BetMGM Partners with the Washington Nationals

Monday morning, the Washington Nationals and BetMGM announced an exclusive partnership between the two entities. The biggest takeaway from the partnership will be that BetMGM is allowed to open a sportsbook at Nationals Park and launch a mobile betting app in the permitted area.

BetMGM will also have fan-focused betting campaigns and branding opportunities.

“The BetMGM mobile app will enable our fans to engage with the game in new and exciting ways, while the BetMGM Sportsbook connected to Nationals Park will provide Nationals fans and the D.C. community with a first-class gathering place to celebrate their passion for sports together,” said Alan Gottlieb, COO of Lerner Sports Group.

With the partnership forming, BetMGM could become another player in the D.C. sports betting industry. A partnership with the Nationals is a great place to start.

Details of the Partnership?


BetMGM will become the official betting partner of the Washington Nationals. Along with allowing mobile betting services in and around Nationals Park, BetMGM will also replace Center Field Social just outside the stadium’s Center Field gates.

BetMGM will also have signage around Nationals Park and also feature BetMGM logos on Nationals social media platforms.

Nationals Park was the last stadium for a betting operator to take advantage of in D.C. Capital One Arena, Entertainment and Sports Arena, and Audi Field have announced that the stadiums will have betting kiosks and sportsbooks located inside or around the stadium for fans to use.

This is a huge plus for sports betting operators to enter Washington D.C. Since many D.C. fans live in the neighboring states, it will attract revenue and bets in the season when fans are at the games. Of course, bettors can still use the platforms even when games are not going on, but it does add additional value for sportsbooks.

Will BetMGM Expand into D.C.?


With the partnership between the Nationals and BetMGM complete, it adds another competitor into the D.C. market. A week after William Hill launches its mobile betting app, BetMGM will be allowed to take bets from around the stadium.

This gives BetMGM a chance to expand into the whole District if possible. Further details about the boundaries with BetMGM are unclear, but we do know that the operator is only allowed to be used around the stadium.

This could be away for the District to limit BetMGM from expanding further, as D.C. is trying to have GameBet DC the go-to mobile sportsbook in the District. However, with William Hill entering the District’s mobile betting market, this will become more difficult.

Regardless, BetMGM entering the market is a good thing for D.C. bettors. If anyone is around, Nationals Park will be able to use BetMGM. Also, bettors can use another sportsbook for Nationals bets while they are at the game. This could be the start of further expansion for BetMGM in the District.

Also, more sportsbooks might see this as an opportunity to enter the D.C. market with more competition willing to take on the taxes D.C. is making operators pay. BetMGM could be a sign of what’s to come in 2021 for Washington.

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