Calvin’s College Basketball Formula Picks: Saturday, November 30th, 2019

Tuesday was certainly the strangest day we have had thus far. Our spread picks went an incredible 9-1! What is even crazier? We had a total of five underdogs to cover and four of them won outright, including 29-point underdog Stephen F. Austin! Our one spread loss missed a cover by one point due to a last-second bucket. The bad news? Our total bets went a shocking 0-6 to give us a 9-7 day. This was by far the worst total day of the season and something that I can almost guarantee was a fluke bad day. Either way, we still pulled in a profit and at the end of the day that is always good news.

Our spread picks are on the rise and that is the biggest thing to take away from Tuesday. Even in the days since then, the spread picks have been doing great while our total picks have been down just a tad, but still profitable. Let’s keep the marathon going with a healthy and profitable Saturday lineup. There was only four spread picks on the entire day that fit the script. However, I was able to find 15 total bets that really stood out and 14 of them are UNDER bets! That is a total of 19 picks for us to try and profit on today, the most we have had in one single day so far in this young season.

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Best Spread Picks

William & Mary (+8.5) vs Buffalo
Projected Final Score: 72-77
Pick: William & Mary (+8.5)

Siena (+5) vs Colgate
Projected Final Score: 70-72
Pick: Siena (+5)

UNLV (+12) vs Cincinnati
Projected Final Score: 65-73
Pick: UNLV (+12)

Evansville (-3) vs IUPUI
Projected Final Score: 73-66
Pick: Evansville (-3)

Best Total Picks

William & Mary vs Buffalo (155)
Projected Final Score: 72-77
Pick: Under 155

McNeese State vs Texas (133.5)
Projected Final Score: 53-76
Pick: Under 133.5

South Dakota vs Northern Arizona (142)
Projected Final Score: 77-71
Pick: Over 142

BC vs Richmond (141)
Projected Final Score: 65-72
Pick: Under 141

Lehigh vs Columbia (140)
Projected Final Score: 64-71
Pick: Under 140

ECU vs James Madison (152.5)
Projected Final Score: 69-73
Pick: Under 152.5

Youngstown St vs Central Michigan (153.5)
Projected Final Score: 69-77
Pick: Under 153.5

North Dakota vs Georgia Southern (153.5)
Projected Final Score: 67-76
Pick: Under 153.5

CS Fullerton vs Santa Clara (137.5)
Projected Final Score: 59-69
Pick: Under 137.5

Evansville vs IUPUI (144.5)
Projected Final Score: 73-66
Pick: Under 144.5

Lamar vs Texas Southern (145.5)
Projected Final Score: 69-71
Pick: Under 145.5

Purdue Fort Wayne vs Grand Canyon (143.5)
Projected Final Score: 64-72
Pick: Under 143.5

Green Bay vs Montana State (151)
Projected Final Score: 70-74
Pick: Under 151

Belmont vs Middle Tenn (154.5)
Projected Final Score: 76-68
Pick: Under 154.5

Samford vs LA Tech (146)
Projected Final Score: 64-75
Pick: Under 146

2019-2020 Formula Results

Year To Date Picks: 263-188
Win Percentage: 58.3%
Total Profit: 51.33 Units

Year To Date Spread Picks: 99-82
Win Percentage: 54.7%
Total Profit: 8.09 Units

Year To Date Total Picks: 164-106
Win Percentage: 60.7%
Total Profit: 43.24 Units

Year to date total picks records and results include all formula supported picks since the start of the college basketball season on Tuesday, November 5th.

Year to Date All Published Picks: 30-27-1
Win Percentage: 52.6%
Total Profit: 0.3 Units

Year to Date Published Spread Picks: 14-12-1
Win Percentage: 53.9%
Total Profit: 0.74 Units

Year to Date Published Total Picks: 16-15
Win Percentage: 51.6%
Total Profit: -0.44 Units

Year to date published picks records and results include all formula supported picks published here on every Tuesday and Saturday since November 12th, 2019.

Look for this article to be published every Tuesday and Saturday morning throughout the college basketball season. Check out my Twitter @mcaleecalvin for daily college basketball formula picks. As with any betting formula, picks tend to become more accurate as the season progresses and more data becomes available. Best of luck and bet smart!

Calvin is a sports betting enthusiast that has been in the business for over 10 years. He has created successful betting formulas for seven different sports. way too serious Packers, Mets, and Avalanche fan that hates everything Pittsburgh, despite living there.

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