BetMGM New Jersey Sportsbook: Use Code “LINEUPS” for $158 Bonus (February)

New Jersey Sports Betting Update

New Jersey has one of the largest sports betting markets in the United States right now. With a betting handle that reached a record high in September 2020 at $784 million, it is no wonder why every major Sportsbook wants to get in on the action. New Jersey has made strides as a sports betting hub, allowing for physical and mobile/online sportsbooks. It continually has one of the greatest diversity in sportsbooks that you can find across the nation.

BetMGM Sportsbook

betmgm nj apple icon 150With the state bound to explode as a destination for sports betting it was no wonder that BetMGM New Jersey got in on the action early. However, things really took off in early September of 2019. That is when MGM rebranded its app from PlayMGM to BetMGM. The first place to access this app was New Jersey. The rebranded app came with a multitude of upgraded systems and has led to a far better experience from the bettor’s side.

The Vegas-based MGM company knew what it was doing when BetMGM aggressively branded and attacked the Jersey market. Now it is not only one of the leaders in New Jersey, but BetMGM offers one of the best experiences for sportsbooks in the state and country.

BetMGM also passes our 3-point check system here at It is legal, licensed, and safe. This means that BetMGM is a legitimate sportsbook option in New Jersey. It has all the paperwork in, it abides by New Jersey State and US Federal law, and its app is secure. BetMGM is a great option when it comes to sports betting.

BetMGM New Jersey Bonus Code has a special partnership with BetMGM. As a new user, when you use the BetMGM bonus code “LINEUPS” you get a Bet $5, et 158 in Bonus Bets offer. If you plan on using the BetMGM Casino alongside the amazing sportsbook, you also can get a $25 bonus and a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 for the BetMGM casino.

BetMGM New Jersey Promo Code

BetMGM New Jersey Promo Code Details

New Jersey Promo CodeLINEUPS
Promotion OfferedBet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Who is ElgibaleNew-users to BetMGM in New Jersey, must be 21 years or older.
BetMGM Staff VerifiedFebruary 2024

BetMGM is offering this amazing deal because it wants you to become a user on its platform. For you, as the consumer and bettor, this means that you get the opportunity to gain $158 in Bonus Bets.

To utilize this promo, follow the steps below on how to bet using BetMGM. However, the key thing to remember is to use the promo code “LINEUPS” when signing up.

How to bet with BetMGM in New Jersey

BetMGM makes it easy to bet on sports in New Jersey. Follow the simple four-step formula below, and you will be on your way to wagering on sports in no time. Do not forget to use the promo code and get your Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets for BetMGM Sportsbook.

mgm betslip

Step 1: Visit Desktop/Download Mobile App

The first step is simple. Visit BetMGM’s website or download its mobile app for iOS or Android. Google Play Store still does not allow for sportsbooks on its app store, so make sure to visit BetMGM’s website on your mobile device to download the sportsbook app.

Ensure that you have geolocation turned on whether you are using your mobile data or wifi when visiting the site or using the mobile app. Without geolocation, BetMGM cannot verify your location; therefore, you will have trouble signing up and placing bets.

betmgm apple ratings

Step 2: Create Account with Promo Code

Once you are on the app or desktop site, the next phase is to create your account. You will need some personal information and the bonus code “LINEUPS” when making your account. This information includes name, date of birth, e-mail, address, promo code, and more.

The process is actually rather quick and painless. However, if you wonder what the need is for such great detail, let me explain. BetMGM needs to confirm your identity and age because of the regulations by the State government, so it needs this personal information to do so. Your information should be safe behind its secure servers.

Step 3: Deposit Money into Your Account

Once your account is created and verified, the next thing left to do is deposit some money. BetMGM allows you to use myriad different methods to make your deposit, and all of them should have the money in your bankroll or BetMGM wallet almost right away. These methods include eCheck, PayPal, Visa/Mastercard/American Express and many more.

betmgm payment methods

Step 4: Place Bet

Once your account has been made using our promo code, and the money is deposited into your account, the only thing left to do is Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets. You can filter by sports and by the type of bet to find the perfect wager to use your bonus bet on. To do so, simply click on the bet that you would like to make, and it will be added to your betslip. Then on your betslip type, the amount that you would like to wager and BetMGM will tell you the total payout associated with that amount. Finally, once you are ready, click “place bet.”

BetMGM Mobile App Review

BetMGM launched its rebranded app in New Jersey on Sept. 6, 2019. The new app added some amazing functionality like early cashouts and an updated BetMGM wallet. This mobile app offers just about every feature that you could need on a sportsbook.

BetMGM App Functionality

The functionality of the BetMGM app is pretty great. The only complaint is that it can be a tad slow at times; however, the betslip and UI are easy to understand and fun to play with. One thing that BetMGM got right was the live-games betting tab. This allows you to bet on games as they are happening, and it is always responsive. This allows you to bet the second you want to capture the odds being offered while the game is going on.

bet mgm nj mobile app

BetMGM App Sports To Bet On

BetMGM New Jersey has tons of different sports to bet on and different ways to bet on those sports.

These sports include:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Specials
  • Tennis

Each one of these sports has multiple leagues that you can bet on, and many of the sports offer both professional and collegiate games to bet on. You can bet on the English Premier League and MLS. Then, you could place a bet on FBS football and an NFL game. The options are all there on BetMGM Sportsbook.

Note that you cannot currently bet on colleges that are from New Jersey. Any collegiate betting on games that involve schools from The Garden State, New Jersey, is illegal. It does not matter if the game happens within state borders or across the country. If it involves a New Jersey college team, you cannot legally bet on it in New Jersey.

BetMGM App Games to Play

BetMGM offers tons of ways to bet on all of the sports that it has to offer. These include single-game bets such as:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Total Points
  • Prop-bets

BetMGM also offers team futures when you have a hunch that your team will win the championship.

One of my favorite ways to play is with parlays and teasers. Parlays allow you to create your own multi-tiered bet using compatible single wagers such as betting on 3 spreads from 3 NFL games. This can reward you with a huge payout if you win the parlay.

Live-game betting is also a great way to play. If you think that a team will pull off a second-half comeback, then go check the live-odds that BetMGM is offering you on that game.


The BetMGM promotions tab is always filled with tons of options. Using these promotions, you can dip your toes into new sports, and often you can win bonus betting money or bonus bets by cashing in on these promotions. BetMGM’s promotion tab is never empty, so it is a great tool to use on its app.


Competition in the New Jersey Market

The New Jersey market is saturated with sportsbooks. BetMGM is a great sportsbook that was one of the first players to enter once sports gambling became legalized. It has made tons of strides to create an amazing experience on its rebranded mobile app. However, with billions in the sports betting handle each year, there was always bound to be competitors in the field.


DraftKings is one of the biggest names in sportsbooks right now. DraftKings is quick to enter every new market, and New Jersey was no different. Oftentimes, BetMGM and Draftkings are the first ones going head-to-head in the state as the two fight to have the best sportsbook.

DraftKings also offers a mobile and desktop app that rivals BetMGM in a number of ways to play.


FanDuel has turned into one of the largest sportsbooks when it comes to its betting handle. FanDuel is BetMGM’s biggest competitor when it comes to bragging rights for the best live-game betting. FanDuel also offers a great app and a responsive, with a very modern UI. FanDuel has been one of the most aggressive sportsbooks when it comes to promotions. However, BetMGM has FanDuel beat on its promotions tab.


Caesars offers a great service with its long-standing history in the industry. Both mobile apps are designed great, and both sportsbooks are universally respected. BetMGM has been beating Caesars when it comes to entering States, and therefore, it often cashed in on a higher percentage of the market.


Is sports betting legal in New Jersey?

Yes, sports betting has been legal since June 2018. New Jersey was one of the first States to legalize following the US Supreme Court Ruling that claimed PAPSA was unconstitutional, a ruling that now allows states to legalize and regulate sports gambling. New Jersey allows both mobile/online betting as well as physical sportsbooks.

Can I bet from my house in New Jersey on BetMGM?

Yes, New Jersey on top of being one of the first states to legalize sports wagering, was one of the first to allow mobile betting. In July of 2018 the first online/mobile sportsbooks went live. BetMGM has always offered a mobile/online experience and rebranded its app in September of 2019 with some amazing upgrades.

Do I need to be in New Jersey to bet?

Yes, even if you are a New Jersey resident with an account, you cannot place the best online outside of state borders. When within state borders make sure that geolocation is turned on so that New Jersey and BetMGM can confirm your location.

Can I bet on college games in New Jersey on BetMGM?

Yes, except for New Jersey colleges. If the game involves a university or college from the state of New Jersey, then the betting is illegal, whether it occurs in state or out of state. So you can bet on all the FBS football games your heart desires that do not include Rutgers, Monmouth, or Princeton.

What is the difference between wagering on BetMGM and an offshore sportsbook?

BetMGM has its operations within the United States. When betting on BetMGM in New Jersey you have the peace of mind that it is regulated and licensed. You do not have this same peace of mind with offshore accounts. It does not have to abide by any US or State regulations. Betting with BetMGM in New Jersey is much safer than betting with an offshore sportsbook.

BetMGM is not letting me place my bet?

There can be a few issues going on. It could be that your deposit is being held up or there is an incompatibility with your betslip. However, one of the most common occurrences, when you cannot place your bet, is that geolocation was turned off. If you are on wifi or a mobile device, you need to make sure that geolocation is switched on so that BetMGM knows that you are indeed within state borders. If the app cannot verify that information, then the app cannot let you bet.

Does BetMGM offer parlays and teasers?

Yes, BetMGM has tons of parlay and teaser options. You can also place round robin bets if you want to get in every combination of a certain bet possible. Enjoy creating your betslip and have fun with the crazy parlay odds. Make sure that your bets are compatible when creating the parlay!


BetMGM Sportsbook New Jersey App Review
zack baut

Name: BetMGM Sportsbook New Jersey App

Description: BetMGM launched its rebranded application in The Garden State in September of 2019. One of the leaders in sports gambling, BetMGM offers you a multitude of ways to bet on tons of different sports. BetMGM's app has loads of features including live-game betting and offers you tons of ways to build your betslip.

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, OSX

Application Category: Game

Author: BetMGM Sportsboook

  • Mobile App Design/Functionality
  • Desktop App Design/Functionality
  • Rewards/Promotions
  • Sports and Types of Bets Offered
  • Support


BetMGM has one of the best mobile apps on the market. If you are looking to bet on sports in New Jersey, then BetMGM is one of the top options. My favorite feature for BetMGM is the live-game betting, and BetMGM do it just as good, if not better than everyone else. BetMGM also has a great sign-up bonus with as well as a quick and easy process to deposit money into your account. The odds are always great, and the promotions plentiful on BetMGM Sportsbook.

Well Done

Great sign-up bonus with
Tons of sports to bet on
Live-game betting is second to none
Experienced Sportsbook with great payouts
Very speedy deposit/withdrawing process

Needs Help

The app, specifically on the desktop, can be rather cluttered
Wish there were a few more options on the types of bets offered

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