all around the country get together every year even if their team isn’t playing, which opens up the possibility to play some fun games to get you even more interested. Down below we have listed our top 5 Super Bowl party games that you can try out on the biggest Sunday of the year.

Square Pool

When you think Super Bowl party games, the first thing most people will think of is squares. Squares is a game that features a 10×10 board and the places on the board are split up evenly depending on how many people are playing. People then pick their squares and that is where the fun starts. Usually, numbers are then drawn out of a hat to fill in the x and y-axis of the 10×10 table that you created. Once this is done players will be able to see what numbers they have and the winner can be decided per quarter, per half, or per game, whichever you choose. The winner is determined by taking the last # of each team’s score, whoever is the owner of those numbered squares wins the game. Because you don’t know where the numbers will be, you are pretty much hoping for the luck of the draw and not getting stuck with a 9 or your chances will be very low. Squares have been around forever and is just another way to add some excitement into the biggest game of the year, especially if you aren’t into the teams or even watch football at all.

Prop Pool

Another fun way to get people involved at your Super Bowl party is to run a Prop Pool. Props are big when it comes to Super Bowl betting and it is another fun way to bring in a different audience that may not enjoy football as much as other people. There are numerous fun prop bets every year such as the coin toss result, Gatorade shower color, who will have the first commercial, length of the national anthem, and many more. The easiest way to play is to gather around 20 props and print them out to hand out to those who are playing. The person who wins the most bets takes home the prize amount that your group decides on. There’s a little more knowledge needed in this game compared to squares, but it is still very fun and enjoyable for any type of person. Also, if you prefer you can assign different props different values such as the coin toss being worth 1 point, and picking the leading rusher would be worth 10. The choices with this game are endless with hundreds of props to choose from.

Pass The Cup

By far the easiest and most passive game to play on a Super Bowl Sunday with your friends is “pass the cup”. The game is simple, the players put money into a cup and then it will be decided how the cup will move and in what direction. Like squares, this can be used for the whole game, each quarter, or each half. One way to play is to pass the cup at the end of each possession to the next person. The winner is simply decided by who has the cup at the end of the quarter, half or games, however, your group decided. A way to spice things up is for the person who receives the cup each time to be allowed to make their own decision on when it will be passed with options such as a first down, touchdown, get the ball past midfield, or many others. This is a simple game at the core that can be modified in many different ways to make it more interesting. Depending on how much money is involved, this game can get really intense towards the end of the big game.

Super Bowl MVP Blind Draw

This one is pretty simple, someone will take little pieces of paper and write down all of the players that have posted odds to win the Super Bowl MVP at a local sportsbook. These odds in the past have varied from 5/1 all the way to 1000/1 in some cases. Once you have all the names you then need to figure out how many players you have participating so you can then decide how many players each person will get to choose. Obviously, everyone will be hoping to get one of the two quarterbacks but anything can happen, and even if the game isn’t interesting the Super Bowl MVP can always fluctuate throughout the contest. Some people won’t even know the players they will get but this is just a fun little game so everyone can have a chance to win something and root for something in the game if they don’t have a specific team they like. Preferably you would probably want fewer people for this game so someone isn’t left with a couple of defensive players or 3rd stringers.

Commercial Bingo

Commercial bingo is a fun game, especially for people who have no interest in the actual football game being played. There is a large number of people who just watch the Super Bowl for the new wave of clever commercials we see every year and this game is contingent upon those. The maker of the bingo board will make a grid featuring numerous big brands that have had commercials in the past and figure out brands that have announced that they will have Super Bowl ads. This game is very easy and if you make the board right you should have a winner. Obviously there is a chance all the brands on your board won’t have TV spots but it is unlikely that this is a big-money game and more of something you can do for fun with a couple of friends who enjoy the commercials more than the game action. There is a level of concentration that is needed to catch all the brands and you have to watch each commercial so honestly, this could go downhill fast but it’s worth a shot and has the possibility of being good.

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