Canada Hoping To Legalize Single-Game Sports Betting

Sports betting is currently legal in Canada if you are betting on multiple sporting events, which means parlays are the only way you can bet. That could change soon as a bill that introduces single-game sports betting is going through a series of votes that could have the country in position for single-game sports betting by the start of the NFL season. There have largely been corruption concerns, which is why parlay sports betting has been the way in Canada. It is certainly harder to fix multiple events.

The Two Bills In Play

Depositphotos 14846743 xl 2015There are two bills in play right now as MP Kevin Waugh’s bill will be going through a third debate and voting in front of the Justice Committee. Waugh’s bill (C-218) is a private member bill that usually faces long-shot odds, but that is not the case at the moment. The bill would legalize single-game sports betting, and Waugh’s main points were to allow Canada to collect revenue which they are not getting by citizens using offshore accounts. It would also help out the professional sports teams and provide taxes back to Canada.

The government bill is also addressing the legalization of sports betting, with some minor differences, but the fact two bills with the same goals are in play, the outlook looks positive in Canada. Getting sports betting out from the Criminal Code remains the overall goal.

Who Would Regulate Sports Betting?

The Canadian government would be the ones regulating the new sports betting law. They are already overseeing responsible gaming programs, which is also a concern with the addiction risk going up due to legalization. Lawmakers are looking at the United States for examples, citing some states put in place limits and professional sports leagues have made sure that match-fixing isn’t possible within their leagues. Given the integrity and new laws in place, the regulation has been far more improved than any time prior. The professional sports leagues have warmed up to sports betting, especially in need of revenue due to covid-19. Canada has multiple teams throughout the major sports and the CFL for sports betting to help bring viewership.

When To Expect Single-Game Sports Betting

It seems that single-game sports betting will be passed, but when is a more unclear question. Experts do expect the legislation to be done at the parliamentary level sometime this season. The third reading will be the most crucial, and there will be a lot of time spent on making sure everything is properly regulated. Provinces will then need to hammer out their own details. We have seen states shoot for hard-launches that revolve around the NFL season due to the sport drawing the most interest and money when it comes to sports betting. If things progress after the third voting, it can then go to be law through the Governor-General for Royal Assent. The third voting will be closely watched as any failure would spiral hopes for single-game sports betting to be looked at a later date. However, many remain optimistic about its passing.

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