BIG3 to Expand to 12 Teams: When will US Sportsbooks Jump in to Profit?


Per Oliver Maroney, BIG3 Show Host & Reporter, The BIG3 is adding 4 new teams to the league play. This means more games with the schedule being twice per week in two nearby cities. There will be 3 games per night instead of 4, which will help with TV advertising and viewing experience.

Lisa Leslie (@LisaLeslie), a former 3-time WNBA MVP will be one of the new head coaches. Her team name is Triplets.

BIG3 and Sports Betting in the US

With online sports betting legal in New Jersey, Nevada and additional states coming soon (West Virginia & Pennsylvania) will any US based Sportsbooks take advantage of this revenue opportunity? Last year, we saw BIG3 game odds on an offshore sportsbook. However, they had no league data nor partnership with The BIG3. The BIG3 is one of few nationally televised leagues with professional players that isn’t covered in a grander scale by US Sportsbooks.

DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook have had raving revenue success in New Jersey. DraftKings has been aggressive in enter smaller sports markets and thriving. 2018 was a banner year for the BIG3 in terms of viewership and ratings. “BIG3 outdrew all of this year’s NBA Summer League games, every WNBA telecast since 2008, and every game in the history of The Basketball Tournament.” per Oliver Maroney.

We’ve seen US sportsbooks expand into a number of different sports including Nascar, MLS, WNBA. It seems a matter of time before Sportsbooks test The BIG3 betting market. The players are known entities and STATS, LLC, one of the most largest Sports Data company has been covering the live games. STATS, LLC currently has live and post game data feeds for previous seasons for Sportsbook to utilize. Will 2019 be the year US Sportsbooks start monetizing the BIG3?

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