BetMGM Super Bowl 56 Odds; Where is the Money Going?

betmgm-115x115BetMGM recently shared some insight with regarding Super Bowl 56. This insight includes line movement, notable bets, highest tickets, and highest handles. We are here to share some of the most interesting information from that insight. A reminder that Super Bowl 56 will be the first of the 17-game era and will take place a little later this year on February 13th of 2022. The game is going to be played in the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Favorites and Line Movement

kansas city chiefsThe favorites for Super Bowl 56 are still the Kansas City Chiefs, and they are the favorites by some wide margin. The team opened at +600 to win on BetMGM but now sits at +450 on the sportsbook. The Buccaneers come in as second favorites with +650 odds. However, this is much closer to the Chiefs than where the Bucs initially opened, at +1200. It is clear that the Chiefs and Bucs are the heavyweights going into 2021 on BetMGM.

Two NFC West teams share the 3rd and 4th best odds on BetMGM, with the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams both sitting at +1200 to win the Super Bowl. Both of these teams made significant moves in the offseason to improve upon already great squads.

Where is the Money Going?

One notable bet shared by BetMGM was a $10,000 wager on the Patriots at +3000 to win the Super Bowl. This means that the bet could possibly win $300,000.00 if the Patriots were to win the Super Bowl. Following this bet and some others, the Patriots line has moved from +3000 to +2500.

Currently, the Buccaneers and Chiefs both sit with the highest ticket and handle percentages. The Buccaneers lead the way with 17.1% of all bets and 25.3% of all the money placed on Super Bowl wagers. The Chiefs hold 12.6% of the money and 11.2% of the bets.

denver broncosSurprisingly third on both of these lists are the Broncos at 9.3% of all bets and 10.4% of all the Super Bowl wagered money. These bets have to be placed on the hope that Aaron Rodgers does get traded to the Broncos. BetMGM has responded to all the wagers with a line move from +6000 at open to +2500 at the moment.

In the opposite direction, the Packers have moved from +900 to +1400 as they only account for 2.3% of all Super Bowl wagers. Of course, as the Aarong Rodgers rumors continue to swirl, many will be looking right past Green Bay as a team competing for a Super Bowl. These odds completely rely on the latest information surrounding the 2020 MVP.

When it comes to BetMGM Super 56 liabilities, the amount of possible owed money, the Buccaneers lead the list, with the Broncos taking second and the Chiefs sliding into third. With less of the total money but longer odds, the Broncos are a huge liability for BetMGM at the moment.

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