Betting Insight on 2020 Euros Provided by BetMGM

The 2020 Euros are finally being played out this summer in 2021, and many all over the world are excited to see the best footballing nations in Europe battle it out. However, there are some very clear betting favorites among those using BetMGM.


France Team logoGoing into the 2020 Euros, France remains a heavy favorite coming off of their 2018 World Cup victory. The team is arguably even better than the one that won the World Cup in 2018. When going on to BetMGM, there are quite a few nations all within reaching distance of France, who sits at +400 to win the championship.

Belgium and England both sit at +600, not too far off of France. Then there are four teams tied for third in odds all at +800, those being Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Germany. All six of these nations boast strong squads; however, it is surprising how close they all are to the clear favorites, France. This could come down to where the money is currently going.

Line Movement

BetMGM shared three of the biggest movers since the Euro 2020 wagers opened. The first is France moving from +550 to +400 extremely quickly as bettors piled onto the idea of France taking the championship. The next big mover was Italy, who also shortened their odds quite a bit from +1200 to +800, moving firmly into that third tear of teams when it comes to betting odds. This is off the back of some impressive performances in recent months.

However, maybe the most shocking and biggest mover has been Denmark. The Danish squad opened at +8,000 to win the Euro 2020’s but now have moved all the way to +2,500. This is a monstrous shift that must indicate a new belief about this Danish team. Part of the reason some may be choosing to bet on Denmark is the easier group with Belgium, Finland, and Russian. Denmark are clear second-favorites over Finland and Russia.

Following the Money

When looking at the wagers on BetMGM Sportsbook, it is clear that bettors are not thrown off by the short odds on France. The French squad holds 37.9% of all the money and accounts for 26.8% of all the bets on the 2020 Euro champions. This is by far and away the highest tally in both of these categories and makes France the clear #1 liability on BetMGM Sportsbook for this wager.

Italy Team logoEngland currently accounts for 13.2% of all the wagers and 20.8% of all the money wagered on the 2020 Euro champions. Meanwhile, Italy is finishing the top 3 with 10.6% of all money wagered and accounting for 11.4% of all bets placed on this specific wager.

A dark horse candidate that has not been playing well as of late but has a strong squad is Croatia. Coming 10th in ticket percentage, or total money wagered, Croatia makes up 1.8% of all money wagered on the 2020 Euro championship. With +3,300 odds, this seems like a longshot that bettors are somewhat gravitating to.

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