Brooklyn Nets NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

The current Brooklyn Nets NBA championship odds are . After a disappointing 2021-22 season, Brooklyn will hope to bounce back in the biggest way possible: win an NBA Championship. The Nets finished as the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference last season but were swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics, to the surprise of many fans and experts alike. Brooklyn lacked the depth necessary to beat a team like Boston and was still without star forward Ben Simmons, who would have helped its defensive struggles immensely. Take a look at the Nets’ odds below and see whether or not I believe they are a good candidate for a futures bet!

Brooklyn Nets NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2022-23

Brooklyn’s odds of winning the NBA Championship, the Eastern Conference, and the Atlantic Division are listed in the table below. These odds will constantly fluctuate as the season starts, and progresses, based on news, team performance, and injuries. Check in frequently for updates to the odds and this page!

Brooklyn Nets NBA Championship Odds & FuturesOdds (Updated March 2023)
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Brooklyn’s chances of winning a championship are primarily predicated on a few things: staying healthy, proving good chemistry, and retaining Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. It is to be seen whether any of these will be possible, let alone all three. Only time will tell, which makes throwing a future bet down on Brooklyn a risky, but potentially rewarding proposition right now. When the Nets still had James Harden, their “Big Three” barely ever saw the floor together. However, when they were all out there, they were terrific. If the same can be said of Ben Simmons, Irving, and Durant, and they avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, Brooklyn has a shot at winning the NBA Championship this season; there are so many contingencies, though.

Reasons Why Brooklyn Nets Can & Can’t Win NBA 2022-23 Championship


  • Star Power: Few players in the history of basketball have more pure talent than Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Durant and Irving are 50/40/90 threats the minute they step between the lines as they possess premier shot-making ability. Both players will go down in the annals of basketball history as two of the most talented players, but it will be interesting to see how they mesh with Ben Simmons when he returns. If they develop strong chemistry together, watch out!
  • Shooting: Brooklyn may have ranked in the Top 10 in eFG% and 3P%; however, it was not in the Top 5 in either category, despite having Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Like many teams, the NBA’s health and safety protocols, as well as New York’s vaccine mandate, stopped the Nets from having the type of regular season they wanted. Now that Irving, Durant, Joe Harris, Seth Curry, T.J. Warren, and Patty Mills are all healthy and ready to go, Brooklyn could end up being the best shooting team in the NBA.


    • Defense: Few teams played defense worse than the Brooklyn Nets last season. Many of these struggles can be attributed to lack of chemistry, injuries, the health and safety protocols, and Kyrie Irving’s vaccine holdout. Still, Irving and Durant are not defensive savants, so their presence on the court could not save the rest of the team. If Ben Simmons returns and stays healthy, Brooklyn will be in much better shape this season, but I still do not expect it to have a top-tier defense.
    • Roster Concerns/Chemistry: Will Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving be on the Brooklyn Nets at the start of the 2022-23 NBA season? Your guess is likely as good as mine. If Durant and Irving return, Brooklyn could undoubtedly make a run at the Eastern Conference, but neither player seems satisfied right now. Irving is not afraid to make waves and go against the grain if he is not happy, and Durant can’t carry this team to a Finals at this stage of his career, primarily because of their defensive ineptitudes.
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