BetMGM Tennessee Sportsbook: Bonus Code LINEUPS for $158 Bonus Bet

Tennessee Sports Betting is Live!

tn state flagOn April 30th, 2019 Tennessee legalized sports betting within their state. It has been a long process for betting to go live. The Sports Wagering Committee of the Tennessee Education Lottery has been responsible for regulating and licensing in the state. The first wave of sportsbooks goes live on November 1st, 2020. BetMGM Tennessee is one of those sportsbooks.

Tennessee is unique in that they are the only state which will only have online and mobile betting. Most states either have physical sportsbooks and no mobile betting, or both. However, with a lack of a casino scene within the state, choosing mobile and online-only was an easy decision for the State. It is an interesting concept that many see as the way forward for sports wagering within the United States.

BetMGM Tennessee

Tennessee titansBetMGM Sportsbook is an original in the sports wagering scene. Owned by MGM Resorts and Casinos, the mega-chain has had its roots in gambling for its entire existence. BetMGM Sportsbook has been aggressively pursuing licensing in states whenever they have had the opportunity. Tennessee was no different. BetMGM was able to get in on the first wave of sportsbooks to get licensed and will be able to get in on the betting action on November 1st of 2020. BetMGM Tennessee is also the official partner of the Tennessee Titans, which will help their brand presence in the Tennessee sports market.

BetMGM Tennessee passes our 3-point check system here at Lineups, meaning that the sportsbook is licensed, legal, and safe. You can rest easy using their services, knowing that they are a legitimate company regulated and licensed by the State of Tennessee. BetMGM has a track-record as an innovative gambling company and one of the originals in the industry. The company has shown an ability to bring in new users with its flagship BetMGM Tennessee bonus code. Tennessee residents can receive $158 in Bonus Bets.

betmgm official partner titans

BetMGM Tennessee Bonus Code – “LINEUPS”

betmgm sportsbook apple icon has an amazing partnership with BetMGM. When you use code “LINEUPS” as a new user, you get a $158 bonus bet. Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets.

The reason that BetMGM Tennessee runs this offer in affiliation with is to gain users within the state. They offer this promotion because they want you to use their sportsbook. Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets.

Follow our 4-step system below to sign up and get to betting in The Volunteer State!

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BetMGM New Tennessee Promo Code

Tennessee Promo Details

BetMGM Tennessee Promo CodeLINEUPS
New-user Bonus Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Who is ElgibaleNew-users to BetMGM in Tennessee must be 21 years or older.
Launch DateNov. 1, 2020
Bonus Code VerifiedMay 28, 2024

Betting with BetMGM Sportsbook in Tennessee

Betting with BetMGM Tennessee and utilizing that $158 bonus bet. We break it down into 4 easily digestible steps below. However, a reminder that you need to use our bonus code “LINEUPS” to get that $158 bonus bet.


Use LINEUPS Bonus Code and Download the App

Step 1 has been made very simple for you as Lineups is already providing you with a fantastic offer using our code “LINEUPS” When using this to sign-up, you get access to that $1,050 bonus.

Once you have the code in your clipboard, visit BetMGM Tennessee’s desktop site or download the mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android. However, on Android, The Google Play Store does not allow for sportsbook applications. So, to get the app on your device, visit BetMGM Tennessee’s mobile site on your phone’s browser. There you will be able to download the Android app with no problem!

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Create An Account

Once you have the app or are on the desktop site, the next thing to do is create an account! Some of the information you will need to create the account is the Lineups promo code, your full name, date of birth, and e-mail address.

BetMGM Tennessee may ask for such personal information because it is their duty to verify your identity and age to make sure that you legally are allowed to bet in Tennessee. You must be 21+ years to place bets legally.

To make sure that you do before creating your account is to make sure that geolocation has not been switched off on your wifi or mobile data. Without geolocation, BetMGM Tennessee cannot verify your location, which is crucial. If you are not in Tennessee or BetMGM cannot confirm that you are in Tennessee during the sign-up process or betting process, you will run into problems.


Deposit Money into Your Bankroll

Depositing money with BetMGM Tennessee is easy. They accept Paypal, eCheck, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many more forms of payment. Once your account is created, click on your BetMGM Wallet and add the funds there.

betmgm payment methods


Bet on Sports

Once your account has been created with our “LINEUPS” promo code and your money is deposited, then it is time to place your bet. Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets.

To place a bet, filter by the sport that interests you and type of bet. Once you find something that you are confident in, click on the bet you would like to place, and it will be added to your betslip. Once in your betslip you can type the amount of money you would like to wager, and BetMGM will tell you the corresponding payout associated with that wager. If you win the bet, then the payout is what will go into your account. When your betslip is ready, click “place bet,” and you’re done!

BetMGM Bet Slip

BetMGM Tennessee Mobile App Review

BetMGM Tennessee Mobile App is one of the better mobile sportsbooks on the market. Their original app had some bugs, but they rebranded and launched a new app in September of 2019. Since then, many experts praise BetMGM Tennessee as having one of the better mobile experiences for American consumers. Remember, since Tennessee will only be allowing online/mobile betting, this and the desktop app will be the only ways to play on BetMGM Sportsbook in Tennessee. The Sportsbook will be live on November 1st of 2020.

betmgm colorado apple screenshot

BetMGM Tennessee App User-Interface & Features

BetMGM Tennessee’s UI is pretty good. It is up to the industry standard, and while not the slickest or most modern design, it is user-friendly and gets the job done as a sportsbook. All the information you want and need to bet on sports, manage your account, add/withdraw funds, and more is extremely accessible.

One of the app’s best features is the live-game betting tab. The live-game betting is extremely responsive and allows you to get those bets in your betslip and placed when time is of the essence. It is a feature that they do as well, if not better, than any other major sportsbook on the market.

Sports to Bet on With BetMGM

BetMGM Tennessee has tons of sports and leagues to bet on! Here is a comprehensive look at some of the offerings for Tennessee

  • Baseball: MLB
  • Basketball: NBA, NCAA
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football: NFL, FBS
  • Golf: PGA, European Tour
  • Hockey: NHL
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer: EPL, MLS, Serie A, Bundesliga
  • Specials
  • Tennis

Tennessee will allow legal betting on professional sports in America and around the world and collegiate sports. This means that you will be able to bet on the FBS, March Madness, and more!

BetMGM Promotions Tab

The BetMGM Sportsbook app has an awesome promotions tab that is always updated with the best offerings from BetMGM Sportsbook. This can often be a great way to play and win prizes on BetMGM’s dime. Oftentimes, promotions will be running for multiple different sports, so this can be a way to try out newer sports and types of bets without risking a lot on your end. They do one of the best jobs at keeping their promotions up-to-date and plentiful, so take advantage of them on this tab.

BetMGM Ways to Play

BetMGM Sportsbooks has a bunch of ways to bet. They have all the classic single-game bets such as moneylines, spreads, total points, and prop-bets. They also offer team futures in many of the popular team sports.

BetMGM makes betting with parlays and teasers extremely easy and fun. A parlay is a multi-tier bet that you create by adding several single wagers to your betslip and combining them into one huge bet. Obviously, hitting on a bet like this with so many things happening is hard, but you can have massive payouts associated with these. BetMGM’s app makes constructing parlays painless and fun.

BetMGM Tennessee College Sports Betting

Tenessee’s launch of sports betting includes college sports, which should be very exciting for local fans of SEC football and basketball. You can bet on the University of Tennessee Volunteers as well as a number of other collegiate programs from your BetMGM Tennessee account. BetMGM Tennessee offers bets on the spread, Moneyline, over/under, prop bets, and more for college sports. The only restriction is in-play betting on college sports is prohibited in Tennessee.

BetMGM Tenenssee Customer Support

BetMGM Tennessee has some of the best customer support in the sports betting industry with several ways to get the help you need. For starters, there is an in-depth FAQ on the website that features many of the questions you might have as you’re registering for an account, banking, and placing bets. Additionally, BetMGM Tennessee has a live chat feature right on the website so you can speak with a live agent who is trained to help with any issues that arise. Finally, BetMGM Tennessee offers a simple-to-use email form on the website for any complex problems you are having.

BetMGM Tennessee Banking

BetMGM Tennessee offers a ton of easy options for players to deposit and withdraw money with just a few clicks on the desktop site or mobile application. Of course, there are the typical options of a credit/debit card – Visa and MasterCard are supported – an echeck, or a deposit of money in person. However, BetMGM Tennessee’s simplest way to fund your account is its Online Banking feature. BetMGM’s Online Banking allows you to establish a secure, direct connection to your bank account from the merchant site and quickly deposit/withdraw money free of charge.

Competition in the Tennessee Market

Tennessee’s betting market opens November 1st, 2020, and with it, three major players will be stepping into The Volunteer State. Many experts believe that Tennessee will offer a major betting handle, and their online-only platform is an extremely modern and smart take. It has taken quite a long time to get to this point, and while some sportsbooks hung back and waited for others to take the lead, BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel stepped up. They will be able to capture this lucrative market before anyone else.


DraftKings--icon-box-white-greenDraftKings Sportsbook is one of the biggest sportsbooks in America. They have come out swinging since the SCOTUS ruling in 2018 gave states the option to legalize sports betting. They aggressively have been pursuing partnerships and licensing in just about every state to legalize. Tennessee was no different. They are probably the major competitor to BetMGM as both constantly work to be the first into new states. Both offer a classic but user-friendly sportsbook and do everything they can with promotions and timing to be the go-to for sports betting within America.


fanduel sportsbookFanDuel is another major sportsbook throughout the United States. FanDuel offers a more modern and slick approach to their app and desktop design. However, it is a new player in the sportsbook world. Their selection of bets is slightly lower than BetMGM. However, one thing that they do rival BetMGM on is their live and in-game betting. Both have great experiences, and consumers have their choice as both will not let you down. BetMGM has been doing it longer; however, FanDuel is attempting to break into this field and make a big name for themselves.

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Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes, sports betting is completely legal in Tennessee and the first licensed sportsbooks, such as BetMGM Sportsbook, are live on November 1st of 2020. The law was passed back in April of 2019, following the Supreme Court decision that overturned a previous law banning sports gambling.

Can I bet on collegiate sports in Tennessee, with BetMGM?

Yes, Tennessee has legalized sports wagering, both for professional and college sports. Most sportsbooks offer college football and college basketball as their main collegiate betting options. However, BetMGM could start to offer more in terms of collegiate sports betting.

Can I bet on my phone in Tennessee, with BetMGM?

Yes, in fact, you can only bet online in Tennessee. There are no physical sportsbooks within The Volunteer State. You can download the BetMGM app on iOS or Android to place bets. The Android app will require you to visit their mobile site due to the fact that The Google Play Store still does not allow for sportsbooks.

What is the difference between Bovada and BetMGM?

Bovada is an offshore sportsbook. While technically legal in the United States, they do not have to abide by Federal or State law. This means that your bankroll or betslip may not be insured like it is with BetMGM. It also means that Bovada does not have to abide by any regulations. It is much safer to bet with BetMGM in Tennessee than it is to bet with an offshore sportsbook, like Bovada.

Why is BetMGM not working?

There could be a few reasons for this. However, one of the most common mistakes is that you have your location turned off with your mobile device or wifi. If BetMGM at that moment is unable to verify that you are in Tennessee, then they will lock you out from placing a bet. This is the industry standard for all sportsbooks and states with mobile betting.

Why can’t I find the BetMGM App on the Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store does not allow for sportsbook apps at this moment. This has nothing to do with legality, as sportsbook apps are completely legal to have on your phone. This is a Google policy. However, you can download the Android version of the BetMGM app on their website. Simply go to BetMGM on your mobile browser and they will have a link to download the Android version of the app.

Can I bet on a game after it has started?

Yes, BetMGM’s app and desktop site both offer a great live-game betting experience. These games that are currently live have their own tab. The odds, spreads, and total points will change throughout the game. Make sure to place the bet fast before the next football is snapped or basketball inbounded.

What is the fastest way to fund my BetMGM Tennessee account?

The easiest way to deposit and withdrawn money is through BetMGM’s Online Banking feature. BetMGM allows you to establish a direct, secure connection to your bank account which allows for transfers in a matter of moments directly from the BetMGM site. There are a number of options available, but Online Banking is the fastest and easiest.

What is the legal sports betting age in Tennessee?

As with most states where sports betting has been legalized and launched, Tennessee requires sports bettors to be 21+ years old. In order to sign up for a BetMGM Tennessee account, you must be 21+ years old and BetMGM will be able to verify your age when you sign up.

Can I bet on parlays and teasers with BetMGM Tennessee?

Yes, BetMGM Sportsbook offers an extensive selection of games and a ton of prop bet markets for each, so parlays can be very enticing. If you want to test your luck and maximize your potential payout, BetMGM has great functionality for parlay and teaser betting.

BetMGM Sportsbook Tennessee App

Name: BetMGM Sportsbook Tennessee App

Description: BetMGM Sportsbook is one of the classic sportsbooks in America. They have made it a point to be the first sportsbook in every state that they can. Tennessee is no different, as they go live with the first wave of licensed sportsbooks on November 1st, 2020. BetMGM Sportsbook has all of your betting needs covered and offers a great user experience.

Operating System: iOS, OSX, Adroid, Windows

Application Category: Game

Author: BetMGM Sportsbook

  • Design and Functionality
  • Promotions/New-user Bonus
  • Support Quality
  • Ways to bet


BetMGM Sportsbook rebranded their app in September of 2019, and it did wonders for its quality. BetMGM now has an extremely user-friendly and functional app that can cover all of your needs when it comes to sports betting. Now they are bringing that app to The Volunteer State. We highly recommend BetMGM. They offer tons of sports and a simple process to bet on those sports. They also have a great new-user bonus when signing up through

Well Done

Loads of sports to bet on
A user-friendly experience that has everything you need
Constantly updating promotions and great new-user bonus
Live and in-game betting is second to none

Needs Help

Support can be slow at times
The desktop app can be cluttered in an attempt to show off their promotions

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