BetMGM Offering Free Euro 2020 Predictor Challenge: Win Up to $25K!

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The UEFA European Championship was slated to be played in 2020, but due to COVID-19, we didn’t get the opportunity to watch European national teams play in the exciting competition. However, the tournament kicks off on June 11, and BetMGM is offering an exciting free promotion for all bettors! Simply fill out a list of 10 multiple choice questions by 9 AM EST on June 11 and you can enter for your chance to win up to $25,000. BetMGM is now available in Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Lineups offers a $600 risk-free bet at signup with BetMGM using the promo code “LINEUPS”. Sign up today and enter into the exciting promotion for the European Championship! Here are my suggestions for how to answer each of the 10 questions.

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BetMGM Euro 2020 Predictor Challenge: Entry Instructions

  1. Log into BetMGM Sportsbook
  2. If you don’t already have an account, sign up by clicking the “Register” button – make sure to use the promo code “LINEUPS” at signup for a $600 risk-free bet
  3. If you’re registering for the first time, you’ll need to enter your email, password, and personal information to set up your account before reading and accepting the terms and conditions
  4. Head over to the “Promotions” tab and click on the “Euro 2020 $25 K Predictor Challenge”
  5. Follow the instructions and enter an answer for each of the 10 questions – make sure you look at the results of Euro 2016 for context!
  6. This competition is limited to one entry per user, and all entries must be submitted by 9 AM EST on June 11

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BetMGM Euro 2020 Predictor Challenge: Questions

  1. Will Belgium and Netherland both win their groups?

    My answer: yes. Belgium is the #1 team in FIFA’s international rankings and plays in a group with Denmark, Finland, and Russia. The Netherlands plays in a group with Austria, North Macedonia, and Ukraine. Both are very winnable groups.

  2. How many players will score at least 3 goals (not including penalty shootouts)?

    My answer: 8. In 2016, 7 players scored 3+ goals. There are a number of talented goalscorers in this tournament and I have confidence in the following guys to accomplish this number: Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo, Timo Werner, and Luka Modric.

  3. How many penalties will Bruno Fernandes score during the tournament?

    My answer: 0. This could easily be squashed by one of Portugal’s games going to a penalty shootout, but I fully expect Cristiano Ronaldo to be the first-choice penalty taker for this team. Bruno Fernandes has scored a ton of penalties for Manchester United since arriving there, but I don’t expect that to continue in this tournament.

  4. How many red cards will there be during the tournament (including extra time)?

    My answer: 3. There were 4 red cards in Euro 2016, two straight reds, and two double yellow cards. This might be the most difficult question to answer here, but a shot in the dark on 3 red cards makes sense.

  5. How many points will Germany get in Group F?

    My answer: 4. Group F is the group of death, and I currently have Germany finishing 3rd in the group behind France, the defending World Cup winners, and Portugal, the defending Euro 2016 winners. Germany is a very talented squad that would be the favorite to win most other groups, but not in Group F.

  6. How many goals will there be in the highest-scoring match of the tournament (90 minutes only)?

    My answer: 4. Let’s go for a 3-2 win at some point in this tournament as the highest-scoring contest, as there are some awesome offenses in this contest. Why not?

  7. When will the first goal in the Final be scored (90 minutes only)?

    My answer: 37th minute. Another shot in the dark. The only goal in the Euro 2016 final was scored in the 109th minute, so who really knows with this one.

  8. How many own goals will there be in the tournament (90 minutes only)?

    My answer: 2. I guess? Another shot in the dark, but I feel like 2 own goals make some sense, I guess.

  9. Which country will win the tournament?

    My answer: Belgium. As I mentioned above, I expect Belgium to coast through Group B and be in a strong position heading into the knockout stages. Captain Eden Hazard has declined as of late as he hasn’t been the same player for Real Madrid, but Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne and Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku are among the best players in the tournament. Let’s take a shot on FIFA’s #1 ranked team in the world.

  10. Who will be the top goalscorer?

    My answer: Romelu Lukaku. You’ll want to parlay the tournament winner with the top goalscorer as the team that wins the tournament will obviously end up tied for the most games played. Through the 2020-21 season, Lukaku has scored 15 goals in 14 appearances for the Belgian national team.

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