Bet365 New Jersey Sportsbook Bonus Code: “LINEUPS” Max 2023 Bonus

Bet365 Sportsbook History

bet365 appBet365 is a United Kingdom-based company that has brought its sportsbook international. With offices in Malta, Australia, and Manchester, the bookmakers are looking to become a globalized sportsbook. Bet365 has moved into the United States, and it specifically targets New Jersey due to its massive potential as a leader in sports betting.

Bet365 decided to partner with the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, one of the most famous casinos in America. The partnership has brought tons of eyes and wallets to Bet365, as one of the lesser-known names in the nation. Despite being internationally established, Bet365 faced an uphill battle for name recognition in the United States. The decision to partner with such a well established and well-known casino was an extremely significant move for the company.

Bet365 New Jersey Bonus Code

The best Bet365 New Jersey bonus code is “LINEUPS”. Just enter LINEUPS in the Bonus Code field on the first page of registration to receive the maximum bonus. Bet365 New Jersey is looking to add to its userbase. In an attempt to do so, it has partnered with to bring to you a fantastic new-user bonus for signing up for its sportsbook. When using the code “LINEUPS” during registration, you can get a $200 payday for simply placing one $1 bet. Just sign up with the Bet365 Bonus Code and place your first $1 bet. No matter whether it wins or loses, you’ll get a $200 bonus in free bets.

This is the best kind of promotion because it gives you the max amount of flexibility with how you can use it. Go sign up now using code “LINEUPS”.

Bet365 Sportsbook New Jersey Promo Code

NJ Promo Code Details

Bet365 Sportsbook New Jersey Promo Code"LINEUPS"
Promo Code BonusBet $1 to get $200 in free credits
EligibilityYou must be a new user, in New Jersey, and 21+ years of age
Promo Code Valid Thorugh 6/30/23.
Promo Code last Verified onJune 2023

Bet365 New Jersey Big Promo

How to Redeem LINEUPS Bonus Code

1. Download the mobile app/visit the desktop sportsbook.
2. Make an account using bonus code “LINEUPS” at registration.
3. Make a deposit, and place a $1 bet for a $200 bonus.

How to Bet on Bet365 in New Jersey: Everything You Need to Know

Betting on Bet365’s online sportsbook should be an uncomplicated and comfortable experience. Here you can find everything you need to know about how to use Bet365 Sportsbook.


How to Create an Account with Bet365

The first thing that you will need to do is download Bet365’s mobile app or visit its desktop site. Note that while the app is available on Android and iOS, the Android download link will only be available on Bet365’s mobile site and not on The Google Play Store. You can find the app on the Apple store.

bet365 sportsbook apple

When visiting the site or using the mobile app, Bet365 will need to confirm that you are indeed in New Jersey. This means that if any setting on your mobile data, browser, or wifi is blocking location authentication, then you will run into trouble. Make sure that you allow Bet365 access to your location.

Once on there, the key information you will need on hand is your “LINEUPS” bonus code, full name, date of birth, email address, physical address, and last four digits of your social security number.

This information will be used to authenticate your identity. Bet365 is responsible for making sure that you are legally betting with its sportsbook, and if it cannot verify your identity, then it may ask for photo identity.


How to Deposit Money with Bet365

Once you have created an account, you can add funds to your virtual wallet on both the mobile app and desktop site. Bet365 accepts many different forms of payment.

  • Online Banking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card (Vista and Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Cash at Physical Sportsbooks

All of these methods get money into your account in a timely fashion. Make sure that you use the code “LINEUPS” at registration so that you can get a $200 payday when you wager $1.

Bet365 Banner $500 Site Credit


How to Place Wagers with Bet365

Placing a wager is simple with Bet365. First, click on the sport that you are interested in. Then, once there, you can filter by the game or type of bet that you would like to place. You can also check out In-play bets for games that are on right now.

If you find a bet that you would like to wager on, click on it to add to your bet slip. Then, go to your bet slip and type in the amount of money that you would like to wager. Bet365 will inform you of the total payout you will be owed associated with that wager if you are to win. Once everything looks to be in order, you just need to click on “Place Bet”, and you are good to go.

bet365 making a bet


How to Withdraw Money with Bet365

Once you have won some cash with Bet365, you may want to withdraw some money. Bet365 offers loads of withdrawal methods. All of these methods are free but will take some time, usually a week or so, to transfer into your account. The full table can be found below

Withdrawing MethodMinnimum WithdrawlProcess Time
Online Banking$101-5 Banking Days
Debit Card$101-5 Banking Days
Credit Card (Vist or Mastercard)$101-5 Banking Days
PayPal$10Within 24 Hours
Skrill$10Within 24 Hours

Bet365 Physical Sportsbook in New Jersey

Bet365 made a very strong choice when choosing who to partner with to bring its sportsbook to America and New Jersey. Seeking out one of the largest names in the casino business was the bookmaker’s goal. The fact that Bet365 has been able to partner with the Hard Rock Atlantic City is enormous news for the sportsbook. Not only did it allow itself to bring its online sportsbook to New Jersey, but it also gave the company a top of the line casino and tourist destination for its physical sportsbook.

Hard Rock Atlantic City

1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

The Hard Rock Atlantic City is one of New Jersey’s very best casinos. The hotel and casino offer lodging, dining, spas, entertainment, and of course, sports betting. You can not get a fuller fledged Atlantic City experience elsewhere. When planning a visit, look no further than Hard Rock for all vacation needs.

Bet365 Online Sportsbook Review

Bet365 offers dependable and fun sports wagering online. Having the option to visit its desktop site or mobile app is a huge plus, as both provide a good experience for bettors.

Desktop Sportsbook

Bet365’s desktop site is exceptionally simplistic. You will be met with a gray background with green accents and white text. The text is relatively small on your browser, so consider zooming in to make things more easily legible.

bet365 sportsbook online

The site functions well and is easy to navigate. Finding the right bet once you know what you are looking for is made straightforward. However, at times, when on a sport, it can be a little confusing or overwhelming when perusing the possible wagers.

The bet slip is sleek and easy to read; however, you must click on it to pop-up. Unlike most online sportsbooks, it will not be present on the right of your screen and instead takes up a chunk of the bottom of the page.

Creating an account, managing it, depositing, and withdrawing are all effortless. Bet365 did an excellent job of making these options clear and understandable.

Mobile App Sportsbook

The mobile app for Bet365 may even function better than the desktop site. The challenge of compacting the thousands of different bets offered onto such a small screen was a challenge that seemingly helped the mobile app’s layout.

bet365 sportsbook apple screenshots

Finding sports and the games/types of bets associated with those sports is overly simplistic. This app is excellent for newcomers to the sports betting world as everything is laid out and explained. The search function is also a massive plus in this domain.

The “My Bets” tab is one of the apps’ best features and allows you to quickly cash out and check in on live bets. It also has a full list of unsettled and settled bets for reference.

The ability to follow the action of the in-play games is impressive. Having such timely and in-depth updates makes betting using the app a masterful experience. The app also rarely ever crashes or freezes when on this tab, which is crucial when making live-game bets.

Sports & Bets Offered

The amount of sports offered is absolutely astonishing on Bet365. Some of the sports offered include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Cricket
  • Esports
  • Golf
  • Rugby

The best part about it is that most of these sports have several leagues offered. The amount of betting options is just about endless.

Bet365 and New Jersey also allow for collegiate betting. College football is one of America’s largest viewing experiences, and you can put money on it with Bet365. The only restriction is that you are not allowed to bet on any colleges that reside in New Jersey. It does not matter if the game is in-state or out of state; if it includes a university from New Jersey, then it is illegal to bet on.

Bet365 offers several different forms of bets, including the traditional moneyline, spreads, and total points. However, Bet365 Sportsbook also offers future bets and player/team-prop bets. When you combine all these kinds of wagers with all the sports, leagues, and games offered, it is almost overwhelming the number of options you have.
Bet365 Banner $500 Site Credit


The promotions on site for Bet365 are a bit lackluster. The bookmaker fails to offer a quality rewards program like many of its competitors. The only offers are listed on a bar on the right side of the screen and are often easy to pass over. However, make sure that you do check these as they often can be quality promotions.

The one positive with Bet365 is the new user bonus with Lineups. Using code “LINEUPS” and getting a $200 payout for a $1 wager is one of the better and more flexible promos in the sportsbook game. Do not forget to use it at registration.

bet365 nj site features


Bet365 does have an in-depth FAQ and help page that answers most normal questions. However, it can be frustrating when something goes wrong, and you need to talk. The way that you find the contacting page is by clicking “help” on the desktop site’s top right. There you will find a “contact us” page with all available contacting information. It feels odd that this information is hidden away, but Bet365 does offer live chat, email, and a phone line.

Live Betting

The live betting, or “in-play” betting as it is called on Bet365, is a wonderful experience. One of the site’s and mobile apps’ best features is the ability to bet on live in-game sports. The mobile experience is second to none with the amount of information and updates offered about each live bet. If you are looking to bet in-game, then Bet365 is your sportsbook.

New Jersey’s Sports Betting History

With Atlantic City being one of the leading casino cities in America, it was a no-brainer for New Jersey to legalize sports wagering following the Supreme Court decision to overturn the federal ban on it. The move to legalization happened in 2018 and allows for casinos and race tracks to partner with up to three sportsbooks.

The sportsbooks can operate physical locations within the casino or race track and offer its online portion to the masses in New Jersey. It is a system that has seen great success since 2018, and New Jersey has become a hot spot for bettors.

The system that New Jersey has put in place has been a model for other states looking to legalize. It was also a considerable benefit that Atlantic City was already a tourist spot for those wanting to bet while on vacation. In August of 2020, New Jersey saw themselves hit a record-high $668 million in betting handles, breaking Nevada’s previous record. A massive step towards becoming the destination for sports betting in America.
Bet365 Banner $500 Site Credit

Bet365 NJ FAQ

Is sports betting legal in New Jersey with Bet365?

Yes, sports betting was legalized in New Jersey in 2018. This followed an overturn of the Federal ban on sports betting by the Supreme Court. New Jersey allows for physical sportsbooks and online sports betting. Bet365 is licensed and regulated for both in the state.

Is Bet365 an offshore sportsbook?

No, while Bet365 originated in the United Kingdom, it is licensed, legal, and registered to be a sportsbook in America. Offshore sportsbooks like Bovada are none of these things. For example, when betting with Bet365, your virtual wallet needs to be insured by the company. Bovada does not have to insure it. Bet365 passes Lineups’ 3-point check system and is safer than offshore sportsbooks.

Can I bet on college games with Bet365 in New Jersey?

Yes, collegiate sports betting is legal and offered by Bet365. However, you are not permitted to bet on games or events that include colleges from New Jersey. It does not matter where the game takes place. If it includes a college or university from the state of New Jersey, then it is no longer eligible to bet on.

Does Bet365 have an Android app?

Yes, however, if you are looking at the Google Play Store, you will not find it there. That is because any marketplace that is operated by Google does not currently allow for sportsbooks. You will have to head over to the Bet365 mobile website and get the Android download link there.

Can you place a parlay or teaser with Bet365?

Yes! Parlays and teasers are both offered by Bet365. You simply need to click on multiple wagers to add to your bet slip, and then you can type in the amount of money you would like to place on the parlay at the bottom of the bet slip.

Can I physically bet with Bet365 in New Jersey?

Yes, Bet365 is partnered with the Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City. There, you will find a wonderful in-person betting experience. The Hard Rock offers tons of amenities as well as a full casino to enjoy while placing your sports bets.

Does Bet365 offer deposit bonuses or matching?

Yes, but only as a new user, and after you use the bonus code “LINEUPS”. After you register with the Bonus Code and deposit into your account, you simply need to place a $1 bet and you’ll earn $200 in free bet money to use on whatever your heart desires.

Bet365 New Jersey Big Promo

Bet365 Sportsbook New Jersey
bet365 apple mobile icon

Name: Bet365 Sportsbook New Jersey

Description: Bet365 is a British bookmaker that has international acclaim and prestige. With reaches all over the world in terms of sportsbooks, it was a logical next step to enter the massive and emerging American sports betting market. New Jersey is currently vying for the crown as the biggest sports betting market in the United States and that is why Bet365 went there first.

Operating System: iOS, OSX, Windows, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Bet365 Sportsbook

  • Desktop Site User-Interface, Design, and Functionality
  • Mobile App User-Interface, Design, and Functionality
  • Sports and Types of Bets Offered
  • Rewards and Promotions
  • Support

Bet365 NJ Review Recap

Bet365 has international acclaim but wants to make a name for itself within the United States sports betting scene. The desktop site and mobile app offer thousands of different kinds of bets from a vast number of sports and leagues. One of the things that the app gets absolutely right is live-game betting, especially on the mobile app. With speedy and in-depth updates about every game, it is one of the top in-play betting experiences. The design is extremely functional and easy to understand both on the mobile app and desktop site. Another plus is that the support is good once you are able to find it.

Well Done

  • Quality support including a phone line
  • Absurd amount of bets offered, allowing for tons os possibilities with every sport
  • A great deposit match for first-time depositors
  • Live in-game betting rivaled by no one, with an in-depth detailed experince

Needs Help

  • Could use more promotions and a rewards system to kee you coming back
  • Desktop site can be hard to read and needs a redesign to utilize space better
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